Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Hi Dearies,

Xmas is around the corner. Here is your free sample for Abbott Family products:


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There are also maternal Nutrition available : http://abbottfamily.com.sg/familycampaign/9c33e92e-db0b-403a-bd71-ae7d7e139130

Child Nutrition

If you have children below 10 years old and would like us to send you milk samples to try, please select the type of milk sample below:
Stage 2 samples will only be sent after your child turns 6 months.
400g tin
Similac Follow-On
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Similac Total Comfort Follow-On
Easy-to-digest formula, designed for complete nutrition with a gentle touch. For babies after 6 months
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Similac Gain
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Similac Gain Kid
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Gain Total Comfort
Easy-to-digest formula, designed for complete nutrition with a gentle touch. For children 1 year onward
36g sachet sample
Grow Preschool
Enhanced with ImmuniGrow for school-going kids 3–6 years old
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Grow School
Enhanced with ImmuniGrow for school-going kids 6–12 years old
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Grow Ready To Drink
Nutritionally enhanced ready-to-drink growing-up milk for active children 3 – 12 years old
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PediaSure Triple Sure
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Friday, December 18, 2015


Dear dearies,

Do you have old people at home who is facing Bladder Weakness?

Here you can get a free sample of Tena

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TENA offers an incomparable protection for bladder weakness. Why not test it for yourself with a free sample pack, mailed to you in a discreet plain package? We will treat your personal data in complete confidence and you will be under no obligation whatsoever.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

[FREE SG SAMPLE]Redeem a FREE Clinicians REM Sleep (20s) Sample!

Dear Readers,

Are you facing insomnia or stress that you can't relax yourself during night time?

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REM Sleep helps achieve and maintain a healthy nights sleep, supporting the process of getting to sleep and staying asleep. It provides the building blocks needed for a good nights rest, with a combination of vitamins and herbs to promote relaxation and a calming effect.

REM Sleep Features

  • Provides essential building blocks for the natural sleep hormone and helps calm and relax
  • Non habit forming
  • May also provide muscle relaxation
  • Suitable for most age groups
  • Long term use does not appear to be associated with side effects

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Perfect Legs Exercise

Hi Dearies,

You deserve to have a perfect leg like the Victoria Secret's Models, All you need to do is follow the following exercise and hang in there for 30-60 seconds for each of the exercises.

The set 1 & 4  of exercises remember to repeat the movements left and right :) 

No pain no gain, let's get it started!

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5


Thursday, December 10, 2015

BFF wedding day at my hometown

Hi Dearies,

Finally I was home for the past week to witness my best friend since 12 wedding. It was touching to see all my old friends. Some we didn't even talked for about 10 years.

I remembered how shy i was when i was in secondary school. Totally ignored guys maybe because of my strict family background. I remembered i was close to one guy when I was around 10 and the guy greeted me and my dad was furious.

So I don't have any guy friends except my two guys friend sat behind me for one year.

But i was surprised how we all changed. I became more sociable and managed to talk to the people i don't even know  haha. 

All my friends become so beautiful and successful in life :)

Glad to see all my friends and their another half! I found that when we getting order we kinda love to drink! We reached the age that when we drink we talk more :) when we young our topics is always about education.

Alright I wish I can go back my hometown more often and take good care of my parents and bp猪肠粉&客家面is still the best in the world! 


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hong Kong Day 3: Australia Dairy Co + HK Ocean Park

Hi Dearies,

Today I am going to continue a #latepost for my HK trip day 3 at Ocean Park. I must say it is a lovely place for family to go together because it is affordable and you definitely cannot finish every attraction at one time.

Australia Dairy Co- 澳洲牛奶公司

A must try local breakfast place!! But I read so many reviews about the bad attitude of the waiters there, guess what? I think they are nice! It is just you must make up your mind what you going to order before you ask them to take order.

They have affordable set breakfast, so without much hesitation, i ordered two set breakfast (32HKD) and share a table with two ladies.

Their scrambled egg is super delicious!MUST TRY

Super crowded. Estimated wait time to get a seat for 2 pax: 20 mins

Happy J

Less sugar tea in HK- I prefer Uncle's tea in Singapore

I tried out their 炖奶Steamed Milk Pudding, I kinda dont like it because it is not sweet enough to me LOL, but it is good!

I also take away their milk bottle. Super refreshing :)

 Next stop, we headed over to ocean Park.

I bought the tickets online via Klook:http://www.klook.com/invite/PEKKJ (get free HKD 25 credit when you sign up using the link above)


Happy US :)

Signature Ocean Park Mascot- Mr Shark

 happy Band welcoming us :)

Okay at first we do not know where to start, I didn't prepare much of the plan. So we basically just take pictures and slowly walk our way in. And we forgot its saturday!!! So many people~~

We started taking pictures and watching some kids show :) and went to the arcade to play some win dolls games! J wants to get me a cookie monster but its hard to get jumbo prize unless we spent at least 300 HKD.

So we played the easiest game and he got me a little duck at only one game-20 HKD.

Haha... happy me :)

Happy us :)

We went to other gardens , find the panda, gold fishes, and many more

And we left our footprint at one of the white boards :)

 Kungfu master

 Then here comes the regret of our trip, we do not know we need to get to another part of the hill by cable car. The waiting time is 3 hours!!!! OMG.. because they allow each family to occupy only one cable car at one time, meaning 2 person 1 cable car, wait till when?????

the trip to arrive the other hill is around 15 mins and wait for the another back is 15 mins...

And it's freaking scary lor// the cable car made funny noises and looks old... I was scared and hugged J throughout the entire journey and we took the train back to the original exit.

One time is enough, I don't have enough bravery to do it again :(

Ok the weather is good and we made it to the top!!!

And we went to the famous dolphin show and I fall asleep haha, i feel the stunt are normal. Bangkok's zoo trained their dolphin to do more stunts.

And we went to find the famous Jelly fish Exhibition, it is normal compared to Singapore River Safari exhibition. Just they played some chinese music haha

funny us hehe

We pledge not to eat shark fin :)

Went to see penguins :) take picture with Mr Seal :)

King Penguin

Queen Penguin

\Finally we backto Mong Kok, and we found MABO, street artist and they are giving out free caricature, we waited for our turn and i put in some Singapore dollars :) 

And we had dinner nearby our hotel. Super big bowl of pork noodles. I still prefer spicy noodles :)