Friday, December 27, 2013

Last Friday of the Year

Hello peeps!!! It's the last friday of the year.. Can't believe the time flies and i didn't manage to lose 5kg..sigh..But I'm glad I met some awesome people in this year!

Never realized that it's hard to make friends when coming to work in the society. I miss my uni life a lot!






I had an awesome celebration Wynne girlfriends! Although we also met once in a year we had a great feast at house of steamboat and gift exchanging party!!This year we did something special. We need to wrap one good product and one "bad" gift- which may be your unused/unnecessary stuffs that may be useful for others.

Because i'm the most punctual girl on the day, I can choose the gift first. And I am not lucky because I always chose the bad gifts. At the end, person with two bad gifts is allows to choose her gifts again from the luckiest person lol. Glad that I managed to exchange my "地狱” to a "天堂” which is a sleeping mask haha... I received all whitening products/skin care ;) And the "Bad gift" i thought is cotton pad, turned out to be a baby napkin haha.

Besides I also received a box of Forerro Rocher from J family ;) I love chocolate but I can't eat much;)

Did you receive any fun/ interesting gifts? Share your story with me.





Thursday, December 19, 2013

Month December

Alright, it's near the end of the month.
This year lots of good and bad things happened. I need have to thanks God because He makes me meet all the nice, friendly and amazing people around me.
When i first came to Singapore, i was all alone. BFFs are all in United States and Malaysia. Distance does make a big difference. Its hard to maintain close friendship when we possibly won't see each other in future. But i am glad some still make the efforts to send me festive greetings and warm regards.
In the past, i never really have to worry to be alone. I always have friends. But now i begin to worry. What if no one is here for me anymore? No one to lean on, no one to share my inner thoughts... It's scary. I couldn't imagine that. However, it's kinda hard to me to make new friends. I'm glad that my office colleagues are all nice to me :)

I watched the movie "Frozen" yesterday with J. And the movie is.... not as awesome as the other disney movies. But little princess Anna, haha, she shares the same personality with me i felt. LOL. Talkative yet funny lol.

J with the Olaf, the snowman :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

X'mas is coming

X'mas is coming

I took this picture inside a X'mas tree with J at Cathay. We chose a cute theme!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hayday Madness

Woohoo, I recently downloaded two games which are Hayday and I love coffee ( line app) with J. And I"M ADDICTED!

Hayday is a game that allows you to build your dream farm! Raising chickens, cows, pigs, horses, etc.... Planting crops.... doing business with fellow farmers, etc... I'm still exploring haha!

I love coffee is a game that allows you to build your own coffee shop and expand it! However, it requires more efforts and less activities for you to try in coffee shop. One of the challenges is asking you to tap on customer's pink ponytails?!! Weird requests!

Apart from that, here're some picture for my 25th celebration!

I am officially counting my days to my 30th, sigh :(


Black Pepper Crab from Kim's palace


White Wine Seafood Pasta,Luncheon with my lovely colleagues at MOF


Crème brûlée, MOF


Red bean Paste thingy, MOF


Affordable crabs at Kovan



My birthday surprise from Mr. J


Finally my cake from my parents!


Overall i am great i have great friends and companions by my side. Thanks God for everything i have and i hope every year i can celebrate my birthday with them!

I wish i can find the passion of my life and fight for my dream :)

“If you could have one wish, what would it be? We all have hopes and dreams that we do almost anything to make real. And if we get lucky, and our wish is granted, maybe that's what we call happiness.”

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Count down-ing

Tomorrow is my birthday.. left 10 hours and 8 mins to go!


Yesterday i am not very super duper happy although I received many gifts from my gfs and ate my favourite steamboat buffet, enjoyed my first 30 days anniversary w J.

I was told by my friend I never have a thought for my future, life and etc. However, I do have. Just that I no need  to share with everyone right.

I feel everyone have their own goals in life and no one has the right to criticize/comment about it. .It's about ME. MY LIFE... 

J always stand by my side giving me words of encouragement so i wont be that upset. I know i shouldn't be that unmotivated.

Everytime when talking about my future, i dislike people making comment abt it. Like I will never comment/ say anything about other people life. This is totally unnecessary and weird isn't it. Such as what if i told you i think your bf not up to the standard or i dont think the job suits you????

