Monday, December 29, 2014

Fonder's Singapore- Start earn commission today!

Dear Readers,

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"Fonder Fans Reward System"
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Different from most of affiliate programs where you are rewarded from a referral purchase only once. At Fonder, we continue to share the profit with you from a single referred user until it reached the maximum cap of $100.
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A) from account
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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

[Review] MU MIEUX Collagen Beauty Drink, A Bottle A Day For Youthful &Supple Skin!

Hi Readers,

Do you know that collagen is the most abundant protein in our human body. It helps us to maintain the structure and density of our skin. 

Collagen proteins derived from fish contain high amounts of amino acides and peptides directly involved in the formation of collagen and elastin. And our skin is gradually loses the ability to regenerate naturally and produces less collagen in our mid 30s :(

Therefore, if we do not try to replenish our body collagen, we will lose the skin firmness and wrinkles will appear subsequently.

When should we start to take collagen?
Collagen and elastin production will slow down at around age 25. When we reach age 40, we would have lost about 25% of our optimum collagen level.  When we start eatly we would have slow down the depletion process :)

It contains BHN collagen which shows better absorption among collagens with same molecular weight. Also COQ10, ceramide and vitamin C &E arer added to the formulation for enhanced skin hydration, elasticity and luminosity.

What is the daily dosage?
It is recommended for each user to consume 1 bottle (50ml) per day. Excess collagen consumed will not be absorbed. So it's a waste for collagen.

When to see the actual result?
It is reported customers will be able to see more hydrated and supple skin in about 203 weeks time. The result differ based on individual body condition and lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or bad sleeping behavior.

It is a revolutionary new line of nutrition dietary supplements brought to you by MU.Many of us today are often unable to obtain all aspects of our nutritional requirements based on our day-to-day dietary intakes.

Living in today’s modern society, we are also exposed daily to high levels of electro-magnetic waves from electronic gadgets and equipment that we use on a daily basis; this on-going exposure to environmental free radicals and the consumption of processed, genetically-modified foods creates imbalance within our body which can result in long-term detrimental effects on our health and overall well-being.

The MU Nutrition+ range of supplements is designed to address common concerns such as:

- Pre-mature ageing due to loss of collagen and key vitamins for skin and organs

- Improve body’s detoxification abilities

- Enhance gastro-intestinal health by introducing beneficent bacteria (Probiotics)

- Improve overall metabolism and blood circulation
- Block/displace excess fat, sugars and carbohydrates consumed through daily diet
- Enhance overall organ functions
- Increase energy levels and vitality
- Improve immunity

Thank you for spending your time to reading the post!! Now let me share with you a good news!!

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*Complimentary Collagen Face Spa while stocks last.

Happy Facial and love yourself more :) go be beautiful!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Hampers:Get 5% OFF when you order from

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the way :)

X'mas is around the corner.. Are you busy wrapping up the gifts and preparing surprise for your friends and family members?

What is the first item you think you will give?

For business, you will definitely give a Christmas hamper...
Treat someone to a sweet Christmas they will remember. Share it with your loved ones, friends or business partners. Cherish your time and share your joy with them!

Let me introduce you a good deal.

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Fabulous surprise

Garden Harvest
Supreme Reign

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Chameleon Script: PHP dating and social networking software for your next website

Hi Readers,

Interested in starting a new dating and social networking website to generate more traffic and earn more revenue by offering membership or advertisements?

Chameleon is your best choice!

Chameleon script is a dating and social networking software script for creating dating websites and social networks and being developed by Websplosion LTD since 2005. 

If you want to start a dating website as a new business or build a social network for your institution you can use Chameleon. No other dating software or social networking script provides this number of unique features which, by the way, can be switched on and off to create a unique dating or social networking website (that is why the software is called Chameleon., you create your own combination of dating and social networking features). 

If you want to start a website all you need to do is to purchase Chameleon. Core which is the engine of the website and a template, like Chameleon.Oryx or Chameleon.Urban, for example. Templates differ in their design and dating or social networking "flavor". Chameleon templates are interchangeable. Also you can edit the design and the software itself, as it comes to you as an open PHP source. Mobile apps for iOS and Android can be added as well, making Chameleon Script the best choice if you want a complete infrastructure for your dating or social networking project. A lot of positive Chameleon  clients reviews which you can find on the internet can not be wrong! Try Chameleon today and start your website.

The best part of Chamelon:

  • Fully customizable

  • You can change the feature set you will use on your site to make a unique webiste. You will have a website with the features YOU choose

  • Quick and easy
        • You download it within minutes after the purchase and can immediately install it. If yoг want us to install it we do it for free within 24 hours from the purchase
    Chameleon.Oryx-You can use Chameleon.Oryx when you want to create a social networking or a dating website, or a hibrid of both. You can also use it to create any other type of websites: a video sharing one, a music sharing website, etc.

