Thursday, March 27, 2014

Abdominal Pain- Bloating


It've been a long week for me because I have been facing food poisoning- mainly diarrhea and stomach gas since the beginning of last week. And it lasted for 3 days until I recovered from the stomach discomfort.

Thus.. I continue my life- eat, sleep, work & movie without fully taking care of my stomach.

Last friday, I was waiting for J and didn't consume any food until 9pm. I had a quick bite & i experienced the abdominal pain again. I can feel there're a lot of gas in my stomach. without hesitation, I drank few cups of warm water and hope it gets better.

Still... i experienced the pain straight for 2 days. And on Sunday night, i decided to go visit a doctor nearby my house which is covered by my company insurance.... and I'm super suay that the clinic made me wait for 15 mins (when I walked my f*king way there when I can't even stand up straight) & announced that the doctor will not come in today due to emergency case...

I was like- if you can't commit don't even put the operations hour...

Ridiculous and I have to walk back my home again without any medicine.

Maybe because of  God mercy, I'm recovered the next day which is a Monday- so i could work :) And the best part is I discovered that there's a direct bus from my house to office :) and it costs me only 0.83 cents per trip w/ 3G accessible :)

Therefore, I researched several article to avoid stomach discomfort/ abdominal pain:

1. Avoid large fatty/ greasy meals (no more steamboat, buffet for me anymore)2. Eat one cup- approximately a 250 ml of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, etc.) a day to get sulforaphane to avoid constipation.3.Stomach cancer is more likely to be linked with high-salt diet (less salt)4.Consume the good bacteria & Plants: yogurt, sauerkraut, miso, bananas, garlic, asparagus, onions- High fiber diet is helpful5. Eat and drink slowly to improve the digestion system.6. Avoid drinking with straw ( less gas in stomach)7. Always maintain a balanced diet :)8. Keep a food diary to find out the possible cause for your stomach discomfort.9. Add in more carminatives such as peppermint or sage in your meal.

Now I need to get back to my salad- all green and yogurt diet :)

Need to admit that I'm no longer young :(

Thursday, March 13, 2014

BEAUTYBIOTICS range of Dream Cream-BB/CC Beauty Balm Colour Corrector, BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder,UV White Nano Mineral Powder

Hey Readers,

Recently I joined Sample Store seeders program and thanks to Sample Store and Skinbiotics, I get the chance to try on their signature BB/CC Beauty Balm, BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder &UV White Nano Mineral Powder.

Just some FACTS about BEAUTYBIOTICS product:

1. They are dermatologist tested  for sensitive skin, and made in Japan for Asian Skin types! 
2. They use Nano technology to infuse more active hydrating and age defying minerals inside one application (WOW!!!)
3. They also use light-diffusing optic technology with clinical tested results to enhance skin conditions and clarity!
4. The dermatological effects will be LONG TERM- Oil control, Anti-aging(collagen added), intense hydration (say not to dry skin), anti-pigmentation, anti-inflammation (good for sensitive skin).

No doubt, I'm gonna try it out for few days, and share with you my experience after 5 days :)

  1. Improve skin tone and radiance 
  2. Hydrate skin 
  3. Conceal dark spot and acne scars 

 1. BB/CC Beauty Balm Colour Corrector  ($39)

Firstly, let me share with you my experience with  BB/CC Beauty Balm Colour Corrector which come in 3 shades: Shimmer, Fair and Natural

Currently I'm using the Fair CC cream daily :) it matches my skin tone and have 12 in one advance whitening formula inside!

I know you must be wondering what are the 12 in one means?

It means:

1. Hydration (Say no to dry and dull skin)
2. Whitening ( No need to worry about having tan skin)
3, Pore refinement (No more big pore and visible spot)
4. Cell Renewal
5. Collagen Regenaration ( No need to buy expensive collagen drinks)
6. Sebum Control
7. Anti- Acne (YES)
8.Anti Wrinkle
9. Anti- Inch
10. Anti-Inflammation (great news to girls with serious acne problem)
11. UV protection ( a must and its 4X more UV protection than other brands, SPF 40 PA+++)
12. Skin Repair (works for dry skin ladies too !)

Yeah no more visible scars!!!
Before and after apply the CC beauty cream ( I only apply a little bit and it covers most of my acne and scars :))

I'm having acne prone skin and I usually apply BB cream and sun block daily, but I can't use the oily kind of cream. Therefore, this is currently the best I'm using so far. I don't feel itchy and it didn't cause me to deal with more and more acnes.