Even though that comment/suggestion may be an advice for my own good. But i don't really appreciate it.

Alright. Jump topic. I won a pair of tickets to watch Thor: The Dark World.

Can't wait to see the indescribable body of Chris Hemsworth XD

But Singtel expects the winner to visit them during Office Hours. How ridiculous is that? they expect us to be student/ unemployed is it???

Hais, still need to be grateful at least it's free!





Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Deepavali

3 more days to go before i turn 25!! Can't believe that i am hitting the quarter crisis....
For this year, my dad bought a huge LCD Sharp TV!!!

Photo from:
And it's huge!! in bright red color :)
I hope i can save more money these few mths and start focusing on my dream. Hoping to set a better life goals for myself and not wasting my time -.-
Tata :)

Thursday, October 31, 2013


It's Halloween! 

I missed the good old times when my bffs and I dressed up to club, house party! Just to have some fun. Working life is equal to same and monotonous routines....

Out of bed--> On train---> breakfast---->lunch---->home---->dinner--->sleep

Time become a very limited resources for me.

Also today is one of my gfs birthday- Ms. Jiaying, Happy birthday la. We need to catch up sometimes, i think your CPA test in never going to end.


Sometimes i feel i am too calculative, very tiny matters, related to $ $i can't let go. I guess i need to change my mindset.

Still haven't resolve my HP lappie problem. Don't ever get a HP product and their warranty is just "their" another way of conning your money. It's just a piece of useless paper!

Argh, may God blessed me with more luck!



Days with my taurus boy

October 6, 2013- A day to remember.

I decided to trust someone.

I decided to love someone.

I decided to rely someone.

Someone who is so special. And able to touch my heart.

I remember the day, we chat about profession, dream life and goals.

I remember how i complaint my dad for scolding me just because a shaver.

I remember how we chat daily.

I remember the day we first met. You recognized me immediately. You said I look exactly like a person walked out of the picture.

I remember we had steamboat for dinner the day. You're having diarrhea. And still willing to finish my leftover.

I remember the day i lost my wallet. You walked with me patiently and searched with me without any complaints. Never look tired. Never say anything just walked by my side.

I remember your voice. Sounds ridiculously nice.

I don't know why with you, time passes in split of seconds. You always give me faith, little wolf.

I remember how you said you're so lucky that you found me vice versa, because we're each other soul mate.

Nov 8 VS May 9

Scorpio VS Taurus



Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 6, 13 You & me

It's a brand new chapter of my life. 

I decided to love someone, 

In the past 23 years, I am a selfish person, who will never trust anyone. Until i met HIM..

Love is not a destination, but is a learning journey.

I wish I can know him better and appreciate him more :)

Thanks Dear for always there for me when I need him, sacrifice his sleep to accompany me more, not mad at me when I digging his old past and always tolerate me :P Although I also tolerate him too 

“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.” 
― Marilyn Monroe

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!

Today is the 七夕, the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. Where is my cowherd???

The long weekend is over :( I managed to go for gym and spent some time w my parents. 

I managed to grab some new jackets from Isetan Clearance sale. Super cheap at Parkway Parade. 


Absolutely sweet and girlish! It matches my nail color too :) 

Besides, I started to jog on a track mill recently... and i am trying hard.... haha.. can jog approximately 15 mins per day before my normal gym class.

Gonna continue working hard to lose weight.

Recently I read many horror accidents in singapore, I guess its never safe for you even you stop at the roadside or get down the car. The best way is to avoid standing at road side and quickly seek help once your car broke down. Never wait at the roadside hopelessly.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Nails and Spa

Hey there! 

Weekend is over :( But I managed to spend some time for a spa session :) This is my very first experience having a full body massage and manicure. Thanks to my sis and mother :)

Overall it was great la. I didnt even know gelish manicure is so cool! Long lasting and no chipped nail anymore. I can wash hair/clothes/gym/eat with my fingers! No need to worry i might swallow the chemicals or the weird nail colors ! Geez, but it is not cheap though. I wish I can learn the manicure n pedicure myself :) Another way for fast money :) Just a 5 mins work, they earned my $15 bucks.

