Thursday, March 14, 2013

Appearance VS Personality

Okay, this is a topic I always wanna talk about.... Which one is more important when comes to choose your another half? To me, Personality definitely is the KEY factor that made me wanna stay with that person forever. However, I doubt that it applies to GUYS!
I have been playing SKOUT for about 4 mths and I talked to many guys from different industries. However, they all seems care about girls appearance. This bothers me a lot now! Once he popped up some kinds of question related to my appearance I will BLOCK that person permanently.

In this period of time, I thought I could make some new friendship, nevertheless, I dont believe in pure friendship between man and woman. So if that person is not engaging in talking to me, I dont think we have to keep contacting each other anymore. Its just a waste of time and effort.

I just hate the fact that even good personality can't make a guy wait for you at all! So girls, we need to face the fact that guys love pretty girls! And nothing can ever change that! They are just dumbasses that need a good glasses! Haha, so I need to encourage all girls to dream up more and be yourself. If that ass don't like it, FINE, just let him go suck him own dick! You deserve a BETTER person.
Always remember there'll be someone who will treat you like a family and love you like his long lost precious and can't live without you! There're always lots of options out there! :)

Baby gentleman who made my day

Hmm, just a note to remember a kind young gentleman! After a hectic work day, I went to grocery, bought a pint of my favorite triple chocolate ice cream, Pandan Bread, Honey baked ham, some vege and fruits. Ended up I have to carry all of them HOME myself!

Luckilly, it wasn't several KM away from my block. So, I rushed back home using my remaining strength. Finally when I reached home, I scanned my apartment pass, and there was a young kiddo age around 7- His Name is Zi Ming from a catholic school ( printed on his school uniform). He said thank you and hold the door for me :) and even said thank you to me when I scanned the pass for him to enter the building. I was shocked because he is that small and i didnt know how to react at first.

Later, we waited for the elevator. He was peeking me all the times. Probably I was looking at him too, and i carried HELL lots of grocery with me *Headache* Anyways, it was a wonderful encounter because I always think the young generations dont know how to respect/treat the elderly. Of course I am not that old lah. But, it really made my day because of his gentleman act. Sweet to the max.