Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to extend my lappie, Sappy life? It's a HP....

Oh well, as you can see from my title, I'm very concerned with my Sappy's health- don't get me wrong, Sappy is my laptop which my sister bought for me in March 2008. And it's getting older and slower! I think I'm good at protecting her from any external forces, however it constantly appear some error messages when I start my window! It sucks and I tried vacuum the machine and made the fan moves efficiently!

As a result, it works! It starts up normally and I can see my Serena! I hate to dump my Sappy because I love her so much! She accompanies me in my entire 31/2 in the states and never abandon me while I always have her on all night to write my term papers! Everytime when I imagine that her life is over, I don't know what will I react. I'll be heartbreaking ba! Probably mourn for her leaving! OMG, I tend to research a lot online on how to extend her life especially a HP! I've to say HP laptop is more vulnerable and problematic compared to other brands. I think the fan inside my Sappy is super small and useless after years of usage.

So I'm doing all my best to save Sappy from dying! Firstly, I dimmed my screen at all time to save her energy and also improved its cooling! And I also use a external cooling pad which I bought ( a taiwanese brand named Thermal master) which is practicable in cooling it I guess, and the worst part-- I reside in Malaysia! Hot weather, huh?~! Remember to Keep it cool, k?

Another mark is that you've to back up your data! I've tons of music, photos, important doc in Sappy which I can't afford losing them! There're memories which you can't buy!So it's great to have an external hard drive by your side and they're inexpensive too!

And I also realize that hibernating your lappie is not a good thing to do! It wastes resources and just save you about 3-5 minutes to start your lappie. But it actually did not shut your computer off! So it's going to be making your lappie sleep without closing their eyes? Isn't that you're racking your lappie?
Man, shut it off! Preserve the energy, so you can use more aircon! LOL

Phew, and another bonus tip will be lowering your graphics use or screen resolution! And make sure you defrag your lappie continuously! I use Advance system care free and its so efficatious! you'll  love it! and it got lots of other function! I've my pal, Ethan who installed it for me while I updated my system years ago!
A brand new HP!

My SAPPY( still in a good condition with my hk stickers on it! isn't it cute n  girly?)
Of course, you gonna make sure you protect your lappie from any other hazards and go easy with your computer demands! Don't switch it on for long hours and play games non-stop! You gonna love her and treat her humanly! I always maintain the cleanliness of my lappie by putting a protective coatings on top  of the keyboard!!It prevents crumbs/dust accumulate the keyboard~ I hate sticky keyboard on public computer! No one cares about the hygiene issue! If I'm typing my essays, and my face gets itchy.... ( scenario- the person who used the comp before me was eating ice cream and the residue from hsi mouth somehow dripped down on the keyboard)- ewwww!!! So cleanliness should be everyone priority if you're a responsible user!

OK la, my best advice is don't always bring your lovey around! Keep them stable and don't shake them on no reason! If you insist to take her out for a walk, use a hard and good quality case to store them! Make sure you store them well, not in a garish way la! Many bag snatchers in the country- they're the worst! And don't drink water near them la! They don't drink! LOLxx
I know people will just say "Go buy a new one la, dud! It's time for a new lappie since you already used it for a long itme!" But there's something money can't compensate! I've feeling with her~ my dear Sappy.(I know there'll be someone agree with me, haha)

I'll end my post here! I'll take good care of my Sappy, how about you?

More Apparels?

Ladies, do you have the same problem I face daily? can't find something to wear for certain occasion--- but look into a packed and jammed wardrobe??? To be honest, I almost have to dig into my pile of clothing to find that one piece of cloth! Am I the only one who is doing that? Haha

Argh, if you currently reside in or close to Batu Pahat, here's the deal! There's a shop at Jln Setia Jaya and everything inside are all RM 10!!! Can you believe that? I was wondering what they're going to profit from that, the apparels are very trendy and some look so Korean!! OMG!