Now you can get the dream cream at any Watson shop nearby at only $39! And you could use this for up to 3 months with so many benefits!

I will continue to use it because it looks natural on me and not too oily for me :)

2. UV White Nano Mineral Powder ($49)

I love the package, it comes with two packages- Shimmer and Matte.. It provides advances UV Protection, diffuses light to hide wrinkles/spots/pores and waterproof!!!

So it gives you the power to conceal+ sunprotection +rehydration!

The cute package :)

Before Use, the cute powder puff

visible: My skin is one tone brighter :)

Whitening: Effective
Durability: Last about 4-5 hours for reapplication
Comfortability:  Don't feel uncomfortable ( Not itchy or sticky)

3. BB+ Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder ($45)

I also tried out the light diffusing Nano BB+Powder:

Its tiny but mighty. 6g available in Shimmer & Matte :)

Its is a UV protection face Powder that includes nanonized light-diffusing pearl crystals!!!! How cool is that... do you know that people spend money to buy real pearl powder to consume just to have flawless skin... We could just apply daily and it will be absorbed...

The formula is Nano collagen+ Pearl Powder+ Ceramide+ Hyaluronic Acidwhich can repair, regenerate and rehydrate your skin!

To see the visible effect, (before) is my cheek without anything on, i applied it at my most problematic

UV White Nano Mineral Powder

I love the package, it comes with two packages- Shimmer and Matte.. It provides advances UV Protection, diffuses light to hide wrinkles/spots/pores and waterproof!!!

So it gives you the power to conceal+ sun protection +rehydration!

Please 'LIKE' BeautyBiotics (SkinBiotics) Facebook page: to learn more about this revolutionary beauty products that may enhance your skin conditions :) 

Below is the morning skincare routine to safeguard your skin from UV 

Credit to Skin biotics facebook page:

Thinking where to buy one to try it out?

The Beautybiotics are available exclusively to all Watsons Singapore outlets only!!!!

Now, I don't have to worry if any acne breakout out :) Say bye to ugly spots with Beautybiotics Dream products :)

Finally, me after the help of beautybiotics :)

Thanks Skinbiotics and Sample Store :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3 days to kill Movie Review

Yesterday, J and I had a movie date after my work :) We chose the movie 3 days to kill directed by Joseph McGinty Nichol, who directed the movie Terminator Salvation & Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.

Kevin Costner is an experienced CIA agent in the movie

3 days to kill angel rating: 4/5

I gave it a 4 out of 5 because it truely touch my heart when he dances with his daughter and begs for his wife forgiveness. It shows how lonely a secret agent is.

There're several parts in the movie, they used children casts as one of their humour plot devices. And its relatively funny and make it less heavy.

Overall its a good movie, here's a trailer for you:

Unable to reveal more, otherwise you won't watch the movie :)


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oh My, I can't see thing clearly

Yes, I have myopia and I regretted for not protecting my eyesight wisely when i was young. Now I'm a contact lenses followers (especially with the enlarging effect!)

.... and I realized that I can't see thing clearly with my contact lenses :(

It means I need to use different degree of glasses and it's super expensive to get one here :(

And I recently read some article on how to cure myopia and I found this!

Not sure is this gonna work for me, but it sounds fun to start with! LOL, at least it gave me some hope that without the help of lasik, I can get back to normal :)

Doing the following steps will help heal your eyesight.

1: At sun-rise, the sun's color is RED. Wait until it change completely to YELLOW color

2: Wear sandal to avoid earthing with Earth

3: Remove specs

4: Face towards Sun (Sun color is Yellow) and close your eyes normally (same as what you do while sleeping)

5: Stand in this position for atleast 10 min

6: Don't open eyes otherwise Sun's ray may damage it

7: After 10 min, rub your palm and cover your face (including eyes)

8: Fill your mouth with water.

9: Rinse your eyes

10: Gargle water before throwing it out.

11: Repeat Step 9 and 10 for at least 1 more time


1: Dont perform this exercise during noon and evening

2: Dont perform using artificial Yellow bulb as it radiates short wavelength of UVB rays while Sun radiates long wavelength of UVB rays

In the night, before going to sleep, do the following exercises:

1: Remove specs

2: Move eyes left-right 10 times, up-down 10 times, rotate both clock-wise and anti-clockwise for 10 times each

After every 2 months, eye sight will improve little.

Specs power will reduce by 0.25

I'm going to try it today and maintain some distance from my lappy. I guess every time I lying on bed watching running man on my ipad is the main cause of worsening my myopia :(

I gonna quit doing that

me with glasses! :(