    2. Chameleon.NewAge- You can use NewAge when you want to create a social networking or a dating website, or a hibrid of both. You can also use it to create any other type of websites: a video sharing one, a music sharing website, etc.

    3.Chameleon.MIXER!!-You can use MIXER when you want to create a social networking or a dating website, or a hibrid of both. You can also use it to create any other type of websites: a video sharing one, a music sharing website, etc.

    4.Chameleon.White Mobile-A simple theme to be used on a dating or social networking website. It has all the basic features of any membership website.

    Get a free demo HERE!
    If you have any question, you could email it [email protected]

    Buy Chameleon: get the Core, a Template, and the FREE Hosting start from only USD 97~

    Saturday, December 20, 2014

    Happy Hours SG- Find your favourite night spot and restaurant of your choice!

    Hi Readers,

    Recently I discovered an very interesting app :) Happy Hours SG!!!

    An App that could help you to find your most desirable night spot to spend your night :)
    Find where to spend your happy hour from our EXTENSIVE LIST OF OVER 500 OF THE BEST BARS & RESTAURANTS IN SINGAPORE!

    Currently it is only available in Android version. So good newsa if you are an Android user.

    Get DIRECTIONS, OPENING HOURS, PHOTOS and even the BEST HAPPY HOUR PROMOS IN SINGAPORE! - all the info that you need!
    (Great Feature!)BAR HOP with Happy Hours SG  and it will take you to a MAP TOUR of the bars 
    nearest to you or your preferred location!
    Or perhaps you fancy Wine? Beer? Rooftop view? Waterfront view? Whatever it is, the app will find your HAPPY HOUR for you!
    No matter if you are from Singapore, an expat living in Singapore or just visiting. Happy Hours SG can help you find the best bars and restaurants in the city~~~

    Key in the keywords in Playstore: Happy Hour Singapore App

    Let me take your to a tour of the app:

    1. Choose the location or your favorite drink you like to have today.

    Happy Hour SG - The Best Bars - screenshot
    2. Choose from the list of the results that matches your selection.
    3. Read about their location, bar description and even Happy Hours Deal!!!
    4. Get directions and even can shortlist it for future reference :)

    5. You could also simply use your location to find the nearest bars to you. 
    I love the app. It is easy to use and I could find amazing deals near me without surfing each and individual specific bars website :) I guess my gfs will love it too. Use it and call to book a table for your ladies nights or bar hangouts and sit back to relax your night :)

    If you love the app, you could visit their blog HERE!

    Friday, December 19, 2014

    The revolutionary solution for eyebags and wrinkles- Instantly Ageless

    Hi Dearies,

    Do you have eye bags problems? Or wanna get rid of visible fine lines?

    I desperately need it. I always sit inside office, and facing a dry skin issues. When your skin is dry and you do not use effective moisturizer or steps to r-hydrate your skin, fine lines or wrinkles will appear.

    And it will not disappear easily.

    If you are facing wrinkles/ fine line problems, you should try Instantly Ageless!

    Instantly Ageless is a powerful anti-wrinkle microcream that works quickly and effectively to diminish the visible signs of aging. The revolutionary ingredient is argireline: a peptide that works like botox—without the needles. Instantly Ageless™ revives the skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and pores for a flawless finish.
    SIZE: 15 mL, 25 vials per box, per box cost is only USD$35!!!

    Meticulously developed, our formula is lightweight and contains a skin-conditioning complex of minerals that evens skin tone. The revolutionary ingredient is argireline: a peptide that works like botox—without the needles. It immediately dissolves into the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It is specifically designed to target areas which have lost elasticity—revealing visibly toned, lifted skin.

    - Visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    - Erases the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes
    - Minimizes the appearance of pores
    - Helps to even skin texture
    - Mattes skin for a flawless finish
    - Restores skin to optimum appearance

    Here are some customer testimonials:

    Watch the video yourself:

     It works for guys too!!!

    Can't wait to try it yourself?

    Place your order now at Instantly Ageless and try it out to avoid disappointment! 
    Instantly Ageless ship internationally! Limited stocks available, so place your order now!

    Each INSTANTLY AGELESS box contains 25 vials of microcream.
    Each vial can be used approximately 4 times on the eye area.

    Cost per box of INSTANTLY AGELESS:
    - Non-Member: US$ 64.95
    - Member: US$ 34.95 (Membership costs US$ 49.95. With a membership, you can purchase INSTANTLY AGELESS and other products at Member rates, which are at least 30% cheaper than Non-Member rates.)

