Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My 21st birthday XD Thanks for those who show up :))))

On NOV 7,09
Haha, time to reveal how i went through my one and only 21st birthday, thanks GOD, i have tons of friends who make my birthday memorable and meaningful. Seriously, it is wonderful although i received really weird gift.

I must give my first thanks to my housemate, Jiaying for her amazing happy birthday song using PIPA, and my neighbors secret surprise that nearly pissed me off ...........Thanks to Chuan lim, chuan meng, han yang, boon.. for their help :))))

And i must thanks to my big FAMILY, 30 members who shown up to my birthday dinner and i am having a great time :) seeing u guys !!Although i might not be able to give my thanks and talk to you guys separately, but it made my day ( can't imagine we can have dinner together XD in one long table)!!! We have dinner until midnight and i am having my countdown to 21 on the street ( thanks Yan Xun for counting down with me through phonecall). A lot of random people on the street wish my day and i acted so crazy on the street with the gals!!!

Screaming on the street on ur 21st is legal and A MUST!!!!

I am having a whole bunch of balloons that night and i decorated my house myself. Although i spent a lot of time on it, it is still awesome to have a lots of friends sang birthday song to me XD

Thanks to JY cake ( although i didn't know u made one , LQ ANd emily LOVe cake ( kawaiii) , anson and lindy cake ( appreciate), thomas/tb/sj cake, Wei xuan cake and cookies. ( delicioussssssssssssss)

and my 21 cup cakes ~~~~ Love it............. ( thanks to all the marketplace manager for Ehemm... you know larrr..)

and all the photographers that day ( nice pic !!!)

Balloon girl

On NOV 8,09

MY 21st big day...
I was working and met a girl that shared a same birthday as mine,
went home and cooked.


I am not done cooking and my guests arrived on time.
Thanks to my babe, Emily , for helping me to cook the dumpling and i don't have time to talk to you.
Thanks to Danying, for buying me a cute cake and prepare the drinks.
Thanks to YZ & Liang SI for showing up with KFC and cute gift. I miss u guys.
Of course, MY BFFS, Chee kong, sing keat, liqian and mandy for their outstanding dishes and presence. Without u guys, it will be bored.
Thanks to my Christian fellowship BF, Stephanie,REX, deborah, zhang ting, hank.... thanks for the gifts and cards......................
I am touched and great to have you guys !!!!!!!!! BUNCH OF LOVE

Thanks to MR. JOSE for ur sweet gift and sorry i missed a pic with u ( regret)
Thanks to my OLD FRIENDs, xiao fan and sheng bo and yang song for ur gifts and thanks for coming eventhough i didn't have time to talk to u guys a lot ....

But u guys make my day!!! and of couse xiao e and danjing :))))

P/S; I am so crazy that day and want to force everyone to drink my dessert and wish my HB in person, JUST FOR FUN.

don't take it serious :)))))

I love all the gifts and i will make use of them WISELY XD

Awww..this is my sweet 21st in columbus XD.

Haha, i am a big girl now ( can do whatever i want le)

First plan, mix my own margarita XD

Hope it will be a good one .

Tata. You know you love me,


Good night people.