Tuesday, October 14, 2014

[Singapore Only] FREE Cetaphil Samples

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Monday, October 13, 2014

[Review] NIVEA Anti-Perspirant Whitening Happy Shave

Hi Readers,

I am always not confident to show underarm because of my dark armpits. I remember using few slices of lemon to apply on my dark area and hope it will whiten that area. But it takes months to see some effect.

I read a lot of articles on how to get rid of dark armpits and it's important that we need to do some whitening routine such as use whitening moisturizer daily. You also need to exfoliate your underarms frequently to reduce the dark melanin accumulate that area.

There are no ugly women, only the lazy ones. But Nivea brings you the Happy Shave, an anti-perspirant that goes beyond the essential to give you fairer, smoother and healthier underarm!

It helps to prevents darkening of underarms caused by hair removal (whitens underarms in just 2 weeks!) with a Smooth finish & stay fresh for 48 hours!

 Anti-Perspirant Whitening Happy Shave $9.10 for 150ml spray

The top 5 benefits:

Anti-Perspirant Whitening Happy Shave contains provitamin B5 & Vitamin C that helps: 
1.Whiten and smooth skin
2. Repair damaged cells
3. Reduce skin irritation from Shaving
4. Support skin regeneration
5. Provide 48 hours protection against body odour and sweat

Provitamin B5 turns into vitamin B5 after penetration into the skin, accelerating skin metabolism, promoting wound healing, supporting formation of new cells, and is deeply moisturising as well. 

Vitamin C protects against free radical damage, 
inhibits melanin formation, and helps to promote 
collagen formation. NIVEA Deodorant Whitening Happy Shave has 95 per cent of vitamin C to repair hair from shaving and plucking! 

In just two weeks, you will see visible whitening on your underarms, with the possibility of skin reactions to shaving greatly reduced, as skin undergoes regeneration and repair. 

NIVEA Deodorant Whitening Happy Shave has a floral, fruity 
scent of green apple, peach, lily of the valley and jasmin
and is available in a roll-on format at an affordable price
of $4.90 for 50ml, and in a spray format for $9.10 for 150ml. 
It is available at Guardian, Watsons, Cold Storage, NTUC 
FairPrice outlets and other major retail stores.

Free Sample: 

Get a FREE sample of NIVEA Happy Shave on SampleStore.com HERE!

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Also you could participate in NIVEA Happy Shave Instagram#NIVEAsg #NIVEADeoSg #HappyShave contest. All you need to do is pose with your signed brochure (you can get it  together with the Sample Store Nivea samples). 

Where to buy
Sold in all leading personal care stores and supermarkets, including Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice outlets and major retailers.

Post by NIVEA.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Etravel Connect-Get the best tour packages from travel agencies in Singapore!

Hi Readers,

Every year I will travel with my family at least once. My parents love to travel with tour group. Usually, I will visit Pre-natas fair (because its free and less crowded) to secure the early bird deal. However, it is a bit difficult because I may need to travel down the tour agencies one by one because the Pre Natas event normally were organized by them. 

Now here's the good news for all of us. 
I found Etravel Connect!

Your one-stop travel portal for Tour Packages & Travel Deals from Singapore

Etravel Connect is a price comparison site for travel packages. It was launched in January 2014 with the aim of making travel planning easier for travelers while providing additional marketing platform for travel agents. 

It is good for us who do not want to take leave on weekdays or travel down to ask for travel packages and pricing. It is always more convenient for us to know which days/weeks you could enjoy the promo rather than sending them an email(sometimes you may need to wait few days to get the response).

Website features:
- currently has more than 2,500 travel packages from 20 different travel agents
- website is designed with travelers in mind ie, clean (no ads), consistent layout (all packages have same look and feel) and website is easy to use!
- allow users to do side-by-side comparison of up to 3 tour packages
- users can now review available travel packages at their fingertips and just call the few travel agents based on the itineraries they like
- for those who are busy, can just fill-out forms related to packages they are interested in and agents will get back to them instead of user having to call agents
- website has guided tour packages, free & easy, hotels and activities sections
- for hotels and activities, travelers can book online directly 

Let me show you the website:

It is easy. 
1.Simply choose the tour package and you could select your desired destination by regions.
2. You will be able to find the available tour package. 

