Friday, November 28, 2014 Find Voucher Codes, Discounts & Coupons

Hi Dearies,

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Hamper Specialist-Get awesome hampers at awesome price!

Hi readers,

Interested of buying hampers for newborn child? Business opening? Chinese New Year or other festive occasions?

Try The Hamper Specialist (MALAYSIA)!

The Hamper Specialist

The Hamper Specialist is dedicated to providing you the most complete hamper shopping experience. Simply log on to their website and use their easye shopping cart platform. You could choose your favourite hampers, at superb prices! The Hamper Specialist take great pride in offering an unrivaled collection of hampers, brilliant product know-how, along with excellent customer service. Your satisfaction is their main concern.

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Chinese new year Hamper start from RM 128.88!!

The Hamper Specialist ensure that our prices are AWESOME.  If you discover a selling price of an identical item to be lower than The Hamper Specialist , inform them and they shall seek to match it for you! Such a great deal :)

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Outside Klang Valley? The Hamper Specialist  charge a flat rate of RM30 per hamper for destinations outside the Klang Valley, despite the same destination for all hampers. If the order is more than 10 hampers, contact The Hamper Specialist  @03-8011 8859
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Tips while travelling alone

Hi Lovelies,

Always desire a trip on your own to a brand new place yourself?

I came by this blog post and think it is quite useful for you! It talks about 43 Tips for Traveling Alone.

I guess we need to be brave and not afraid of asking people for directions. I remembered once when I was in Florence, the people there barely speak English. And when I finished asking for direction, I was eager to walk away and without expressing my gratitude of their help. The waiter was mad and showing me some attitude :(

I guess it depends on your luck. We need to stay vigilant and always learn to be independent. I guess everything will end up good.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Hi Lovelies,

It's my favourite month of the year. I celebrated my birthday and tried so many buffet restaurants during my celebrations. But I also gain some weight because of my recent indulgence of good food without control :(

I'm so lazy to go workout at my gym. I realized that when you're dating, you simply can't make out extra time to burn your fat.

But thanks to Sample Store I gave Reduze Pro a try & it works for me :)

Based on the International Journal of Obesity published in 2010, weight loss releases excess toxins into the body. Therefore, it is important to start detoxify your body at the same time when you start a weight loss regime. 

Reduze Pro has triple action detox formula- detox, burn fat and lose weight

1. Rebalance Gut Flora

2. Improve Digestive System 

3. Sustainable Weight Loss
4. Eliminate Toxins & Waste
5. Flatten Your Tummy
6. Improve Bowel Regularity
7. Increase Satiety
8. Enhanced Weight Loss
9. Clearer Complexion 


• New Synbiotic Weight Loss + Detox 
• Clinically Proven 
• Made In The USA Under Good Manufacturing Practices 
• Works In Hours 
• Backed By Multiple Studies 
• Faster, Stronger, More Effective 
• 20 Billion Live Probiotics Per Dose

The triple action detox formula:

1. Rebalance Gut Flora-Increase Weight Loss Bacteria   & Decrease Weight Gain Bacteria
2. Improve Digestive Function- Increase Bowel Frequency
Reduce Fat/Toxin Accumulation
3. Sustainable Weight Loss-Increase Fat Metabolism & Increase Satiety

-  8X MORE Weight Loss
- +52% Bowel Frequency
- -29% Calorie Intake
- 20 Billion live probiotics per dose
- Results may vary and dosage is dependent

Gut flora or, more appropriately, gut microbiota, consists of a complex of microorganism species that live in the digestive tracts of animals and is the largest reservoir of microorganisms mutual to humans.

Within 28 days, you could improve your digestive system & lost weight :)

And the best part, you won't crave for late night supper anymore :) 

Direction of use

For normal effect, take 2 capsules once daily before food. For fast effect, take up to 3 capsules once daily before food. When the desired effect is achieved, reduce dosage back to 2 capsules daily.

• Prebiotic Blend – Fructooligosaccharides, IGOB-131 Irvingia Gabonensis, Cascara Sagrada
• Probiotics Blend – Lactobacillus Gasseri, Lactoobacillus Plantarum, Bifidobacterium Bifidum, Bifidobcateirum Lactis

Product Made in The USA

Basically I took 2 capsules per day before my lunch or dinner (depend which one is considered my big meal :) And the amazing thing is I do not need to cut down my appetite. I still eat depend on occasion and within two weeks, I lost 1kg. And I no longer need to depend on caffeine every morning to improve my bowel regularity :) I cut down my caffeine too! 

