Tuesday, August 26, 2014

[Cafe review] Tiong Bahru Bakery

Last weekend, I feel lucky and unlucky the same time :( I used to be Cleo magazine supporter for a long time. And I participated in Cleo shoe drop off event and queued for an hour! 
Finally, when It is my turn and quickly grab a pair of studio tang shoes and rush to check out.. 

Guess what?! I'm not allow to join because I'm not a Singaporean!!!! I was like are you kidding me? I always allow to join all sorts of lucky draw and competition with my valid working pass! It's absurd because it wasn't state clearly inside the event! 

Luckilly there's always good people around me :) there's an angel stand in line in front of me while I was in queue. And I didnt talk to her much just asking her what is her favourite & she is friendly :) at the end we choose the same shoes and she saw that I was Stucked while checking out and asked her friend who is not joining to help me out!

I'm so touched because she is so nice! I always faced this kind of situation and trust me, not much people (especially in Asia) will help out unless there's something they will GET or GAIN while they helped you.

At the end I gave out the only cash voucher I have in my wallet as a token of appreciation of her help :)
Without her help, I will have wasted my one hour plus wait and my trip to bugis.

Later that day, I met with my gf and we visited a Tiong Bahru Cafe, located right besides tang orchard! 

To be honest I'm quite surprised they offered nice bakery and awesome coffee!!! But the place is kinda small so it's great to have small gathering 2-3 person! 


Cappucino -$5.50

My Review:
Taste: 4.5/5
Value for Money: 4/5 (So many bakery for you to choose from)
Deco &Ambience: 3/5 (limited seats)
Service: 4.5/5 
Overall Experience: 4.5/5

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Craftech Printing Services- World class printing services

Hi Peeps,

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Looking for premium-quality personalized gifts? Try U-Designinkz

Hi Cupcakes,

Recently I have been thinking how to plan for my gfs' hens party, because it should be memorable :) And I found U-Designinkz, where I can personalized T-shirts, cap, mugs and even sunglasses.
That's so cool! Meaning that I don't have to worry wearing the same shirt or cap with others especially in Singapore!!! Yoohoo, and the price is affordable. 

Udesigninkzspecialize in making premium-quality personalized gifts ranging from trendy t-shirts to cool watches, snappy sunglasses, funky caps, sophisticated belts, mugs, coasters and much more. You could be your own items designer!!! 

You could give it to your love one,  design for a personal event (birthday/event/activities), or your business! Udesigninkz can turn your creative gift ideas into a reality in a blink of an eye!! While making your online shopping fun and worthwhile. 

I used to custom made my t-shirt when I was in University for my favourite Star-Jang Keun-suk!! LOL, it was so much fun when you wear the shirt out for party :)
The decorative tools is so easy to use and the price is affordable!
And the best part, you could enjoy 
You may email:  [email protected] for any queries, quotes or feedback!

It is a perfect place for us to shop online and the best part you coould have your gift personalized based on your own preference!!!

Udesigninkz take the utmost care while producing the great quality products, using only the best materials.
So not to worry, Udesigninkz team of professionals are experienced and well-versed with the smallest of nuances involved in gift-printing, and will make sure that you have a memorable personalized gift in your hands at the end :]

How do I have my gift personalized with Udesigninkz?

Simply experiment with our easy-to-use decorative tools online and work out different designs, patterns, colors and text on the template, to make your pick, and place your order. Udesigninkz team experts will craft out you personalized product within days, with skilled expertise and finesse alike.


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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Looking for Stylish Maternity Clothes? Here comes Ubermums Maternity!

Recently, I always heard from my pregnant/soon going to be mum complaint about their life, such as they hate their look and miss their before pregnant looks etc.

Yes, it's hard for pregnant woman to look trendy. When the stomach becomes so huge and everything will be too short...all belly... And they always telling me they don't want to go out when they pregnant because they feel the maternity clothes they found in the market is old fashioned and dull looking.

And I found Ubermums Maternity!! You can find stylish maternity wear, nursing wear, lingerieaccessories, body care, baby wear also!


It's so trendy and look even better than my work clothes! 

