Friday, May 6, 2011

I am going to be done with school~

Hey Pals,

How are you going to feel when you are almost done with school? happy? excited? stressed? sad? or hyper? I am going to tell you i am NERVOUS for my future.

It is kinda hard for me to imagine my future now. I do think it is excited to be done with school and get a real practical job! It's all about money, career and responsibilities now!

But can a procrastinator and a carefree person be an OL or working in any firm for 8hours non-stop? I do not think i can tolerate that :) haha unless it is something that i am passionate about such as talking/ doing my own business ( counting my own money$$$$$$$)

Okay, it is going to be a long way to go because i need capital 1st. I just wish that i will not end up with a career tragectory *LOL, you believe me ain't you?*

Recently i kinda worried that if i go home i will face boregasm at home. I can imagine now without my bffs, freedom and free calling phone plan! Haha. Probably i will M.I.A in facebook and msn... however i did miss my family a lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay i am going to continue read my book- Open city by Teju Cole, aiz, what a day!