Friday, January 28, 2011

Hyori madness

i love my hair !
Hey pals, finally i am done with the midterms and it'd been a long week for me :)

I finally have a time to upload my new picture...

Recently, I read the rich dad and poor dad series and it made me determine to be a good investor. I am totally empowered with the writer and his advices to not be afraid to step out. Only a brave and risk taker can create their destiny!

I bought a new glasses that resembles the glasses that Hyori wore in the MTV " don't love her"

Isn't she cute :)
I will give an update when i received my new glossy black glasses.
Okie, work hard for money and eat less!!!!

Lost 20 LBS

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Money Maker

Oh gosh!! I hate winter for several reasons.
~Firstly, it is super expensive for the utilities such as gas and electricity. We have to pay $70+ electricity for last month, holy crap!
~Besides, we have to wear a lot no matter when we go!!! Otherwise you can't feel your body anymore bcoz of the numbness!
~ Due to the coldness i ate a lot than before. It means my intake for calories increase tremendously without i even notice it.

I need to make lots of money, because i realized i am such a spender.

I was so shocked when i was doing my spreadsheet for these last couple months! It was so annoying that i spent so much in December on food and fashion shopping. Although it might not be a huge amount of money compared to my other friends, it still hurt!!!

I need to be really really thrifty in the rest of the months in US! This is my new year resolution because i still want to buy a new lappie for my dad XD


Therefore we all need to be money wise and be the money maker 1st before u know how to spend all your money away XD

Important: stay warm and be effective in life !
  • Friday, January 21, 2011

    Welcome to 2011

    Okie, it has been a long time I did not log in to my blogspot account... It's been a great 2010 for me because I tried new stuffs and have earned some new experiences including some fun trips together with my friends.

    It was a blessed year that i met new friends and joined Aiesec for a couple months. However, i decided not to attend the meeting anymore :( not becoz I am a lazy person, it is just not suitable for a non party girl like me * actually, it is a great experience to meet yu hui, qiji and lots of fun and happening friends*!!! Maybe i am just not ready to get involve in too much party events.

    Woo, it is 2011 !! I am so happy i survived 2010. This year, i decided to delay my graduation to Spring to declare another English minor. Phew, I still desire a Professional Writing minor. ( too bad i do not have enough time for that). I hope I can attend lectures from my Mr. Nice professor Michael Harker ( He is the best lecturer ever, sweet, nice and charming!)

    I dyed my hair to Dark Auburn Brown, credit to my Pro Hair stylist------ Emily Price~ Muaks.
    Thanks to her patience, I have new hair color :) although it is not obvious due to my healthy natural black hair :)

    New year Resolutions:
    1. Moving forward to reach my goal -----> my Goddess: Lee Hyori
    2. Stay Healthy and lose weight :) ( Phew, i am such a slacker! Salad salad)
    3. No facebook, more book reading!
    4. Improve my math ( OMG!!! )
    5. Korean( Yes Yes Yes Pe-Go-Pak)
    6. Update my Fashion Sense ( XXXX)
    7. Learn how to drive and get a job( $$$$$$$$$$$$)
    8. Treat myself better Deeeee


    move on!!! Stay tunes for my latest news