Thursday, September 19, 2019

How to Protect yourself from Haze

Hi Dearies,

I think we all have been troubled by haze recently.The effect of Haze is quite disastrous especially for people who have to work outdoor. I can feel irritation of my eyes especially i wore the contact lenses for long hours. It can caused irritation of eyes, nose and throat, also dizziness and headaches.

Elders should avoid staying outdoor as it may affect people with reduced lung functions, causing shortness of breath and lung infections.

Here are some tips for you all:


Avoid physical outdoor activities especially for child and elders.Close the windows and car windows can help to reduce exposure to pollutants in the air.


Drinking lots of water help your kidneys to flush out the toxins in your body.


N95 Mask is very effective if you need to stay outdoor for more than an hour. It will filters 95% of the small particle in the air, especially when the haze PSI is unhealthy.

Soft cotton or surgical mask is not effective when the haze PSI is more than 200, but some pregnant woman, elders with lung conditions may not be suitable wearing N95 mask, it is good to get doctor advices if you have medical conditions.

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Pay attention to Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Clean Air Delivery Rate to Room Size
For example, a 100 CADR air cleaner will then clean a room size of 155 sq ft. To go the other way, that is to know your room size and to find the right CADR you would then divide your room square footage by 1.55. Say your room is 250 sq ft. Divide this by 1.55 and you get 161.

5. Check myENV app for latest PSI rating and plan your activities for the day.


Always remember safety come first. turn on your headlight and drive if you really have no choice. Increase your following distance and stay alert. Else choose public transport when travel.


Taking more vegetables and fruits helps reduce inflammation that caused by inhaling harmful air with fine particles.

Lets stay healthy and love our earth more by creating less rubbish, eat clean and walk through this haze season together.


Saturday, September 7, 2019

Did you apply the mask correctly ?

Hi Dearies,

Do you know the right way to apply mask for best result?

Applying mask is good for hot weather and give skin an extra hydration steps . However did you use it correctly?

3 common mistakes we made when we apply mask

1. Tap your skin using fingertips to help better nutrient absorption

WRONG. The motion of tapping the Essence in mask will bring dust and dirt in the air to the skin!!! Your pore is open and it will make the pore be clogged and the nutrients are harder to be absorbed.

2.  Skip the cleansing step after mask

WRONG!! The excess Essence from the mask will stay on your skin and may cause the dusk to accumulate in your pore , so you still need to wash your face with water. Plus, you need to apply moisturiser to lock in the Essence else they will be dry out overnight.

3. Apply the  extra Essence in mask package on your face ?

WRONG! You do not do this, because overly lay Essence to your skin burden it’s condition. It will not be better and caused stress. You can apply it to neck, hand and leg.

I will share with you my favourite mask 

I use innisfree Super volcanic pore clay three times a week for a complete detox and deep cleanse

For sheet mask, I love Étude house and Dr Morita , effective and affordable.



Friday, September 6, 2019

My Big day: 16.06.2019

Yeah, finally I could get sometimes to recap and share with you my big day details.

** Exciting**

There are a lot of  people I would like to thanks to making J and my big day a success.

Wedding Coordinator: Fleur Design

Definitely thanks Esmond and team for their wonderful tips and planning to make our day a success. They are super experienced and wonderful in creating beautiful brides and groom. I also managed to grab a wedding dress from them at affordable pricing.

Good tip: Check out their warehouse sale, make an appointment and you can get good deal there :)

Makeup trial and trying my wedding gown

Wedding cake: Prima Deli

Wedding Venue: Peach Blossoms, Marina Mandarin

I did my ROM and wedding both in the same venue. Millions thanks to Ms Vivien for her kind planning and we love the arragement for the tea room.

There were many preparations prior to the big day, but thanksful to my hubby for going through the details with me. And thanks to Esmond, he introduced us an experienced photographer who is efficient in capturing every lovely moments during my wedding :) Happy!

And all the guests are happy for every details and surprise we prepared for them.Overall, planning on your big day is a fun experience and you learnt to understand the marriage commitment and communicate with both side of the family.