According to Ubermums Website,Uber means "ultimate" in German and Ubermums represent what women aspire to be: the ultimate multi-tasking, multi-talented wife and mom; whether at home or in the market place. A confident woman, making informed choices and believing the best for her family.

The Ubermums brand is all about stylish and wearable maternity wear and nursing clothes that moms will love. Their DUO range combines maternity apparel with nursing features which makes it a practical and popular choice. Ubermums can help to meet your wardrobe needs. All you need to do is surf the style you love, and Ubermums will deliver them to your doorsteps.

Now under the Sale section, there're few maternity wears such as Turtleneck DUO Top -Start from SGD 29.

Good news for all future moms, from now till 23th August 2014, you may get 20% off with any above $100 purchases at Ubermums!

It's easy to order:
1. Create a new user account.
2. Add the desired item to your cart.
3. Pay via local bank transfers or Paypal.
4. Sit back and wait your items to be delivered to your doorsteps within 3 business days.

There're so many nice reviews for Ubermums:
Ubermums is so sweet that they also consistently update their blog, future moms can find relevant articles and read :)

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

[Cafe Review] Department of Caffeine, Duxton Hill

Hey Peeps,

I want to review a cafe i went during last weekend- Department of Caffeine, Duxton Hill. I took a bus for around 40 mins to arrive. And to be honest, I feel the place is pretty small and you need to be mentally prepared to wait for your seat if you come with friends.

I was the earliest to arrive and I waited for approximately 60-80 mins plus to get a decent table. And it's super hot and they simply do not have a waiting area for the guests :[

So I waited my gfs at the 7eleven nearby- within 2 mins walk :) 

Around 2pm, under the hot sun we stepped into the cafe.

Main course- Roasted chicken with mixed vegetables (SGD 16)

hot chocolate :) (SGD5)

Churros and chocolate with Kahlua Sauce. yum (SGD 12)

The dessert which I came for: Chocolate Waffles with Banana (SGD 22)
All in all, I had too much. The main course is so-so. I feel the chicken is not warm enough to be served,  the waffles is simply bitter to me :(

So probably I will not visit there again because the queue is crazy :(

My Review:

Taste: 3/5
Value for Money: 2/5 (time is money)
Deco & Ambience: 3/5
Service: 3/5 
Overall Experience: 3/5

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Karung-guni.com- Sell and get the best deal for your Hardware & Machinery

Dear readers,
Hola! I came across Karung-Guni.com, I found that you could find the best online classifieds for machinery, industrial equipment and hardware- computers, printer and etc. You could sell your old machine such as printer, paper shredder, furniture, fridge etc for FREE!

At Karung-Guni.com , you can read and find more about everything related to construction, manufacturing and engineering. If you have something new or used that you would like to sell, auction or rent, you could do it here :)! Or, if you are shopping around for quality products to use or sourcing for quality suppliers, here's the right place! Karung-Guni.com include Sodick, Makino, Charmilles, Deckel Maho, Ferdimat, Okamoto, Toko, among many other brands to choose here!

Listing your items on our site is extremely easy and hassle free. Upon completing your registration, you may list up to 50 items for FREE!

Karung-Guni.com is also a community for the manufacturing industry in Singapore and the region. Using the portal and find what you need!  Ranging from office supplies to machinery :)
Karung-guni.com is a website run by The Big Workshop Pte Ltd, based in Singapore. Besides this website, our company provides a range of services ranging from marketing to logistics services. Besides enabling you to list your products here effectively, feel free to inquire with us should you require further services :) they are the experts who are willing to help@
Check this out. Big Paper Shredder for only $50!!!

It's great for small/ new business start-up who do not want to spend lots of money on equipments.

Isn't that great?

I love their website, you could find interesting articles about latest machinery/engineering industry !

What're you waiting for? Start selling your unwanted machinery or furniture today and earn some extra bucks today!

You could recycle the items and earn extra $$ for free. 

Maybe it's time for me to change my PC!

I should start my posting today :)

To get started, sellers:
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2. You can list up to 50 products for free. Simply provide pictures and descriptions of the product you wish to sell.
3.Sit back and Wait for email notices from interested buyers to contact you!