Where to buy
Reduze Pro price is $128 per box for 60 capsules (one month's supply). It can be easily found at Guardian, John Little, Metro, Ntuc Fairprice, Robinson, Sasa, Unity & Watsons 

Rakuten promo code 

Key in : REDUZEPRO10 to enjoy the $10 discount with a minimum spend of $128 (1 box of Reduze Pro).
This coupon is valid from 17 Nov till 31 Dec 2014.

Click here and shop now!

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

Not for children, pregnant or lactating mothers. Do not use this product together with other laxatives. Discountiue use in the event of severe diarrhoea. Do not exceed recommended dose. 

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Searching for a course? Try Learning Courses Singapore

Dear readers,

Looking for a self-improvement class? Pick up a new interest? Or getting a diploma? It is important to learn a skill or a hobby that you could grow that interest to future career opportunity.

For example, I love taking photograph and drawing. I also would like to attend fashion merchandising in future :) Caused I love Fashion and I think girls should learn how to carry herself especially when we're still young and in our best time XD

Now you no longer need to wait for the CC nearby you offering the courses you like. Try Learning Courses Singapore!

You no longer need to worry if you want to learn something & don't know where to start.

There are so many courses to choose from.Cooking, Dancing, Photography, Tailor, Knitting, Computer, Coffee Brewing, Make Up, Google Adwords, Marketing, Golf, Yoga, Photoshop, Survival, Hat making, Pottery, Self defense, and the list goes on and on!!!

I'm also interested to learn more about Photoshop class. So I could simply access the available courses via the search toolbar

Step 1: Search the courses

Step 2: Find the classes that suit you the most.

For only SGD 300, you could access 6 sessions for 15 hours!

10 session of Zumba for 160

So many choices for you! Get started today, pick a skill or an interest today :)

Apart from that, if you have kids, you could find classes for them too, such as English drama, Ballet, Chinese Dance, golf, swimming etc... 

And you could find the affordable or more preference on your favourite or desired activities :)

Contact Information:

1 North Bridge Road #B1-48 High Street Centre Singapore 179094.
Phone: +65 92723607

Black Paint -Organic Skin Care Range

I'm so excited to share with you my recent experience with Black Paint Products!!

BLACK PAINT® is an organic skincare brand established in Kyoto 15 years ago by Miyuki Maeda. Combining ancient wisdom of beauty secrets, modern bacteriology and contemporary natural & organic lifestyle, Miyuki has successfully found the formula to solve skin problems rooting from skin pores by leveraging on the power of nature.

Skin care solution of BLACK PAINT,
 Step 1 – Remove clogging from pores
 Step 2 – Hydrate your pores
 Step 3 – Nourish your pores
 Step 4 – Protect your pores

I'm always conscious about the skin care product I used because I started to have sensitive and acne prone skin 3 years ago.

So I can't use the normal moisturizer anymore or else my face will look super dry and my wrinkles will be super obvious.

Therefore, I give Black Paint a try because BLACK PAINT® skincare products are made from natural, organic materials which are blended from more than 100 types of plant oils! And it really did a very good job in moisturizing my face.

And the best part, BLACK PAINT skincare series is made solely of natural ingredients; does not use any any synthetic preservatives, disinfectants, fragrances, colorings, anti-oxidants, or ultraviolet 
absorbers. It is good for us to avoid chemical :)

How Black Paint Started?

The story of BLACK PAINT began with a mother's love and the search for inner and outer health for her daughter. It took much scientific study, but in the end her quest 
led to restored health for her child ... and a line of organic skincare that enhances the body's own renewal and self-protection processes instead of fighting them.
When the founder of Black Paint Miyuki Maeda’s daughter was diagnosed with a serious "incurable" kidney disease, her outlook on life was changed forever. Her inner fighter was awakened and she realized that the power for healing was in her hands. She would not stop believing there was an answer, nor stop working until 
she found it, no matter how long it took or where she had to look.

Miyuki studied modern physiology and bacteriology as well as traditional natural healing systems around the world. When she learned about beneficial bacteria, she saw the light. Bacteria that live symbiotically in our bodies are essential to our physical function, from digesting nutrients to protecting against disease. She realized that instead of killing those bacteria, we should nourish them so they can do their job.

The dark time of Miyuki's life has now ended, thanks to her determination to never give up the fight for her family's well-being. After the success of her "personal health study," she knew she had to share the benefits of her hard-won wisdom with the world. BLACK PAINT is the result.

So big the soap and it's solid. It is easy to apply on the face and it smells good too!

Ingredients: Soap Foundation, Water, Jojoba Seed Oil, Urea, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Pine Extract, Charcoal, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Raw Sugar, Iron Oxide, Hydrolyzed Silk, Lavender Oil, Honey, Green Tea Leaves, Damask Rose Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Avocado Oil, Rosehip Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Safflower Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Peanut Oil, Sesame Oil, Walnut Seed Oil, Perilla Frutesens Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Hazelnut Seed Oil, Rose Oil.

