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Friday, June 23, 2017

[Free Sample] Estee Lauder Radiant Eye Jelly

Hi Dearies,

Thanks to Clozette, you get to try out Estee Lauder Radiant Eye Jelly sample :)

Pure radiance. Pure performance. A ball of energy and nutrients for radiant eyes.
Jam-packed with moisture and energy, this cooling jelly instantly revitalizes the delicate eye area. Infuses skin with a burst of all-day hydration to help smooth fine, dry lines.

Eyes look fresh, radiant—wide awake.

See an amazing vibrancy—a healthy, translucency with this dynamic, dual-action collection. Powered by our potent anti-oxidant blend of Pomegranate Extract, Mangosteen, Super Berries and more.

How to redeem?

Simply log on to and you may redeem the sample pack at your selected Estee Lauder counter at various location offered.

Get a 7ml Nutritious V8 Cleanser with any purchase of Nutritious Algae Product.
PLUS! Receive an additional 3 piece gift set (7ml ANR Serum, 15ml Micro Essence and 15ml Supreme Crème 7ml Worth SGD 54) with a minimum spend of SGD 100 on Estée Lauder products.

*While stocks last


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Create your Own Flower Moment with A Better Florist’s Flower Jamming Session

Hi Dearies,

I love flowers and I believe every woman deserve their own flowers moments. Tired of bland and boring floral arrangements? 

Now here is your chance to learn some awesome flower hacks and basic floristry with A Better Florist. 

You can personalise bouquets for every occasion for your family and friends.

A Better Florist’s Flower Jamming Session offer you some basics techniques in floristry including modern floral arrangements and flower care.

A Better Florist is opening its doors every Saturday for its weekly Flower Jam Session. 

Whether you’re looking for fun date activities, quality time with the family or searching for a new hobby, it is ready for you. This week Flower Jamming session will focus on succulents and Australian wild flowers. The plump and hardy succulents are excellent alternatives to the usual filler flowers for their interesting texture and appearance. 

Flower bouquets and fresh cut flowers are no longer just luxury purchases or limited to special occasions. They are now slowly being incorporated into interior designs and apartment living and you can use it to add refreshing look to your current house theme. Fresh flowers and succulents help remind urbanites of the lush outdoors in an increasingly tech-saturated and artificial environment.Adding in some fresh flowers, you add some life and warmth to your dull and lacking excitement room.
By participating in our flower jam sessions, even cheap flowers can be transformed into classy décor and luxurious bouquets. 

Come and learn from A Better Florist talented team of florists on how to use flowers to create lovely bouquets at a special rate of S$40 per person (for the first 3 sign-ups).

Join in today and start your floral adventure with A Better Florist. 

Sign up here or call them +653163 1525 secure your slots :)

A Better Florist Address:
The Riverside Piazza 11 Keng Cheow Street #01-02, Singapore 059608

P/S: Their bouquet is super beautiful. I got The Julliane
See more here:


Monday, June 5, 2017


Hi Dearies,

Last weekend, thanks for SampleStore invite. J and I went to Wild Wild Wet to try out the Woosh, the Singapore’s longest inflatable freestyle water slide. This is our first adventure to water park and my very first experience to Wild Wild Wet.

When I think about Downtown East, I first think of their awesome chalet options for staycation and waterpark.



I was super excited because I love waterpark. I enjoy trying out different kind of ride no matter single ride or family ride. So much excitement.

The Woosh is the first ride I tried out. At the beginning I am kinda scared because my age lol. When I getting older, I started to worry more haha, whether is there any danger? Will it be too fast or what happened next? I can't even swim lol 

And then I found out it was so fun and save. You can choose to slide it down  the entire length of 50m from a height of 4.5m in almost any way possible. The dual lanes also mean that guests can challenge each other and compete to see who can slide further along the slide :) Cool right?

D’Resort and Wild Wild Wet form the integrated water park resort here at Downtown East. 

The Woosh will be available in Wild Wild Wet from 1 June to 30 July 2017

We also dressed identical and participated in the Singapore Book of Records for the Most Number of
People In Pairs Dressed Identically!

Sample Store prepared awesome food for us :) And we participated and witnessed 111 exact identical twins.

Happy to be part of the Singapore Book of Record

Royal Flush
Apart from The Woosh, I love Royal Flush :) This is a ride you can took with 3 of your friends and this is super shiok! Enjoy the ride and you get to see the view and speed.

