Monday, September 28, 2009


Teng de leng te leng.........

After a month of long waiting, i finally got this book!!!!!! From Jason syu!!!! Thanks u dude!!!
Haha, i finished reading it at 4am this morning and the ending did not satisfy me tht much as the drama did!!!

But i have a super HUGE poster !!!! From the publisher!! Nice nice nice!!!

Spotted: A lots of BuCKEYES including me and Qiu Meng went to SBX spent over 4 hundreds bucks !!! I hate it !!

Time for new Books !!! actually those are used books!!! I couldn't understand why the books can be as expensive as the new books. I guess probably they just too desperate for money and willing to con student money!!!!

Tips: Buy the book online or use other websites for free books and make sure u really need the book, check on craglist for cheaps book!!!