Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Okay. I joined gym recently and I feel the different. It's a major decision as i signed up for a total 21 months membership with Cali fitness. I always wanted to lose some weight but lack of motivation and determination. I always eat what i want and never calculate my calories etc.

As i continue to searching for dance classes, i realized it is pretty pricey for one class. And the gym gave me unlimited access as I sign up for their monthly membership. So I SIGNED Up without hesitation. Guess what? I lost 2 kg in a month! I totally enjoy their vast varieties of classes and it helps! I perspire daily now. And I feel I have better immune system. Say goodbye to flu and cough.


Okay and the best part is I LOOK YOUNGER TOO! Exercise do helps! But i still dont like to jog. Haha.. Anyways, gonna learn to build up my stamina. I can't jump thirty times in a row :( Lousy. Gonna continue to work on that. 

Okay showing you a self pic of me! witht the smurfs! It's smurf day and i managed to take a pic with them :) Y-.-Y