Or if you bought some of the cheap/budget air tickets, and you want to add some land tour.. you could choose the land tour on the website.

Let say for my case, I bought super cheap air tickets travelling to HK next year March. I could save the hassle of planning my own trip by purchasing the land tour.

Plus you could search for hotel stays at any of your destinations! 

If you are planning to travel to Singapore, you could purchase some Singapore tour at Etravel Connect also!

Hurry! Explore the best deal and plan your next travel with Etravel connect!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Stand to win an Ipad Mini today- Simply by completing an NTU Libraries survey

Dear readers,

I came across NTU Libraries survey & if you are an e-book user for one of the NTU Libraries, you could stand a chance to win an iPad mini with Retina display (Wi-Fi, 16GB), as well as MacDonald’s vouchers by taking the survey below :)

The survey contains only thirteen questions which will take about roughly five minutes to complete. Sounds good? Take it HERE now!


NTU libraries want to understand your needs and expectations on e-books so they can adjust accordingly in order to provide you with highest quality service so you can come back to anytime.

  • Survey is open to NTU staff and students
  • Limited to one survey entry per respondent
  • The winner will be notified by email
  • The survey closed on 31 Oct 2014.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Get a free Sample: Essential Light Finish Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

New Essential has a brand new look with improved formulas. Try the new Light Finish Volumizing which is suitable for combination hair. Now you can target two hair problems of oily roots and dry ends with one product! Get your sample HERE (PC only).

Steps to get them free!

2. Go to HERE
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And wait for your samples delivered to your mailing address*. 

* Only for Singapore mailing addresses only.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#SCARS- Download a FREE copy of #SCARS soundtrack today!

Dear readers, 

#SCARS is NEW South African Teen Adventure Film that talked about four random teenagers are pulled together by fate when they discover the two things they have in common: Superpowers! And one sinister neighborhood mom.

Watch the trailer now:


Vanessa, a manipulative and sickly science-hungry woman discovers a cure in the DNA of Shane,  a young attractive but rebellious teenager and his easily seduced father, Cameron. Her desire to heal her physical condition spawns a secret science procedure that leaves any victim with a mysterious super ability.  

Four random teenagers are pulled together by fate when they discover the one thing they have in common: Superpowers!

Chloe, a soft risk-averse 15 year old girl learns that she can immobilize any form of aggression and at the same time present an answer to her victim’s deepest question.  

After a demoralizing experience at the school dance, Sepo, a fat, insignificant 14 year old Zulu boy notices he has been cursed with invisibility. The hard-ass Ariana is almost raped when she is rescued by her ability to read material history. She escapes by using her attacker’s own knife against him.

Shane did not fall prey under the experimental claws of Vanessa. He was born with the ability to hear other people’s thoughts and the only thing that can free him from the noises in his head is playing on his guitar.

The supernatural plot unfolds in an array of events; Cameron is kidnapped, Chloe sets out to rescue, Fritz, her prince charming, Sepo embraces his new talent and uses his invisibility to overcome rivalry, Ariana is swept into Vanessa’s evil conspiracy, Shane learns to accept the voices in his head as they lead him to his father.

Will these four teenagers use their powers for bad or will they pull together and muster their gifts for the good in order to save their town and cease Vanessa’s unorthodox and sinister science program. 


The goal of every FADCreationS project is to transform culture through uplifting entertainment. #SCARS fulfils that mandate by providing a thought provoking, entertaining film. The result of #SCARS will be creating life-long memorable characters that teens and adults can connect with, relate to, cheer for and learn from.

n addition to creating quality projects, #SCARS are one hundred percent committed to having each and every film generate a healthy profit for our investors.

