Monday, August 23, 2010


Can you believe that there is a steamboat buffet in Boston~~ with only 14.95 per person ??

Haha, it was the best meal ever!!! I can't imagine how full i was when i walked out that restaurant :(

I can say i need to work real hard for my gym classes again this coming week !

太开心了,老萧进步了!!~~蕭敬騰的萧敬腾的洛克先生演唱會live紀實DVD-愛的抱抱NOBODY [v]音樂這個讚

Haha, can't imagine this is JAM!!!

Now, he can dance freely and not stage fright anymore XDXD

Sunday, August 22, 2010

分手說愛你 (原裝預告) Break Up Club (Originial Trailer)

Seem like a good movie to watch. This week is great because of the restaurants week for boston. I went to some high class/ pricey/ famous restaurants for dinner!!

It is a great deal to have 3 courses meal for $33,10 in any of the restaurant. Haha.

I also tried one of the seafood hotpot buffet today!! it was so worth it but i don't feel that well after eating that much XD

super excited for the rest of the meals XD


Canada, i am going to visit u one day, real SOON XD

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

再没有那样的人了 李承哲 MV (韓語中字) 比悲傷更悲傷的故事

He is sooo cute!!!!OMG, unfortunately he is married!! I wish i was born a few more years earlier XD

But the story is so sad!! I guess it is important for us to stay healthy and not cry that much :)

When u r always depressed, sad, stressed: I bet .... the chances u will get cancer will increase XD

So better wake up earlier and sleep earlier! No more all-nighter.

And most importantly, eat healthier!!! eat more fruits and veggies. Less fried chicken and fast food!!
*also, stop consume high preservation ham, hot dogs, and those frozen food! I don't understand why Americans can eat those without gaining any weight?

Aiz, that's why we can see more americans in gym compare to Asians!! Hiaks.

Most important, try to exercise everyday. Small action can help u to be more healthy!

I took lots of fun gym classes in Boston using my sister's pass. It was so much fun. I love to sweat now :)

I used to think i am always in a good shape and never think of shaking my butt at all!

But i just realized how wrong i am :(((( AWWWW!!! When i saw those people that pay 70+ USD per month to exercise, I realized how FAT i am ....

I admired the way they persevere and always want to improve their workout!! I love the body defined and body pump classes!! The trainers are so energetic and want us to work our hardest!

I love the way they tried to teach us using their body language!! LOL.

I am going to keep it up! approaching my goal! I have to do it and i AM going to MAKE IT!


Okie, too much updates! LOL. Work out work out ... and of course live my life to the fullest.
Time passed and we have to move on!

I am going to keep my passion and spread out the love !

Love Alien Huang !!! His music is driving me crazy (in a good way!) haha, i have to set his song in repeat mode everyday when i am going to work out whole day!
Nah, started to missing my BFFS in high school and college :) But distances set us apart, i miss u so much HO NAI SUAN and why don't u get a Facebook so i can get your updates!
Ahhh, i am such a bad friend ( we didn't see each other for 3 years straight!!!) Ah, i still remember how we shared our sorrow and joys together *we even wrote each other letters everyday* How silly we was that time !! I still keep those letters in my room.

I guess you will not see this! :( Aiz, we all have to do what we have to do! I bet next time when we meet up, we are not going to separate that easy :)


Next big thing,

MY BFFS FOR 11 1/2 YEARS, Ching Ching Siah graduated from her university and got a nice job in Malaysia !!! I am so proud to see her getting her degree and share her glory with her family! Aww, too bad i wasn't there for her ! But, I am always stand behind you !

And also, Pei Ying, my another BFF in SMKA, graduated from her uni also. Aww, too bad i have to stay in US or i can attend both of my BFFS convocation. Kinda impressed with their nice graduation picture, i wondered who will be by my side that time. LOL. I guess maybe just a few Best Friends !