Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dilemma in Life

Hi Dearies,

CNY is around corner. What do you plan this coming holidays?

I had so much going this Jan. Started a part time job to earn some fast cash, attended bff wedding, and figured what is my career job etc and of course the best part is my bff aka Queen Em is coming to visit me and we going to start our first leave the world/life behind trip together after so many year!!! I met EM in 2008 and now it have been 9 years and we never ever travel together!

We are going to start our Asia Tour in Sept 2017!


Back to my life, nothing much happening. Found that my career stagnant at this point of life, not much learning process, pretty much do everything the same every other day :(

I have made up my mind to pursue a more challenging life! Either to start my own business, a more time consuming or bigger modal one :)

Wish me luck and go on pursue your own dream either your career or your life goals!


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Interesting Find:Stainless Steel Potato Masher & Potato Peeler Set you must have :)

Hi Dearies,

I usually shop at Amazon for good product and guess what i found :)

Stainless Steel Potato Masher & Potato Peeler Set

Now cooking is never been that easy.

It made me a potato lover! I can cook mashed potatoes without much hassle :)

Get it here:

  • STRONG & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: 100% stainless steel material. Will never bend, Will never break, We guarantee! Manufactured with detailed attention to the needs and recommendations of our customers, this set is crafted to ensure that you experience absolute ease and high degree of performance while processing your potatoes. The potato masher comes with a strong but comfortable polypropylene handle and a wide mashing plate while the peeler has two ultra sharp multi functional dual Blades

  • VERSATILE & MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Apart from being excellent for potatoes, this amazing kitchen set is also ideal for many other products. The peeler will work great with carrots, cucumbers, apples and mangos. Use one side for peeling while the other is suitable for slicing or shredding into long and short strips. The masher is perfect for avocados, strawberries and bananas, just to name a few. Peel and Mash almost everything!

  • BEAUTIFUL, STRONG, EFFICIENT and EASY TO CLEAN: Both of these tools are made from original 100% stainless steel alloy. You can be rest assured that there is absolutely no need for you to worry about the durability of this product. We promise! In both you have beautiful elements that will look great in your kitchen, but you also have two strong and efficient tools. Both are extremely easy to clean.

  • SAVE TIME: Both of these tools will save you more time than you can imagine. Everyone loves mash potatoes, but if you are the cook at home, you know how difficult it is to make a recipe look and taste great. This set will make you love preparing all kind of potatoes recipes, because it simply makes everything easier.

  • SAVE MONEY: If you use a regular knife or simply, a bad peeler to prepare your potatoes, then you know that a lot is loose in the process. With our potato peeler you will immediately notice the difference! You can significantly reduce the amount of loose potatoes while peeling, which means save money. 

The best part is : it is only USD 9.99 with FREE SHIPPING in USA

The seller VEPREMIUM also have 100% off good plus positive ratings! It is a product you can trust!

Have fun cooking :) and shop the best deal ever


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tired of checking your mailbox everyday? New Revoluntionary ScanMail is here for you!

Hi Dearies,

How is your December treating you?

I had a lot of good foods and growing few pounds in this month.

Here is a good deal! Do you hear about the Singpost Scan Mail?

ScanMail is ideal for businesses or individuals who consider confidentiality and convenience as an utmost priority. 

For mail i always faced issues

  1. Away from home, who pays my bills? 
  2. I misplaced my letter and forgot about it
  3. What if i moved? Will I still get the letter if I forgot to update my address with my insurance, bank, PUB, Singtel etc?
So many tedious things we have to prevent when we are away from home and you get large charges for all the missing bills, letters and we have to set immediate reminders for all the bills once we opened the letter :(

Here comes ScanMail!

With ScanMail, it solved it all. All I need is an account and I direct all my letter to designated SingPost address and wahla~ my mail is all accessible via web portal or mobile apps. I no longer need to open the letter one by one or bring the paper with me~

Plus it is so cool that ScanMail

- will stored up your personal mail for up to 7 years so you can trace back old mails
- You will get a digital storage space that you can customise your own personal folders for storing your personal stuff like receipts, how cool is that?
- You can link up your account to your parents’ accounts to receive their bills digitally so that you can settle their bills for them! Easy Peasy~

How it works?

All you need to do is:Sign up here:
  1. Notify sender
  2. Your mail will be send to ScanMail headquarter and you can check online and received the letter in your address too!~

ScanMail digitises a copy of your physical mail and sends it to your digital mailbox in SAM – the infrastructure is designed with multi-level security to meet the highest industry standards. So you do not have to worry your information leaked out.

All transactions are conducted with bank-grade security and encryption technology, which is PCI
DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant, providing added security for greater peace of mind.

FULL SUITE OF INTEGRATED SERVICES SAM is equipped with value-added features such as smart reminders, payment history tracking and your preferred choice of payment mode.

All processed mail are sealed and stored in a secure facility. With managed door access installed within the premises and the use of 24 hours CCTV surveillance cameras, you can rest assured that your data will be kept confidential.

Special Promo @ only $19.90 per month!