Friday, April 19, 2024

My confinement nanny experience

As usual, during your pregnancy confirmation, we will need to seek for confinement centre or looking for confinement nanny. However i think i start searching when I was pregnant for 6 months old, and my due date is close to CNY, so it is quite expensive.

In many Asian cultures, the practice of postnatal confinement is deeply rooted. Let’s explore why hiring a confinement lady (also known as a confinement nanny) is essential during this period:
1.Postnatal Recovery:
After childbirth, mothers need time to heal physically and emotionally. The confinement period allows them to rest and recover.
Confinement ladies assist with daily tasks, allowing new mothers to focus on their well-being and bonding with their newborns.
Traditional Practices:
In Chinese culture, postnatal confinement involves specific traditional practices aimed at helping new mothers recover smoothly from delivery.
Families hire confinement nannies to care for both the mother and the baby during this period.
The confinement period typically lasts for about a month, but it can be longer depending on the mother’s health
2. Baby Care:
Confinement nannies are skilled in handling newborns. They provide guidance on feeding, diaper changes, and soothing techniques.
New mothers, especially first-timers, may feel overwhelmed by the demands of caring for a baby. A confinement nanny offers valuable support.
3. Rest and Recovery:
Mothers need adequate rest to heal properly. Stress during this period can increase the risk of postpartum depression.
Confinement ladies ensure that mothers get enough rest by taking care of household chores and baby-related tasks.
4. Nutritious Meals:
Confinement nannies prepare curative meals for mothers, focusing on ingredients that aid recovery.
Proper nutrition is crucial during this time, and confinement nannies ensure that mothers receive balanced meals.
5. Breastfeeding Guidance:
Many confinement nannies provide breastfeeding guidance, helping mothers establish a successful breastfeeding routine.
Learning how to feed the baby correctly is essential for both the mother’s well-being and the baby’s health.

In summary, confinement ladies play a vital role in supporting new mothers during the postpartum period. Their expertise, care, and assistance contribute to a smoother recovery and a positive start to motherhood. 

So I posted my confinement lady requirement and start seeking for an experienced confinement nanny and found one from Kluang with reasonable pricing. And prior to the labor, she already started to ask me prepare the stuffs she needed during the period such as sterilizer, milk bottles, types of baby clothes, cooking materials etc. She is quite helpful and help me explain the details.

And when I was ready to give birth, I already contacted her and she already prepared to come to Singapore from Malaysia. During my confinement, M was very kind and explain and take good care of the baby.

She will sleep with my baby, milk her every 3 hours, and bath her once daily. She will cook for my hubby and myself for 3 meals. She always stay in kitchen, not taking long nap during afternoon, boiled herbal water for my shower, do laundry for 3 of us plus herself using washing machine and clean the kitchen. She will help me to wash my pumping accessories plus milk bottles for 3-4 times a day including night. She will cook red dates water for me. She will share her tips and tricks for taking care of newborns and ask us to start hand-on.

Everything is smooth for the first 5 days. However she started to ask my husband to buy 1 specific item per day by not letting him to know what she wants one short. Plus she used a lot of water to wash dishes, my water bill is crazily high (5 times than usual). During the 14 days with us, she finished two bottles of mamalemon dish detergent. Look at this!

She will also rant to my husband for telling that i not drinking the water she prepared.  We did not talk much during the day. I am unhappy she like to rant to my husband for small stuffs that she is unhappy.

Thus, i let her go after 14 days and it was not a happy experience during my confinement.

I will wish that I did set some expectation before engaged and confirmed my nanny else it will be quite a distressing episode for a newly mum.