What's more?
Anyone can go and download a FREE copy of their song from the soundtrack and then become part of #SCARS family!

Post by SCARS.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Finest Sterling Silver Jewelry + Free Shipping Worldwide at JewelryKind.com

Dear Readers,

Always looking for high quality jewelry in Singapore? 

Try JewelryKind.com, a part of ArtInvest Company, specializes in selling high quality jewelry online. Offering exclusive jewelry designs from sterling silver to gold jewelry with diamonds for every occasion, JewelryKind.com provides a wide selection of jewelry to fit every budget and fashion style! Quality jewelry is only part of what JewelryKind offers. 

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The 3rd Planet-The worlds's first interactive 3D travel web site

Hi readers,

Always plan to travel to a new city or new country? Want to do some homework before your real physical visit? Here is your chance to be able view your travel destination in details with the 3rd planet! Imagine embarking on the journey to Mount Everest at the comfort of your home? Experience the wonders of the highest mountain, oldest building and walk through the attractions, buildings and heritage sites as you're there :)! 

3rd Planet logo

The 3rd planet presents you the worlds's first interactive 3D travel web site showing the Wonders of the World to the audience for the first time. 3rd Planet creates interactive 3-dimensional replicas of major global tourism locations, complete with sounds and special effects showcasing a realistic environment which the users can interact with before they even visit them. It's so cool right? 

About 3rd Planet

3rd Planet is a 3D online interactive marketing platform for the global tourism industry. It depicts interesting places of the world and help global audience learn about global tourism locations online through a realistic 3D interactive environment.The software is web based and is supported across all major browsers through a small client download and is free for consumers to use. 

It is available at Google Play Store & Apple App store.

Take a look and experience different countries- eg: The Venetian Macau :)

Try the app today and start to experience the wonders around the world :)!!!

Stay tuned, there will be more destinations available. This will be followed by other destinations over the weeks to come, in countries such as China, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Japan, the Philippines and Nepal.    

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Get unlimited fun today with The New York Night Life in New York City!

Hi Readers,

I love everything in NYC- It offers endless entertainment options, from Bar, Night Club, bar, statue f liberty...It's a city that never sleep. New York City also is ranked the most photographed city in the world.  The signature Times Square, is the famous " Crossroads of the world", bridges, skyscrapers, parks....

Now, if you never been to NYC and if you want to save your time. Travel with Experts today!Let "The New York Night Life" guru show you "The City That Never Sleeps"!

About The New York Night Life

With the New York Night Life focus on tourism, our experience in the New York nightlife industry and our expertise in high-end event production, Big Apple is the leading promotional company of choice for New York's fashion and entertainment industries.
Through the New York Night Life collaborations with New York City's finest bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels we bring you the Big Apple's nightlife as those who live there experience it.
The New York Night Life events will take you to places like Lesouk, Kiss and Fly, The Dream Hotels, Pink Elephant, One Oak and many other famous New York landmarks.

The New York Night Life 's goal is to help their guests discover why New York City earned the nickname the "City That Never Sleeps". The New York Night Life  gurus are professional party organizers with many years of experience in making New York City's nightlife accessible to a broader audience.

The New York Night Life staff will drop your ticket at your designated hotel :) It's so convenient for travellers to plan their trip in advance and save time queuing at the ticket booth.

Or experiencing a nice chillax session at the floating bar? No lines, no waiting! Simply LOVELY!
Contact their friendly representatives at email address: [email protected] or chat with them instantly online via http://www.thenewyorknightlife.com/
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Read about their awesome blog reviews from The New York Night Life at HERE!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

[Princess Diaries] Malacca Trip with my Besties

Hi Readers,

Finally I'm gonna talk about my weekend getaway with my besties at September weekend.

First stop, I took a luxurious bus from City Plaza and the entire trip is comfortable. We left around 8:30am and reached around 1pm.

