Friday, December 16, 2016

Who is your best friend?

Hi Dearies,

I am super busy this December 2016.

And I think a lot for my 2017, how would it be?

I also have to think who is my best friend? Is it somebody always spend time with you or people who you do not meet her a lot, but she always think about u?

Leave your comment and share with me your best friend story. I would love to listen your story.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Leave your new home in good hands : DO a Home inspection with Beta Force Engineering Pte Ltd Today!

Hi Future home owners and home owners in Singapore,

Are you planning for your home or is getting your BTO key soon?

Do you know how annoying if you find defects at your home after you moved in and you will need to spend time to fix it or don't know it is going to create future problems for you such as missing door stopper for the bomb shelter door or water leakage?

Beta Force Engineering Pte Ltd does home inspections for home owners be it new or old HDB/ Condo/ private properties in Singapore so it save you from facing main issues in future.

Some of the checks that they will do in our inspections include:

Carpentry/ Architectual (Finishing works)
- Joints of cabinets
- Cracks
- Hollow/ chipped tiles
- Leveling of the carpentry
- Potential water ponding areas espcially the toilet floor to floor trap area

- As built
- Breaker testing
- Socket testing. Ensure live, neutral and earth cables are connected correctly
- Check for proper earthing

- As-built
- Leaks from pipes and cause the water pressure to be low
- Damaged pipes or corrossion and cause water damage to walls

By having a professional home inspection, new BTO home owners can save thousands of dollars in repair fees as the defects found will be resolved by the developers during the Defects Liability Period (DLP).

Opening promo ongoing now from $200.

You may contact Beta Force Engineering Pte Ltd at +65 8230 8694 for appointments and pricing