I am such a cheapskate so I won't spend too much money on T-shirts or my tank top! And this is definitely my paradise~ I am going to show you what I bought! Haha, and my friends will never expect it was that cheap! 

Anyways, I planned to go there every week to check out their new items! So cool right? You won't face shortage of cash anymore- --- Don't have to worry that you'll run out of clothing anymore :) Photo will be uploaded soon! 

Ok don't judge a tightwad person, k? I'm just be thrifty, OK ciao~


Friday, September 21, 2012

Facial Tips

Every girl always has their own skin problems and I always have to deal with my black heads and large pores! Can you imagine during the facial treatment, they squeezes my blackheads like there's no tomorrow???!!! AWWW--OUCH!

I was like screaming inside my heart "are you vexing your anger/ stresses on me?" Anyway, it's truly a pain in my ass! And I kept on finding ways to stop this torturing from happening to me. Due to my skin dryness, I didn't get much acnes problem- * thanks God for that*--- for I always hear complaints from my BFFS for their pain experiences! can you imagine someone squeezes your pimples when they're still not ripe! I've my goose bump when I imagined that myself!

So here come the rescues!

1- Drink more water and don't squeeze your pimples!For me, I will sleep in early (best before 11pm) and keep your face clean- means no hand off! and wait till your pimple ripens and then squeeze it gently! After the awful squeeze, make sure you cleanse your face and apply a mask! Mask is a MUST! I applied it as often as I can! I found it will moisturise your skin and make you a radiant queen!

2-If you're short of cash and want to do something in a more economic way---- what I do is I just bought a bottle of pure/ clean bottle of H20 and pour it into a sprayer! so you can spray the mist on your face wherever you go! I love the re freshness!

3- Milk is the best food for your skin! Using raw milk on your skin lightens your skin tone. You can use this remedy on your babies also to get a fairer skin! Although its abit expensive!

4-Lemon is a good bleaching agent, and it is very helpful in ironing out the blemishes of the face. Try this home remedy for getting fair skin at home, but i never try it be4. I love lemon juice! Probably my skin will love it too?!!!

Oh well, there're too much remedies online and I really can't finish reading those! I guess we need to be diligent in maintaining our FACES by applying sunblock/UV screen everyday and cleanse our skin all the times! 

Happy facial and love you all!xxx

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer again!

It's June for 2012, have you thought of what did/ didn't you achieve this year?
---- too much fail to achieve? Haha, you still have the 6 months left to accomplish it in time!

In this year, I've plenty of time to rejuvenate and plan for my own career! I realized there're too much of things that I couldn't manage to handle ~

And life continues.... few of my best friends married their love ones and started their family! I feel that I'm getting old! And we need to work harder before we lost our young heart!

1. read more books! Gain more knowledge!
2.Exercise with persistence
3. eat more consciously, organic food n vege
4. keep your face, body n hair clean n healthy! Keep laziness away!
5. Socialize, make more friends! Build a international social circle
6. don't lose your dream! Find them and make them possible!
7. Treat your family nicer, and spend time with them
8. the most important part of your life, ENJOY LIFE~
 Thus, I got to lose my weight to my target-----before I'm old and can't wear those nice clothes!

 this is my slender friend who never have to worry abt her weight *how lucky she's*

I'm doing this everyday~ hopefully I can see some results soon! I'm in need of a job and freedom~ I need to be strong now! OMG, I need freedom to do what I wanna do~!~~~~~ do it now! do it now!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hot weather

Hey Peeps,

Wooa,lets do a bit of updates@ 

I am deeply in love with sina weibo! I need to dye my hair, here is some nice hairstyle tht i picked! Anyways, it important for girls to do makeup and skin facial to maintain your outer beauty!coz most guys are superficial :[

 Family picture

Its been a while since I last update my blog! I've been spending most of my time reading short stories... of course love story i mean! I figured some of the stories are very touching and I guess i will never be able to be so sentimental in writing those touching moments.