As a Malaysian, I love Malacca. Good food, great shopping area (jonker street), nice location (near port dickson), great views plus great hospital (Mahkota Hospital where I removed my wisdom teeth plus 4 extra teeth).

First stop:

Klebang Original Coconut Milk Shake - Melaka

Address: Jalan Klebang Besar, 75200 Malacca, Melaka, Malaysia
Mon–Thu, Sat–Sun
11:00 AM–6:30 PM

We tried the famous coconut milk share, hmm, the taste is nice and it comes with an ice cream scoop :)

Second Stop:

Nyonya Food at Ole Sayang

Address: Restoran Ole Sayang

198-199 Taman Melaka Raya
75000 Melaka
Tel: 60-6-283 1966 / 60-6-283 4384
Close on Wednesday
Lunch: 11.30am - 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm - 9.30pm

I really love their Sambal Udang Petai. Spicy and richful Sambal made my day! The otak-otak is spicy too! I guess I should eat more spicy food to gain back my unbeatable spicy tolerance. Haha, but after separation with my 麻辣师父-Emily Price, I'm no longer able to eat spicy food that much.

Later we checked in to our hotel.

The Baba House Hotel 
Np 121 - 127 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Jonker, Malacca / Melaka, Malaysia 75200

To be honest, the room is spacious but the bedroom is too old. Haha, I don't know why. I can feel the wood floor is bulging :(

But the restroom is clean and newly renovated. We get free Aik Cheong coffee 3 in one package coffee and free cans of 100 plus.

Argh I totally love Malacca- I missed the slow paced Malaysia. I hate squeezing my butt inside MRT in Singapore. 

And you totally can chillax with friends at Malaysia cafe- enjoy the piece of mind. And of course, I love to catch up with my girlfriends. 

Because we seldom meet up, because of we have our own life, Vivien based in Malacca; Shuang based in BP area, Qiao Fong also work in KL and I only met them once every year.

However, I'm glad that we still play and chat crazily. We reminisced our past together, how we wrote each other letters daily due to our different study hours. How we usually update each other our life, mood, events without the existence of cellphone.

That's us!!!

Me at the Ikan Bakar Stall

Third Stop:

Nadeje Cake Shop

Address:Nadeje Jaya 99
G-01, Bangunan Jaya 99, Block A, Jalan Tun Sri Lanang, 75100 Melaka.
Contact Number : 06-2277750
Website: http://www.nadeje.com.my/Cake.aspx

We ordered so many and we can't finish them all!!! Each slice of cake cost about RM 9.90.

Nadeje Cake shop

Later, we had satay celup :) My first time trying the famous delicacy in Malacca. Initially we wanted to try the most famous- Capitol, however the queue is insane :( There were at least 50 person in front of us. And the shop seat capacity is maybe 25?

So Plan B. We tried the MC Quek! Haha, no queue and the service is quite good. The person even admit to us that they will no throw away the sauce :( I kept remind them people will put in their own saliva when they dipping the sauce. Yucks but Shuang don't believe me haha..

At the end, prove that i'm right!!! LOLX, he said if you want a new one you could purchase the sauce at $19.90. I was like" What??"

You will then reuse the sause we used right?? Ewww, disgusting people! We won't buy that. Haha

The next stop is shopping time,  we walked the entire Jonker street. I bought some amazing snacks, cookies, masks (super cheap), souvenirs etc. And it's super crowded!
Cheese, ladies!
Later that night, we went to Mixx club with Vivien and her bf family.

Totally love the place. It's way better than Singapore Club. Nice DJ and great songs throughout the night. That's how we spent our first night away.

Best picture ever we trying the durian puffs
The second day we started our trip with a lovely breakfast with my girls. Of course its gossip time :)

We walked around Jonker Street and continue our shopping trip.

And tried the chendol @ Jonker 88
Address: 88, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), Malacca

My snapshot
Lovely pic!

Alright that's about it, I enjoy my day with the girls, it's great that we all found our own happiness and is fighting for our future. We are going for a longer trip next year before.. ehem someone getting marry soon!