Royal flush


Chill and relax spot where we could relax with friends and enjoy the sunshine

Shiok River

Want to try out the Woosh with your family and friends?

Here is your chance because there is some promotions going on:

All you need to do is dress identically and you get 1 for 1 admission into Wild Wild Wet :)
What's more?
1 for 1 Bowling Game at Orchid Bowl
1 for 1 Playtime at eXplorerkid


You can join an instagram contest 

Downtown East’s #SeeingDoubleSG Instagram Twin & Win Contest
and 3 lucky winners will each win a 3D2N Staycation package at D’Resort

  •  Contest runs from 4 June till 30 June 2017. 
  •  Snap a wefie with your twinning buddy or family with matching outfits 
  • Upload it onto Instagram and hashtag #SeeingDoubleSG 
  • Top 3 most creative photo/video entries submitted will win
  • Winners will be contacted by @downtowneast via PM before 9 July 2017. 
  • Any general Downtown East mentions where appropriate, e.g. surrounding F&B, D’Resort, eXplorerkid, E!Hub, Orchid Bowl etc 
  • Find out more about the Seeing Double campaign at 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

[Event] FOODANZA: Singapore's Hottest Sundown Party

Hi Dearies,

Last weekend, I attended the Foodanza- Singapore's Hottest Sundown Party happening at Safra Mount Faber.

This is an event organized by BonAppetour!

At the event, they served unlimited: 

★ Grilled Hot Dogs 
★ Spicy Crawfish 
★ BBQ Chicken Steak 
★ Blacken Wings
★ Butter Corn
★ Grilled Cheese Mussels
★ Alcoholic Ice Cream (Bailey’s, Rum Rum Raisin and Tiramisu)
★ Free flow of Steak and lamb chop
★ Lobster with Sausage and Mix Vegetables

★ Unlimited Cocktails
★ Bhutan Whiskey
★ Craft Beer

Bartender ready at your service

★ Pirate Roulette Game
★ Crocodile Mouth Dentist
★ Magic Show
★ Pie Face game
★ Lucky Draw -stand to win awesome secret bar crawl admission!

We mixed and mingled for the night and met cool people around the globe. The food is fantastic and I love the unlimited cocktails and lovely food to be served.

Foodanza Venue: SAFRA Mt Faber, 2 Telok Blangah Way, Singapore 098803

Party all night long with good food: Click for Ticket 
Find out more about BonAppetour: Who are BonAppetour 

Event Information


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Happy Mother's Day with The Dazzling Cafe Pink

# Throwback Post

This year I celebrated my special Mother's Day with my mom at Dazzling Cafe @ Orchard Getaway.

Dazzling cafe is the popular Taiwanese Cafe that opened in Singapore and it served great dessert and main dishes.

I'm thankful my mom is always with me and be my best friend when I am alone in Singapore. Always give me advise when my friends and I having conflicts, relationship adviser and of course listening to my rant and always support my every decisions (i mean most of them). 

My dream is always bring my parents to new country every year.

We went there on a Saturday lunch and luckily it was not too crowded. And the cafe served so many food choices! And the design of the interior are so cuteand classy.

Perfect starter- Pumpkin Soup

We had Damask Rose Tea ( a pot served with sugar and milk) for $7! Must try!

Hi Tea Set

In this year Mother's Day, Dazzling Cafe collaborates with local artisan bakery Creme Maison to come out this hi-tea set feature cool and luxurious Cod Brandade with Wasabi Mayo and Duck Confit Puffs, Mini Ondeh Rose Moshi Shooter  and the cafe’s signature Raspberry Lychee Tea Cake.

The cream is super fresh and additive. 

For main dish, we tried out their Japanese Curry Baked Rice

Happy mom 

I wish my mom always youthful looking and troubles free, always healthy and always carry her smile 

Thank you mom for taking good care and guide me so far, until who i am today. 

Dazzling Cafe Pink is definitely a good place to host a party or hangout with friends. It is always better to make reservation before hand so you do not have to wait.

Dazzling Cafe Pink Singapore 
#01-12/13/14 277 Orchard Road Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858
Sun - Thu: 11am - 9pm
Fri - Sat: 11am - 9.30pm
Tel: +65 65 6385 3639


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

[FREE sample] MARO 3D Volume Up Shampoo 10ml


Here is your chance to get to try out a FREE sample of MARO 3D Volume Up Shampoo 10ml-

the HOTTEST men's hair care brand from Japan!