This is my favourite :) It is made from Kishu Binchotan Charcoal

One of the main factors of why BLACK PAINT is black in color is because of its White Charcoal component. White Charcoal has been widely used in Japan since thousands of years ago for their teamaking (Chado) ceremony. White charcoal is made from Ubame Oak, a very hard wood used in kilns in the southern Kishu area in Japan. This charcoal, called Kishu Binchotan, takes about 10 – 40 years for the suitablely grown branches to be selected for its making.

Kishu Binchotan Charcoal is considered to be the best grade because it is hard and yields a long burn. Due to the hardness of the wood, the charcoal made from such wood produces a high pitch ‘tingling’ sound. Binchotan is also called White Charcoal because it is covered with ash during final processing, leaving whitish ash powder on its surface.

Known as the best quality charcoal for purifying water and air, the variety of benefits of Binchotan charcoal can be found in a number of everyday uses. Whether it is used to absorb chemicals in tap water, enhance blood circulation in a hot bath, stimulate healthy soil in the garden, or deflect negative ions in your home, the environmental and chemical-free charcoal is the natural way to boost overall wellness. 

Black Paint Soap

120 g / S$49.90

Black Paint Soap - Pore Cleansing Soap

A gentle pore cleansing hand-made face soap with Kishu Binchotan Charcoal (White Charcoal, A high-grade charcoal produced from Ubame oak made in "Kishu" area of Wakayama Prefecture) clean pores and removes oil and dirt thoroughly but gently without stripping away skin’s essential moisture, leaving skin fresh and silky smooth.


  1. Deeply clean pores and removes keratotic plugs for smoother and fresher skin. Discovered a long ago by women who visited hot springs; when the alkaline water of the hot springs touched their skin, which is acidic, it triggered the skin to restore its normal balance by releasing more acid and this acid pushed out all the waste from within, leaving pores completely clean. That's why BLACK PAINT is made with a slightly alkaline pH level to simulate the effect of alkaline hot spring.
  2. Removes makeup in one wash without the need of makeup remover XD Awesome!
  3. Nourishes skin with 23 types of plant oils, amino acids,  silk powder and vitamins in honey and brown sugar
  4. Kishu Binchotan Charcoal effectively absorbs impurities and delivers natural minerals
  5. Organic and natural oils improve skin immunity and minimize skin irritation
  6. No alcohol, fragrances and artificial colorants

How to use??

Review: Super refresh and it cleansed my pores thoroughly. It also remove my makeup instantly! Great :)
Before and After

Black Konjac Sponge
Black Konjac Sponge | 100% Organic Cleansing
A 100% natural facial sponge made from konjac fiber kneaded with Binchotan charcoal and various minerals that enhance absorption ability, help removing excess oil and dead skin cells in the most delicate manner.

100% Natural Vegetable Fiber

The KONJAC SPONGE is the perfect tool for cleansing your face with BLACK PAINT soap, but can also be used without a cleanser. It's gentle enough for sensitive skin and is ideal for those with oily skin and acne.

Its 100% natural vegetable fiber delicately pulls blockages from pores, while the Kishu Binchotan charcoal absorbs dirt and excess oil. You may see waste and dead skin cells coming off as flakes, a gentle exfoliation which promotes new cell growth. Skin is left with a smooth and clear finish.



Review: It helps me remove my deadskin effectively :) Not too rough texture for my face :)

Best Water

Black Paint Best Water Toner

 A pore-minimizing toner that contains 30 types of minerals that deeply penetrates the skin (epidermis) to nourish and help restore skin's natural barrier to prevent moisture loss. Prevents the formation of wrinkles due to dryness.

  • Deeply nourish skin with 30 types of natural minerals such as Potassium and Magnesium leaving skin feeling significantly soft and supple
  • Instantly hydrates skin and helps preserve its moisture balance
  • Helps improve skin texture and minimize pores after cleansing
  • No alcohol, fragrances and artificial colorants
  • Low irritation
Review: Easy to absorb and it is gentle :)

  1. Pump some BEST WATER onto your hands, 1 to 2 pumps to start
  2. Apply BEST WATER to your face with light, massaging stroke
  3. Repeat with additional pumps of BEST WATER (up to 5) until your face feels moisturized
Tips: * For better absorption, apply a small amount of BEST WATER each time, rather than a large amount all at once.

* We recommend the use of Facial Paper with BEST WATER.Oil Water Rose
Black Paint Lotion – Oil Water Rose

A dual-layer emulsion that regenerates, protects, soothes, and soften the skin keeping skin soft, supple, radiant and young-looking, while a delicious rose scent uplifts the spirit.

