Friday, November 16, 2018

Free Sample: MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

Hi Dearies,

How is November treating you so far? This is my favorite month of the year and i know i have been slacking and not updating my blog due to house moving and etc.. Will love to share more about my life.

I came across the Free Sample of MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask and you can get one to try out yourself.

An innovative self-warming Steam Eye Mask developed with Japan’s unique and innovative steam heat technology.

The abundance of comfortable 40ºC steam heat produced gently envelopes your eyes to relieve and relax strained eyes and ease away tensions to soothe your stressful moods.

Enjoy a higher level of relaxation and comfort with the improved MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask!
Unique steam heat technology to extend the comfort duration by 2 times to 20 minutes.

Improved ear strap fit for a wider spread of warmth around the eyes.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Welcome to the three-Oh Club

Hi Dearies,

I had accomplished so much this year and thankful for my family and love ones for staying by my side.

Hopefully my 30s will treat me good.

Happy November

Finally had some time to spend with close friends and family for my birthday and thank you all that remember me :) and gave me the special surprise.

Of course thanks to Popcorn Singapore, I conquered my fear to enter haunted house with my love.

Thanks to my sweet lady boss and colleagues for a sumptuous treat :)

And of course not to forget my sweet other half who prepared a spicy hotpot for me , with some romantic surprise :) in our own home.

Life is a journey full of surprise. I am trying to act like a 30s and look like a 20s. And thanks God that I am happy for my life. Dare to dream and chase after the life you wanted.


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

How to save money when you moving house

Hi Dearies,

I have been busy moving house and didn't update much on my blog.

Two updates:

I am officially a house owner :)

Planning on my wedding next.

Getting a house in Singapore is not an easy task. Everything are so expensive :(

Luckily I knew some friend from retail shop and gave me huge discount on electronics and some friends to help us with renovation.

Here are some tips for you if you wanna save bucks when moving:

1. Measure Measure Measure

Before you go for shopping, please make sure you have the right measurement before getting anything.

2. Moving Packing

Find some boxes at your nearby convenience shop or supermarket and save money for getting box.

3. Ask for help from friends

Asking friends with car or helping hands when you pack everything, you may choose Grab rides or Ryde to carry stuffs to your new house. Get a trolley, it will help you prevent from backache.

4. Plan ahead

Buying bed etc from fair months before. You may arrange delivery close to your moving date. And your finance won't be that tight. Use good credit card with 0% interest and earn rebates.

5. Cleaning

Chemical wash etc is costly. You can get good tile cleaner from Home Fix at around 20 Bucks.Get a pair of gloves and start your cleaning. It is not that difficult. Get some basic cleaning tools from Dollars Shop or daiso save your life.

6. Shopping

Shopping for furniture, curtains and other decorative items are expensive if you buy at design stores. I choose Ikea & Japan Homes for budget friendly coffee table, carpet and curtain. If you are really tight, you can use for China Made good quality furniture. The only thing I dislike will be the waiting time, if you opted for Prime membership, the shipping cost is not an issue.

P/S: I realized I can get some cheap household items from Carousell but I got everything now haha.

Get some plants in your house, it will bring energy to your house :)


Saturday, August 18, 2018


Start protecting your clothes and reduce those unwanted fabric pilling!

Get our FREE sample* pack of Topload Spin today! 

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*Only available in Anti-Bacterial
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Thursday, August 2, 2018

[Review] Perfect EyeBrow in Singapore: Salon #1 Bishan Salon

Dear Dearies,

I recently did my eyebrow embroidery and I did it at the famous Salon #1 Bishan Salon with Amy.

So I am super happy with the results.

Here are my before and after photo~ As you can see my eye brow is sparse before.

And my eyebrow is not perfect because I did my eyebrow (creative embroidery)before with Allure beauty for 700+ and the result I would say is satisfactory only.

Why? Its costly and my skin cannot absorb the skin well, and they will use small blade to carve out the shape of the eyebrow but it will fade over time. But the fading to my case is fast. So for the price I paid, I feel this is not a price worth deal.

Plus, you will get some red mark in your eyebrow. And this is the scar!!! It will follow you forever unless you laser it off. And for laser, you need to pay few hundred for it.

Luckily for my case, I have plenty of eyebrow to cover it and this is not affecting much of me.

So let me share with you my experience. So Amy is very skillful and you can leave your eyebrow to her. She don't even need to draw an outline like Allure Beauty and erase and draw again to find the perfect eyebrow shape.

