Friday, April 26, 2019

Wedding Preparation: How to save money for wedding in Singapore

Hi Dearies,


Been neglecting this blog for a long time. I had been busy with my personal life, wedding prep for the Big Day!

I will be having a simple wedding lunch with close friends and family. Planning out the big day myself by sourcing out the dress, and wedding planner is easy in Singapore!

I basically can get response fast and easy online or via whatsapp.

So here is my summary for the big day planning. But with great planning, you need to have supportive friends. I feel sending out the invitation is the most challenging one, I would say having great expectation on this portion, you will have great disappointment especially if they need to travel across country.

Here are some great tips for you if you wanna save some bucks and have the same fun:

    1. Venue
      • The most important part of your planning is the size of your guests. If you managed to estimate the crowd size, you will be able to compare the cost of the venue and food items. 
    2. DIY
      • I love to DIY my stuffs! All the wedding invitations I get it printed from and DIY the rest myself. You get to save the design cost and expensive printing in Singapore for your gifts also.
    3. Research and ask for quote
      • In Singapore, you get to contact vendors easily and visit them to get the best price, every wedding you will get different needs and requirements. I feel you need to know what you want, and use your negotiation skills. 
    4. Credit card
      • Using the right credit card help you to manage your finance properly. Do your maths and earn the best rebates. Eg: OCBC cash flow help you to split big amounts to three installments.
    5. Guests
      • Here comes the difficult parts. Who to invite? And how to invite? Always invite guests who respect your invitation and not to over invite people. Else, you will have lots of empty seats and waste your money. Be respectful and give a follow up call and text to unconfirmed guests. 
    6. Prewedding Photoshoot
      • Prewedding photoshoot in Singapore are expensive. I would suggest taking prewedding photoshoot in Malaysia, China or Taiwan. Note: It is way cheaper to sign up package at that country itself. Always do your homework, you probably can get nice island prewedding shoot in China below $1K SGD. And you get to leave good memories at that country as well. I managed to take some BFF wedding photo in Taiwan for SGD 300 per person, comes with makeup, unlimited photoshoot and two wedding gowns.
    7. Photography
      • Check out carousell. There are so many nice freelancer photographer available and their works is decent. You get to choose and try them out for your bridal party and save lots from bridal studio.
    8. Cut down miscellaneous cost
      • Cut down unnecessary cost and plan ahead. I choose lunch to make it easier for my family and friends. 
      • Planning ahead and talk to your partner.
      • Simple made perfect