Click here: and key in your details :)


Sunday, May 14, 2017

[Product Review] Beauty Keeper Maskingdom Whitening Mark and MD/AA Jiao Pulsed Mask Foaming Face Cleanser

Hi Dearies,

Today I am going to share with you my review for:

Maskingdom Whitening Mask

Maskingdom is a Taiwanese beauty company focused on using safe and effective facial mask that are free from alcohol, mineral oil, animal ingredients and parabens. Its combined dthe local elements, culture and artistic creativity to make their mask one of the recognized brand in the world.

The whitening msk is made from natural ingedients such as japan natural silk essence and it is easier to absorb and great for your skin.

How to use:
  1. Open packet and unfold the mask
  2. Press gently with fingers tips to set the mask over face
  3. Leave it on for 15-20 mins
  4. Remove mask and massage excess essence to the skin
Review: It lightens my uneven skin tone, my skin is instant brighter and my dark eyes circles are greatly reduced.

MD/AA Jiao Pulsed Mask Foaming Face Cleanser

The pulsed mask foaming face cleanser is one of the best cleanser i used that worked perfectly for my skin.

Plus you get to see the effect in just one wash. Instant brightening and your skin feel cleanser instantly.

The cleanser can whisk away makeup and skin impurities without hand-rubbing. Isn't that cool? I am super lazy and sometime pimple outbreak you do not even wanna touch the infected area to avoid the pain.

Also its ingredient Cerasome Oxygen serves as the oxygen carrier which cab build up a depot of molecular oxygen in deeper layer of skin to reduce the grow of anaerobic bacteria flora which is one of the major causes of acne. it has also shown efficacy in the increase of dermal hydration and softness. Soap-free and rich in amino acides, it is gentle that it will not take away skin essential moisture. It cleansed and increase hydration and oxygen to the skin.

It is also made from cold spring water derived from Volcanoes that is rich in minerals and can enhance skin's defense capabilities and improve the absorption of ingredients.

Verdict: Super moisturize cleanser and it is long lasting. Very good especially the feeling you apply and rinse off! Instant brightening <3 p="">

View my previous post of Beauty Keeper Website HERE

Beauty Keeper offers you awesome skin care from Taiwan and they ship to you hassle free!

Click- Pay- Use


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

[Review] Jean Yip R6 Facial Experience

Hi Dearies,

Finally I am going to write my Facial Experience in Jean Yip.

I decided to write about this.My friend intro me to Jean Yip when she saw the Promotion of two Facials for free back in 2015. I was very interested in getting rid of my acne face so i decided to give it a try.

I went to the nearest branch and they gave us two times of complimentary facials which is really doing magic to my skin. Instant brightening and of course less obvious of my face which is better than outside those HDB saloon.

R6 Facial Treatment: The R6 Plus Customised Face Treatment is useful for people who have terribel skin and you can see instant result. Before my facial, my skin was cleansed by the therapist. Then, therapist will use  a Dermasonic machine that uses galvanic technology to remove my dead skin so it is easier for moisturizer to absorb later. My skin is super dry therefore all extraction will be painful and damage my outer skin protection. And then they will steam and extract my blackheads followed by eyebrow shaping.

Later they put on some ampule followed by a cold pressured pen was used to ensure it was well absorbed into the skin (i believe its what they called ‘Transdermal Administrative System’ )to ensure all the nutrients in the solution penetrate into deeper layers of your skin. Finally, they put on some hydrating seaweed mask to calm my skin and remove the redness. After 15-20 mins, therapist will use warm water to cleanse my face and follow by some basic skincare routine– toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. The last step of my facial was a relaxing but relatively short shoulder massage.

Verdict: Quite impressive but the facial treatment price is quite high. You can see instant result but it is not lasting. But their price is quite high when they introduced me their package and i believe one facial is around 200+. At that times, I feel bad since the beautician is pregnant and she did quite well for me and I am thinking to buy her maybe one or two sessions to support her. I bought my package in 2013, the price is 260 per session but after i negotiated with them they offered me some free eye mask and hydrating facial.

Normally after the session, the sales manager, ahem* comes in and tell me your skin is in deep trouble if you neglect them. Blah blah and you need to maintain them and even young girls come to us for help etc.You need to use your super negotiating skills to negotiate and let them give you time to think. I believe Jean Yip is case trust so they can allow cool off period to let you consider but its always hard to reject as they will look at you enthusiastically.

P/S: I went to Jean Yip at Parkway. Beware of gst, the price listed is always before gst, you will need to add in the 7%.


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