Friday, December 27, 2013

Last Friday of the Year

Hello peeps!!! It's the last friday of the year.. Can't believe the time flies and i didn't manage to lose 5kg..sigh..But I'm glad I met some awesome people in this year!

Never realized that it's hard to make friends when coming to work in the society. I miss my uni life a lot!






I had an awesome celebration Wynne girlfriends! Although we also met once in a year we had a great feast at house of steamboat and gift exchanging party!!This year we did something special. We need to wrap one good product and one "bad" gift- which may be your unused/unnecessary stuffs that may be useful for others.

Because i'm the most punctual girl on the day, I can choose the gift first. And I am not lucky because I always chose the bad gifts. At the end, person with two bad gifts is allows to choose her gifts again from the luckiest person lol. Glad that I managed to exchange my "地狱” to a "天堂” which is a sleeping mask haha... I received all whitening products/skin care ;) And the "Bad gift" i thought is cotton pad, turned out to be a baby napkin haha.

Besides I also received a box of Forerro Rocher from J family ;) I love chocolate but I can't eat much;)

Did you receive any fun/ interesting gifts? Share your story with me.





Thursday, December 19, 2013

Month December

Alright, it's near the end of the month.
This year lots of good and bad things happened. I need have to thanks God because He makes me meet all the nice, friendly and amazing people around me.
When i first came to Singapore, i was all alone. BFFs are all in United States and Malaysia. Distance does make a big difference. Its hard to maintain close friendship when we possibly won't see each other in future. But i am glad some still make the efforts to send me festive greetings and warm regards.
In the past, i never really have to worry to be alone. I always have friends. But now i begin to worry. What if no one is here for me anymore? No one to lean on, no one to share my inner thoughts... It's scary. I couldn't imagine that. However, it's kinda hard to me to make new friends. I'm glad that my office colleagues are all nice to me :)

I watched the movie "Frozen" yesterday with J. And the movie is.... not as awesome as the other disney movies. But little princess Anna, haha, she shares the same personality with me i felt. LOL. Talkative yet funny lol.

J with the Olaf, the snowman :)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

X'mas is coming

X'mas is coming

I took this picture inside a X'mas tree with J at Cathay. We chose a cute theme!!