Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!

Today is the 七夕, the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. Where is my cowherd???

The long weekend is over :( I managed to go for gym and spent some time w my parents. 

I managed to grab some new jackets from Isetan Clearance sale. Super cheap at Parkway Parade. 


Absolutely sweet and girlish! It matches my nail color too :) 

Besides, I started to jog on a track mill recently... and i am trying hard.... haha.. can jog approximately 15 mins per day before my normal gym class.

Gonna continue working hard to lose weight.

Recently I read many horror accidents in singapore, I guess its never safe for you even you stop at the roadside or get down the car. The best way is to avoid standing at road side and quickly seek help once your car broke down. Never wait at the roadside hopelessly.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Nails and Spa

Hey there! 

Weekend is over :( But I managed to spend some time for a spa session :) This is my very first experience having a full body massage and manicure. Thanks to my sis and mother :)

Overall it was great la. I didnt even know gelish manicure is so cool! Long lasting and no chipped nail anymore. I can wash hair/clothes/gym/eat with my fingers! No need to worry i might swallow the chemicals or the weird nail colors ! Geez, but it is not cheap though. I wish I can learn the manicure n pedicure myself :) Another way for fast money :) Just a 5 mins work, they earned my $15 bucks.

Anyways, a new experience-.-



Plus, i went to sing k with my gf. And i discovered her little secret. As i am not very pleased with that. I guess friendship needs more trust to keep it long lasting. I always too easily to trust others and spurt my true feeling too easily. Haiz, what to do. Each person has different character and behaviour. 


Te Deng, our lunch set. Looks nice but cold. I cant imagine i finished the cold chicken satays :( And we went to Kbox @ Marina Square- $10++ per person includes one drink and one lunch set. 

Overall, I feel that my singing skill improves! Haha, I guess my workout helped me build stamina :)  But i wanna look slimmer!! I hate my big bone frame~


Friday, August 2, 2013


Oh Dear, it's friday today. I feel my energy is low -.- I need extra boost :)

Yesterday I attended the body combat aka kickboxing class, high impact and high intensity -.-|||But I did sweat a lot :) The mostly kicking and punching will make you exhausted because you keep repeating the same move and jumping here and there :) I feel my stamina is getting better & better :)

And, I drank this :P... Energy shot, but it tastes awful though.



Okay, its gonna to be a great weekend ahead for me :) Karaoke session and food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dear All

Okay, today is 1/8/13. Happy August everyone. It means the 2013 is coming to the end soon :( Anyways, just wanna say HI, and love you all! Please drink more water under the hot weather :)