But it stings a little haha, for the sake of beauty you will need to endure it. But no scar, just colour and you just need to replenish the color for every 9months to 1 year. And it only cost you $180 with a free touch up.

So this is really a lesson learnt. When we are not in the industry, we are easily manipulate by the news, advertisements or beauticians. You really need to try it out and compare the differences.  So opt for natural, no blade eyebrow embroidery in future ok~ let me know what you think and any embroidery experience you had so far.

Salon #1 - Bishan
Address: 513 Bishan Street 13, #01-518, 570513
Tel: 6258 3822

Review Stars: ✡✡✡✡✡ (5/5) MUST GO!


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

[Free Sample] Orginal Sprout Bath and Hair Products

Hi Readers,

If you live in Singapore, good news. You get to try out the Original Sprout bath and hair products are made from organic and natural ingredients. Perfect for babies, children and adults ❤️

You can to choose from Natural Shampoo + Deep Conditioner or Hair & Body Babywash + Scrumptious Baby Cream :)


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Turning your creation into Reality with Creality 3D Printer

Hi Dearies,

Are you always thinking to get your own 3D printer? Try Creality!

Imagine you can turn your creation into reality? Making your own toys for your kids and save for a long run.

Since I was young, I always love drawing. I love 3D Printer idea to create my own toys & creation.

Shop via the link here!

About Creality 3D

Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd, founded in June 2014, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of 3D printers,  owns two series of DIY and complete machines, totaling more than 20 products, fully meeting the needs of different users such as individuals, families, schools, and companies. The entire series of products and their engineering development processes have independent intellectual property technology and dozens of patents. The products have passed many international quality and environmental certifications such as CE, FCC, and ROHS, and are exported to Europe, the United States, Australia, Russia, and the United Kingdom. , Germany, Singapore, Egypt, India and more than 30 countries.

Nowadays,  Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd own three headquarters and R&D, which located in Shenzhen(Jinchengyuan Industrial Area, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China). Shenzhen(Yingtai Industrial Area, Longhua  District, Shenzhen, China).Wuhan Hubei province(Qiaokou District, Wuhan city Hubei Province, China).  Our factory covers an area of 12000 square meters and 16 modern production with a total of 300 employees. At the same time, 4 professional test cables are continuously operated for 24 hours, in line with the company's advanced quality control system, ensuring the high quality of products from the source. high quality.

As a 3D printing evangelist,  Creality 3D Technology Co., Ltd always focus on not only the idea of professional, dedicated, innovative and quality,  But the customer-oriented service concept. It continues to provide stable and high-quality products and considerate services. Making every effort to bring the benefits of technology to everyone.


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Buying a scooter: Try Ancheer!

Hi Dearies,

Do you always wanna get a scooter or bike for yourself or your kids or for yourself?

I would like to introduce you Ancheer:

For over a decade, ANCHEER has been the premier distributor of high-quality health and fitness products.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California with a wide network of top manufacturers in Taiwan and China, ANCHEER has established long-lasting professional relationships that have enabled us to offer much more competitive pricing than the average industry distributor to you, our customers.

You can shop basis scooter, bike gear, ebike battery, electric bike, electric scooter, new kids scooter, prostunt scooter, skateboard etc.

Special Promotion: Apply Code: BIKE for $20 off

Save money and ride with swag.


Friday, July 13, 2018

[Shopping tips] Great deals daily from Minus Half!

Hi Dearies,

If you are a smart shopper and wanna stretch your every dollar to hunt the greatest deal, you will love

Minus Half is dedicated to providing quality products to you. They sell native brands and own brands products with high quality. The products must go through three standard quality control processes at our warehouse before shipping. Purchase at indicates safe and well-managed trade focuses on quality.

Shop Big Lots Clearance department for the best prices on a wide variety of products. Discover unbelievable discounts on home goods, furniture, seasonal items and more!

You can find all sorts of branded furniture, appliances, daily necessities, pet supplies, and more with everything you need at the best price. Plus what's more? Free shipping for all orders in USA!

Wireless bluetooth headphone for $17.99 only. get it here!


[Tioman Trip] 3 days 2 nights Trips to Tioman Island Malaysia

Hi Dearies,

Finally I am going to blog about the Malaysia Island- Tioman Trip back in June.

I am going to share about how to go and what you can enjoy there for a 3 days 2 nights and what to expect.