    Simply Facebook PM  Eyebag No More in 60 second, or contact [email protected] or cqll +65 9763 6415 to order or enquiry now! International orders welcomed.

    Wanna witness the miravle of Instantly Ageless yourseld?

    Booth will be held at Singapore, Bedok Mall Basement 2 outside NTUC Finest for 2 days! Come see and testify for yourself the amazing Instantly Ageless from 20th December 2014 to 21st December 2014. ]

    Post by Eyebag No More in 60 seconds.

    Sunday, December 14, 2014

    Earn Full Time Income On The Internet Making Cash In Ringgit Malaysia

    Dear friend,

    Are u currently working hard for your future to get more money? 


    If you are interested in finding more cash and want to stop working full time? Here is a fantastic opportunity for you! Only in Singapore and Malaysia and it is simple! 

    Click to know more now. 

    Read the successful stories below:

    Get the "My Secret Internet Formula: How To Create Non-Stop Ringgit Into YOUR Bank Account Automatically & Immediately The Char Kuey Teow Style!" if you are interested in learning making money online.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact 
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    Disclamer: I personally never try the above money making method before and cannot guarantee its result. Please read the details and find out more yourself :)

    Saturday, December 13, 2014

    Get promotional printed mugs via at wholesale price!

    Hi Reader,

    Are you always finding corporate gifts or personalized gifts for your company/friends as a gift?

    I personally love Mugs or water bottles. It is colorful, you could print your company logo or put company information inside. Custom printed mugs make useful promotional products, for practically any events like fundraising, annual dinner door gifts, competition, sport day and corporate gift for clients. Promotional mugs are considered cost effective and universal accepted as efficient promotional item. It is practical in life and has high retention value to the receivers.

    Try! They are specialized in making promotional mug with personalized logo printing.

 is a Malaysia leading supplier and drinkware together with promotional mugs with personalized logo printing.

    Their products are ready stock and suitable to be given out as corporate gifts. They also have one of the Malaysia largest ranges of drinkware including thermo mugthermo flask, vacuum flask, sport bottle, BPA free plastic bottle, coffee mugs, ceramic mug, colour glass mugs, water tumblers, travel thermo flask set and lunch box. also offers 2 kinds of advaced mug printing. The first one is Pad PrintingDye Sublimation Printing.

    Pad printing
    Pad printing on mug

    Pad printing is the most economical branding method for mugs and bottles for small scale printing. It uses a machine with a small sponge/foam with crafted logo and transfer the inked logo to the object. It can be printed with 4 solid colors with no color gradient. The printing output is sharp and the color is vivid. The drawback of this method is the printing is suitable for small area logo and wordings only as the printing dimension for this method is limited.

    Dye Sublimation Printing on Ceramic mugs

    Dye sublimation full color printing

    This is a newer technology which is very suitable for photos or logo with gradient colors. The image will be printed on a sublimation paper with a printer with special sublimation ink. The printed sublimation paper will be wrapped around the ceramic mugs with heat resistant tape on the intended printed area. The ceramic mugs will be clamped onto a heating machine. The high heat produced by the machine will transfer the image onto the ceramic mugs. The advantage of this method is it can be printed with low quantity as it do not required to construct the film/block for printing purpose. You may refer this video to understand more the process.
     Printed mug as door gifts
    If you have limited budget, probably you could consider:

    Plastic Mugs: These are the cheapest variety of all, and come in a huge range of attractive colours that can surely catch the eye of potential customers to your company logo printer over it. Moreover, they are highly durable and do not break easily. Those individuals who are conscious about the environment can go for recycled plastic mugs that are available in same range of colours, but with slightly higher price.

    The popular mugs option will be:

    Ceramic Mugs: There’s no doubt that these are the highly popular variety of mugs and have become the first choice for most of the company campaigns. They come in different shades and glazes, including metal shades too. Moreover, one can get these mugs finished in such a way that their colour matches with Pantone references and reflect the overall identity of the company. One of the latest printing techniques known as “dye sublimation” has made it possible to print a 4 colours photographic picture that can be fully wrapped around a mug. Moreover, with the help of new “etching” technique, the design can be sandblasted right through the glaze to create spectacular effect that catches the eye of viewer.

    Contact today~
    Mug supplier company logo

    YV Marketing
    29, Jalan DU1/2,
    Taman Damai Utama,
    Bandar Kinrara,
    47180 Puchong, Selangor

    Tel : 03-80703828
    Fax : 03-80706828
    Operating Hours : 9.00a.m to 5.30pm (Monday to Friday)
    Contact Person : Mr Glovis Yan(012-3772774), Miss Shayne Yong(012-2011341) is the sub-website of YV Marketing in the division of promotional drink ware.  focuses on supplying quality and variety products with competitive pricing  has in house printing facility that will ensure best printing quality with timely delivery   have 10 years of experience in dealing with premium corporate gifts.

