Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yesterday, we had a great celebration for Chee Kong 21st Birthday, and we have an awesome feast at Imperial Garden.

We started to play games such as 海带拳,接吻拳,疯狂黑白配,heart attack, 终极密码。。。 I love all the games we played!!! Of course we drank too.

Not much afterwards, we starts a topic about feminist and equality of women and men. To me, i still won't agree that men and women will be equal in worldwide. Most of the people have their bias and tradisional minded towards women. Of course how i wish there will be an equality, but i know it is never going to happen in the future twenty years. Even in the basic human right law, it did not include men and women equality as a general principle. Many countries still maintain the law that one man can has more than a wife if they have the financial ability.

I read a few articles online and i found this website is kinda realistic and make sense to me :

My girls and i discussed a lot abt friendship, family and past experience over guys, there is never a real answer for every question we have. Life is simply all about decision. I have to say, i make decision everyday and it teaches me different values towards life.

Pillow chat is simply fun and exciting!!!! Can't wait to have another sesssion soon!!!

My favorite song,


Cherish life and u will love it more!!!

Tender huang is the BEST!!!黄腾浩最杀!!!!!

can't wait for a taiwan trip!!!! Save money money!!!