Anyways, a new experience-.-



Plus, i went to sing k with my gf. And i discovered her little secret. As i am not very pleased with that. I guess friendship needs more trust to keep it long lasting. I always too easily to trust others and spurt my true feeling too easily. Haiz, what to do. Each person has different character and behaviour. 


Te Deng, our lunch set. Looks nice but cold. I cant imagine i finished the cold chicken satays :( And we went to Kbox @ Marina Square- $10++ per person includes one drink and one lunch set. 

Overall, I feel that my singing skill improves! Haha, I guess my workout helped me build stamina :)  But i wanna look slimmer!! I hate my big bone frame~


Friday, August 2, 2013


Oh Dear, it's friday today. I feel my energy is low -.- I need extra boost :)

Yesterday I attended the body combat aka kickboxing class, high impact and high intensity -.-|||But I did sweat a lot :) The mostly kicking and punching will make you exhausted because you keep repeating the same move and jumping here and there :) I feel my stamina is getting better & better :)

And, I drank this :P... Energy shot, but it tastes awful though.



Okay, its gonna to be a great weekend ahead for me :) Karaoke session and food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dear All

Okay, today is 1/8/13. Happy August everyone. It means the 2013 is coming to the end soon :( Anyways, just wanna say HI, and love you all! Please drink more water under the hot weather :) 



Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Okay. I joined gym recently and I feel the different. It's a major decision as i signed up for a total 21 months membership with Cali fitness. I always wanted to lose some weight but lack of motivation and determination. I always eat what i want and never calculate my calories etc.

As i continue to searching for dance classes, i realized it is pretty pricey for one class. And the gym gave me unlimited access as I sign up for their monthly membership. So I SIGNED Up without hesitation. Guess what? I lost 2 kg in a month! I totally enjoy their vast varieties of classes and it helps! I perspire daily now. And I feel I have better immune system. Say goodbye to flu and cough.


Okay and the best part is I LOOK YOUNGER TOO! Exercise do helps! But i still dont like to jog. Haha.. Anyways, gonna learn to build up my stamina. I can't jump thirty times in a row :( Lousy. Gonna continue to work on that. 

Okay showing you a self pic of me! witht the smurfs! It's smurf day and i managed to take a pic with them :) Y-.-Y

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Appearance VS Personality

Okay, this is a topic I always wanna talk about.... Which one is more important when comes to choose your another half? To me, Personality definitely is the KEY factor that made me wanna stay with that person forever. However, I doubt that it applies to GUYS!
I have been playing SKOUT for about 4 mths and I talked to many guys from different industries. However, they all seems care about girls appearance. This bothers me a lot now! Once he popped up some kinds of question related to my appearance I will BLOCK that person permanently.

In this period of time, I thought I could make some new friendship, nevertheless, I dont believe in pure friendship between man and woman. So if that person is not engaging in talking to me, I dont think we have to keep contacting each other anymore. Its just a waste of time and effort.

I just hate the fact that even good personality can't make a guy wait for you at all! So girls, we need to face the fact that guys love pretty girls! And nothing can ever change that! They are just dumbasses that need a good glasses! Haha, so I need to encourage all girls to dream up more and be yourself. If that ass don't like it, FINE, just let him go suck him own dick! You deserve a BETTER person.
Always remember there'll be someone who will treat you like a family and love you like his long lost precious and can't live without you! There're always lots of options out there! :)

Baby gentleman who made my day

Hmm, just a note to remember a kind young gentleman! After a hectic work day, I went to grocery, bought a pint of my favorite triple chocolate ice cream, Pandan Bread, Honey baked ham, some vege and fruits. Ended up I have to carry all of them HOME myself!

Luckilly, it wasn't several KM away from my block. So, I rushed back home using my remaining strength. Finally when I reached home, I scanned my apartment pass, and there was a young kiddo age around 7- His Name is Zi Ming from a catholic school ( printed on his school uniform). He said thank you and hold the door for me :) and even said thank you to me when I scanned the pass for him to enter the building. I was shocked because he is that small and i didnt know how to react at first.

Later, we waited for the elevator. He was peeking me all the times. Probably I was looking at him too, and i carried HELL lots of grocery with me *Headache* Anyways, it was a wonderful encounter because I always think the young generations dont know how to respect/treat the elderly. Of course I am not that old lah. But, it really made my day because of his gentleman act. Sweet to the max.