I took the early morning bus to Mersing and then we will need to take the ferry to tioman.

I booked the KKKL bus and due to the holiday season, my 6.30am bus schedule is changed to 5.30am and surprisingly there is no jam at the causeway to Johor. I reached Mersing at 9am and have to wait few hours before my friends reach Mersing.

And make sure you dont drink water because at the ferry terminal, the toilet is locked and open at 10am.

We met with the agent, David 0197842877, you can contact him on the day of your preference and directly book the ferry tickets with him.

After you collected the tickets, you will need to proceed to the ferry pick up terminal point and exchange the tickets again. And we forgot about the exchanging tickets and it delayed us from boarding the ferry on time.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Beware of 24 hours services Plumbers Adv Online

Hi Dearies,

Recently I am working on renovation for my new home and I would like to share with you my 2013 plumber scam story with you.

Firstly, do not trust 24 hours services, come to help you at early hours. There is no such thing. If you saw this kind of advertisement online or via newspaper pls do not trust. They will assist you the second morning. And you will have all sorts of problem later.

Secondly, do not trust reliable, 24 hours hotline etc... They will scam you no matter what.

Here come the interesting part: When they come they said the problem, and how to rectify, and give you an amount to be charged. Please do not trust them. Back in 2013 I am too naive, believe people do business with honesty. Basically plumber should do business based on skill and knowledge and most important is integrity right, so people come back to you and you get more business. But what i experienced is the worst. They will give you an amount, i believe is $1200 to replace my water heater and wiring work. And to me I want to settle it at the fastest time, so I ask for $800 for its to be done and they act a bit and finally said ok.

Please do not agree on any amount more than $500. You rather pay them the $50 transport fee for nothing to be done. Because they are just trying luck and their cost is utmost $300.

Alrighty, this is my sharing with you all. Another tip is call your 24 hours hotline etc business and ask what is their registration company and read their reviews online. They keep changing their registration company so they can keep on scam us. Always remember if flooding happen, close your tap and wait for the next morning and get it fix. Hurrying and worrying just made us easier to fall into other people trap!

And when you realized you paying more, there is nothing you can do. Even going to casetrust, they will ask a mediator to liaise in between both parties and there are more time and money wasted to get your money back.

Always engage with HDB Listed plumbers or contractors:

Or visit harvey norman, courts or best denki and they will recommend you good and reliable plumbers for you. The plumbers recommended by main retailers are normally good and reliable, and they wont ruin their reputation for just single one transaction.

Beware of the words " 24 hours" and always alert.

Plus after half a year of my water heater replacement, I engaged another plumbers recommend by the hdb shop and he told me that the wiring had been deliberately cut off to ensure I encountered connecting issue within months. This is so absurd


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

[Review] Japanese Suntory Premium Morning Tea Review- BAD

Hi Dearies,

I am not going to post a very long post. Out of the curiosity I bought Suntory Morning tea to try it out this morning.

Guess what after finished half a bottle, I ended up in toilet.

Warning, so do not drink this type of drink as they contained the maltooligoseccharide. I ended up having diarrhea. Drink at your own risk!

Read more about this here :

Source: Qoo10

I would rather make my own milk tea then trying out this. 


Thursday, June 14, 2018

[Free Sample] Biore UV Oil Control Base UV SPF 50+ PA++++

Hi Dearies,

Get a free sample for  Biore UV Oil Control Base UV SPF 50+ PA++++

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This offers you UV protection while also prevents your makeup from wearing off!

- SPF 50+ effectively protects skin from UVB rays that cause sunburn, dark spots and freckles.
- PA ++++ effectively protects skin from UVA rays that cause suntan and reduce skin's elasticity.
- Makeup base conceals pores and absorbs excess sebum for longer-lasting makeup.
- Sweat resistant formula keeps makeup looking fresh for longer.
- Oil Control Formula with a sheer toned gel for shine-free coverage with a soft matte finish.
- Light gel texture spreads easily for instant absorption with no sticky after-feel.
Terms & Conditions:
1) Sample Redemption is open to all residing in Singapore only.
2) Each household is permitted to request 1 set of sample only once.
3) Entries with incomplete entries will be deemed invalid.
4) For enquiries, please call: 6396 0400 (Mon – Fri, 8.30am – 5.30pm)
5) Please allow 3-4 weeks for your samples to be mailed to you.
6) By participating in this program, you agree to be contacted by Kao Singapore Pte Ltd for future marketing related activities.