    Monday, December 8, 2014

    [Review] ClearSK® Aqua Acne Clear Renewal Facial

    Hi Lovelies,

    I always face the problem of acne. And I don't know why, it is hard for me to recover from acne breakout. I will definitely get some marks left on my face even I don't touch it :( Normally I use CC cream to cover it and use some acne cream to treat them well.

    Acne can be affected by the menstrual cycle, anxiety and stress, hot and humid climates, oil based makeup, greasy hair and pimple squeezing.

    However, it still can't completely remove the scars at all.

    But I recently tried out the Clear SK- ClearSK® Aqua Acne Clear Renewal Facial :)

    Founded in 2008, ClearSK's mission is to be the trusted partner to our clients in their pursuit of beauty and wellness, using medical technology to make our clients look as good as they
    feel at any age.

    ClearSK is a one-stop provider of expert-guided mediaesthetics
    solutions for the face and body, using medical technologies designed and tested by medi-aesthetics experts. ClearSK has a wide selection of medi-skincare and medi-slimming treatments that are personalised and prescribed by aesthetics experts to custom-fit the unique make-up of the individual's skin and body.

    ClearSK is conveniently located in 12 outlets island-wide (Novena Medical Center, Velocity, Orchard, Toa Payoh, Tampines, Jurong East and other upcoming 6 outlets)

    ClearSK offers every client a holistic non-invasive treatment program at reasonable prices, combining high-tech facials and medi-slimming treatments based on innovations in cosmetic lasers, focused energy, and medical grade skincare ingredients. Let the team of lady medi-aesthetics experts help you achieve your aspirations in skin and body wellness.

    ClearSK® Aqua Acne Clear Renewal Facial

    • Get rid of dead skins, maintenance of acne prone or combination skin, correction of acne marks/scars, reducing fine lines
    • Balance the uneven skin tone 

    Take a look at my face before the treatment. My acne scars are very obvious and hard to conceal.

     My left face
     My right face
    Convenient closet for you to put your belonging :)

    It is a 3 steps procedure starting with:

    1. Diamond Microdermabrasion which is in clinical grade diamond chips that will helps to exfoliate the superficial layer of the skin. 

    2. Followed by Aqua Exfoliation, this will depend on each individual skin types. The treatment deep cleanses and helps to remove the oil clogs.

    3.Final touch is what we called “hydration infusion” which prevent over stimulation and dry skin. 

    First Session: Novena- Velocity

    The treatment basically consists of cleansing the face,diamond microdermabrasion, lactic acid peel and vitamin infusion. Microdermbrasion will exfoliate the skin & get rids of blackheads and white heads. The lactic acid will lighten the skin & vitamin infusion to hydrate the skin.

    Throughout the facial, the therapist will first cleanse the face and starts the diamond microdermabrasion using a device with a suction effect. The procedure is comfortable and it will suck slowly over my neck & face. There is no irritable feeling on my neck and face. The therapist always consult my feeling before any treatment.

    Later the therapist will change to a smaller head on the device to focus on my eyes and nose area.

    After the diamond microdermabrasion, the therapist will proceed with the lactic acid which was sprayed on my face slowly and it will be absorb instantly by my skin. I do not feel any tingling sensation. It was fast and smooth.

    Later, another serum was sprayed and massaged on my face.It was a multi-vitamin infusion – containing Vitamin C, A and antioxidants. 

    After the steps above, the therapist will put a hydation mask on my face to hydrate and prevent over stimulation and dry skin. 

    My 2nd Session


    My acne scars are less visible.

    Overall, I love ClearSk because their staff are super friendly and attentive to details.

    They will ask you for your medical history during your first visit. And they will explain to you in details what is the treatment about, steps by steps so you don't have any doubt or worry during the treatment.

    And the treatment is pretty effective. At least for me. After two weeks of treatment, I can walk out of my home with no makeup. Absolutely no need my foundation at all. My acne scars are less obvious. Simply amazing and no extraction at all throughout the process. Because I simply hate painful acne extraction.

    The ambience of the room is awesome. They will play some light music and they are closet for you to put your belonging.

    The service standard are fabulous. I am amazed by their SMS appointment system and follow up survey. 

    I would give them a 5 out of 5 service ratings. They would advise me my skin condition and what to do to protect our skin.

    If you are facing the acne problem just like me, you should definitely give Clear SK a try. You could skip the painful extraction process and keep your face free from acne :)

    Contact information
    Outlets : Novena Medical Center, Orchard, Toa Payoh, Tampines and Velocity
    Hotline : +65 6100 6868
    Website :