  • Each Bottle contains around 2000 roses with their precious Damask water and oil, top grade beauty ingredient since acient times for its antimicrobial, antifungal as well as antiviral factors
  • Bottom layer of Damask Rose Water provides extra vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to skin
  • Top layer of Damask Rose Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil and others together 8 types of plant oils improve fine lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging including pigmentation
  • Antioxidant vitamin C found in rose essential oil helps repair discoloured skin
  • Provide anti-inflammatory properties that treat redness & wounds. The rose is also excellent for tightening skin pores
  • No emulsifiers, surfactants or preservatives
  • Damask Rose scent provides aromatherapy effects
Review: Smell rosey and strong moisturising effect

It is easy to use! Shake the bottle to mix the 2 layers before applying on your skin. Apply this after cleansing and BEST WATER application. For best result, use it together with BEST WATER.

Water Cream
Black Paint - Water Cream Moisturizer

A water-based moisturizing cream that protects your skin from dryness and maintains moisture all day long. Great as a makeup base.
  • Contains Morocco’s Argan Oil which improves skin metabolism and promotes moisture retention
  • The combination of 7 different types of flower oil and polymeric silicon form a protective veil against external environment
  • Natural ingredients provide anti-oxidative effects
  • Skin's unevenness is corrected, giving a good adhesion of your foundation and a long-lasting make-up finish
  • No alcohol, fragrances and artificial colorants
  • Soothingly scented with Lavender oil
  • Act as a protective veil between your skin and heavy coloring of your make-up to prevent color depositing

Take a cherry-sized amount, and spread onto face. Transforms into water droplets upon application. Wait until your face dries before applying makeup.

Review: Wow! Perfect for dry & combination skin!

Where to get one for yourself?

Takashimaya Basement Level 1, Isetan (West Gate) Basement Level 2, online official

Exclusive contest for you!
Join the lucky draw to win a trial set (worth SG$120) of Black Paint Easy 4 Step Pore Care!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

NEW Essential haircare range- silky smooth hair

Hi readers,

Thanks to SampleStore. I tried the NEW Essential Haircare Range :)

I cut my hair and it's easier for me to wash it. I always have oily scalp and oily hair. I feel itchy if i'm under the Sun. Therefore, I love wearing a hat/cap for outdoor activities.

My haircare regime is Shampoo and conditioner for daily use and I will do a hair mask on weekly basis. I also apply some hair oil daily to curb my dry ends.

Essential is available in 4 variants to suit all hair needs and types:
  1. Nourishing Breakage Defense (orange) – for weak & damaged hair 
  2. Moisturizing Frizz Free (pink) – for dull & rough hair 
  3. Light Finish Volumizing (yellow) – for flat and limp hair 
  4. Deep Cleansing Care (blue) – for oily scalp & dry ends (new)

Yellow: Light Finish Volumising — for limp and flat hair

Moisturizing Frizz-Free series :)

Improved treatment now works its magic on your hair in 30 seconds! The result –deeply moisturized and manageable hair. Perfect for busy days

Essential is a popular haircare brand from Japan & it offers few products ranging from basic care like Shampoo & Conditioner to more intensive treatments like Hair Masks and Leave On Serum/Lotions so you don't have to find other brands for your hair products.

Do you face Oily roots and dry ends hair problem?!
If you do, please note that if you're using a rich moisturizing product to care for your dry ends, you will ends up having too much product buildup on their scalp & resulting in a heavy, oily scalp. Using a light, clarifying product to care for your oily scalp will then cause their ends to be even drier.Normally you need to rotate between using a rich moisturizing product and a light clarifying product to achieve a balance.

But now the good new!
New Essential Light Finish Volumizing (yellow) and Deep Cleansing Care (blue) variants have the optimum combination of Smart Cuticle Care & Sebum Cleansing Technology to target 
both problems of roots and hair ends. As a result, you coulld experience the best of both worlds with one product - airy light roots and moisturized ends.

Using the chart below,  I was all ready to try out the new light yellow series because both problem i faced. 

My experience:

Using them for few days, my hair is surprisingly smooth and silky!! I do not need to apply any more hair oil and it is easy to manage. Less tangled hair and New Essential has Microfine All Smooth Essence which delivers nutrients to damaged hair surface from ROOT to TIP. It is SO COOL! I could dye my hair twice a year already. Wooray!! It is important for us to take good care of our scalp by using quality shampoo and hair mask before it is too late.

Hair Mask- Frizz Free Hair Mask! I'm using the pink one!!! So cute the packaging! For more intensive treatment to treat those dry/damaged ends, leaving hair softer, smoother and more manageable.

Can't wait to try it out?

You could get some free sample on Essential Facebook Page 
Also, like Essential on Facebook  and follow Essential on Instagram @essentialsingapore