To get started, buyers:
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2. Start searching! You can either browse a category, do quick or advanced search for your selected product or enable auto-search notifications by email. Once it is posted, you will be notified.
3.Contact the seller for more information and grab the deal.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Adpasar- your online pasar in Singapore

Dear readers,

How was your National Day Weekend? I found an exciting website: ADPASAR you could start selling your unwanted or business products for FREE!


Adpasar-"Pasar" is a Malay and Indonesian word literally means "market" or marketplace. Traditionally in Singapore and some neighboring countries, the word "Pasar" is commonly used when referring to wet market where the locals shop for meat, fish, vegetables and fruits etc.

Adpasar will bring great convenience for every single person in Singapore who wishes to find good deals or sell online. If you like to be flexible and deal fast, it is our hope that you will find adpasar the right place for you to shop or make money instantly.

Yes it's absolutely free, compared to Ebay or Qoo10. It's absolutely great for people like me, who don't want to pay the hidden cost or commission just to get listed or sell. Its hard for seller to mark up including the commission or sometimes shipping fee to compete with other sellers..

There're plenty of categories for you to choose.. I found my favorite drama series online:

It's easy to manage your account and its FREE!!

I'm going to start selling my old drama and some old story books :) 

And there're so many interesting books I could try :)

See, its only SGD 4!!!!

What're you waiting for??? Start selling your items and earn money today!
You could find some good items at a very low price!
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Singapore Property Expert- Property Review SIngapore

Dear readers,

Want to find new property to invest?

Want to find a new residential unit?

Check out the Property Review Singapore 

You will find all about Singapore Discussions on Singapore latest property launches, cooling measures and property news all in one website

Reaction GIF: whoa, wow, Scott Caan
I know it's simply not easy to find a good piece of property to invest. But with the right information and right help, you will be able to locate your dream home or land for future development :)

Visit Property Review Singapore for Singapore latest property launches updates, property news and other discussions

It's a Singapore One Stop Portal for Latest Property Launches that covers Residential, Landed, Commercial and Industrial properties. View floor plan, brochure now at http://www.propertyreview.sg/

The website also have plenty of good reviews!!!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Fun outing with my girls-Trickeye Museum & Sentosa

Yes! I finally visited Trickeye Museum Singapore with my love ones.

And I met with my best friend for over 13 years -Shuang and her darling Wea Han for the very first time. They look sweet together and glanced back what we been through, I realized that both of us grown up so fast. I missed the time we both talk loud in class, gossip inside the lab, ask you silly questions about what is my ranking inside your heart blah blah.. Indeed, we grew up and experience new stuffs. But I think everything is unchanged, you're still popular and gentle of course still can pose pretty well :)

My favourite pic of the day
Art of love or our love?

Mermaid in the house :)

Let me give u a hand

Be good and I'm gonna "eat" you

I'm inside a snow globe :)

Practising ballet

Sweet couple


Smile!! BFFS

Finding my balance

I'm cycling on the sky with a pair of wing!
I'm dying :P

haha funny house

Dolphin King and Queen!
Okay we managed to spend one day of quality time but the Sun is melting me :( It's important to wear short pant and short sleeve in Sentosa. You will be sweating like an ice cube. I don't know why the day I feel like my face is wet all the times, and my eyeliner came off with my sweat and when I reached home... I found myself in smoky eye look :[

Terrible.. terrible.. and no one tell me anything. I guess they're simply too nice. But it is sad because I want to look good with my girls :( Of course, it is a great day spent. We had our dinner at the Slappy Cakes at RWS

For your information, they will make a special waffle for a birthday boy or girl - Few days in advance.However, I'm too slow to order that for the birthday boy. The entire experience is great but.. I found it abit pricey. You simply can't get enough by eating a tub (pathetic small) of pancake mix for dinner right? It is maybe sufficient for a kid stomach :[ And it costs about SGD 8 dollars without additional topping.. It's simply not enough, and the add on item are simply little---> enough for maybe two piece of pancakes?


Overall we enjoy it because we manage to practise some drawing.
Happy birthday WeaHan

Siloso beach
My kitty couple!! YUMM My creation!!