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

[Frree sample] Kinohimitsu Super Food lady 3-Day Starter Kit.

Hi Dearies,

Do you hear about Kinohitmisu?

Kinohimitsu Superfood+ is a delicious multigrain beverage formulated exclusively with calcium, iron and folic acid to meet the nutritional demands of on-the-go women everywhere.

Show your SMS to counter located in BHG or OG for get your sample.


  • High in Calcium

Good for development of strong bones, teeth and for normal nerve and muscle function. Helps to prevent Osteoporosis.

  • Source of Iron 

Good for red blood cell formation and helps to prevent iron-deficiency anaemia

  •  High in Folic Acid 

Recommended for women looking to conceive. Folic Acid helps cell regeneration and prevents folate deficiency anaemia, which can make you feel unwell.

  • Good for reduction of tiredness & fatigue 

  • High in Vitamin B12 

Good for normal function of the immune system


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

[Free Sample] Dove Derma Series Body Wash

Hi Dearies,

How are you?

Do you experience dry and itchy skin?

I am always having problem with itchy skin at my back and its hard to moisture it perfectly.

Here comes Dove Derma Series Body Wash

Dove DermaSeries 

  • gentle cleansing body wash
  • 10x more nourishing than a regular body wash*
  • Dermatologically-tested
  • Fragrance-free
  • Suitable for eczema-prone skin


Monday, April 30, 2018

[Free Sample] Nivea White Serum Deodorant

Hi Dearies,

Good day.

Here is your chance to get a free sample of Nivea Serum Deodorant Sample!!!

Say bye to dark armpit and stay fresh all day :)

Fill in your information here

Sit back and wait for your sample to arrive :) 


Saturday, April 21, 2018

[AD] I Learn from Maxmillian Money Making

Hi Dearies,

Interested to learn more about how to make more money?

You may be interested to attend Seminar from the First Billionaire Mentor In Indonesia, Mr Maxmillian Wienardi!

Max has been the founder of over 13 companies and his thoughts legacies would be valuable as a reference to new business owners.

He also want to introduce a holding company that presents a Program of Cashflow Funding to SMEs who needs access to unlimited funding.

The funding can be accessed when they join Belibisnis' Trading Invoice Program - Go Private - Go Public.

The benefit for the SMEs:
-no asset collateral needed
-company management support to become a company with good governance practice.
-raise the SMEs revenue by 598% per year.

This program would also revolutionize Indonesia's economy with eliminating the concept of "interest" and changing it to the concept of sharing economy that results 1867% profit for SMEs per year.

More information:

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Struggling in class? Try Philosophypedia

Hi Readers,

I came across Philosophypedia and found out they provide high-quality, targeted, individualized instruction. All course-instruction is individualized at super affordable price !!

How the classes like: 
Ten minutes before your appointment, your instructor will send you a link. Click on it, and you will have crystal clear video-audio connection with your instructor, complete with whiteboard functionality. So basically you can engage Philosophypedia anywhere in the world! And you can enjoy tutorial at your own pace and set your own schedule! With the instructor being completely dedicated to the student, the student can master the material easier and the tutorials start at $20/Hour!

They offer tutorials and courses at all levels in each of the following areas:
  • Mathematics 
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science 
  • Economics
  • Epistemology
  • Analytic Philosophy
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Chinese 
  • Hebrew
  • SAT Prep
  • GRE Prep
  • LSAT Prep
  • Paper-writing Assistance
  • Dissertation Assistance

Philosophypedia employ top people, and specialize in helping high school, college and graduate students with tough assignments. They provide fast, focused, and effective assistance in all disciplines, at all levels, including help with high level mathematics, physics, and dissertation writing.

Dr. Kuczynski is GREAT! I was writing a research paper for grad school, but something was missing. After working with him for an hour, he had identified the problem and helped me devise a new, structured approach which created much better flow. His breadth of knowledge and ability to provide useful feedback on content as well as organization has been invaluable. I've only worked with him for two days, but I will definitely turn to him again for help on my next assignments. Dr. K has been a lifesaver and is dedicated to helping me succeed!
– Bethany Michaels

  • Online Tutorials and Courses
  • All Subjects
  • All Levels
  • One on One
  • Starting at $20/Hour

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If you have any questions, please email: [email protected], Tel: 8452404235