Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

[Taiwan Diary Jefferlexxa] Travelog for Prewedding Shoot

Hi Dearies,

This June, I had visited Taiwan: Taipei for my pre-wedding shoot. I first met one of the salesperson when J and I shopped around Bugis and his enthusiastic attitude to help us save money and take nice photos touched me and he kept telling me he had some discount for overseas customers and we can get discount plus freebies when we paid in full today, and of course we are quir

It was so much fun! J and I had so much fun leaving good memory shoot in Taipei and of course with my favourite flower Hydrangea!

The photo is still in process and we can't wait to receive the final products.

So I am going to share my experience with you all so you all know what to expect in Taiwan: Taipei.


I always choose Ban Qiao District for my homestay because it is so cheap, way bigger room than Taipei and you spent less ! And I spent my last night at Xi Men Ding.

Love House Inn (Spacious room in Ban Qiao District)

Cheers Hotel (In Xi Men Ding, small room but good location)

If you plan to customize suit in Taiwan, you need to travel more frequent, because it takes them two week to complete one. and the price is less than sgd 200 for a set.

What are the things to do in Taipei

1. Hair cut/ Hair treatment (you can get a haircut, dye your hair and buy saloon shampoo, I am amazed by their skills, their skills are way better compared to Singapore/Malaysia)
2. Steamboat (Mala Power la, you can get super worth steamboat, even better than Hai Di Lao in Taiwan for around SGD 25-30 for a buffet steamboat, atas ice cream etc)

3. Cheap Clothes (Wu Fen Pu): shopping in Taipei for NTD 100! If you are plus size like me, bring a measurement tape, you also can trust their honesty. I walked in the shop and directly ask whether I can fit in certain dress I like and they will tell me the truth. Love it!

Get their Nu Bra for super cheap price also working shirt for men in their 夜市 * (night market). Cheap!
4. Street Food: I am really not so into Streetfood in Taiwan compared to KL or Thailand. Their food is more pricey and small portions. But if there is a queue, queue for it. Sure taste good~!

5. Makeup items: You can get super chio eyelashes, big colour lenses, Taiwan moisturize, Hair styling tools at super cheap price. Bring a big luggage and stock them up~

6. Fruits: You will be amazed by their fruits variety and they are huge also. Sweet and cheap~

Behind the scenes

The shop I went :)

I did my homework and choose the places I wanna go, discussed with the photographer and makeup artist and they will help you with it.

Trying out the gowns. Bring your Nubra and feel free to test and find the dress that going to match with your themes and background.

I choose the one in dark color because it matches the night view the best

So places I choose for my photo taking :

1. 真爱桃花源 111, Taiwan, 台北市士林區華岡路30號
The fee for 5 person to enter for phototaking if I am not wrong is 1200 TWD. They have basically indoor and outdoor places for you to take photos, so it save your time travelling.

2.  竹子湖高家繍球花田112, Taiwan, Taipei City, Beitou District, 竹子湖路30號

The very very important reason why I went Taiwan for my prewedding shoot is because of the Hydragea!!! They have super duper pretty Hydragea around May & June! And thanks J my dream come true <3 300="" and="" around="" bouquet="" fee="" for="" free="" gave="" hydrangea="" i="" is="" me="" nbsp="" p="" the="" they="" think="" twd="">

3.  Taipei 101 for night phototaking

Anyway it is a good choice because I feel Taiwan service is good and they really know how to capture good photos! And it is more affordable compared to Singapore/ Malaysia. Of course, you may say that Malaysia is way cheaper blah blah, but the view in Taiwan is stunning!
And you get to travel as well :)

Send me question if you need tips on taiwan wedding shoot :) i will help.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

[Product Review] Himalaya Lip Balm, Say Bye to Chapped Lip

Hi Dearies,

Do you have chapped lip due to lipstick usage and lack of lip care? I do. And its annoying to have chapped lip and people keep looking at your lip :(

So I am going to introduce Himalaya Lip balm DIY Lip Scrub to give extra moisture and care to our lip on a regular basis to prevent chapped lip!

My DIY Lip Scrub: All you need is Sugar and Lip Balm

1. Mix some lip balm with sugar together using 2:1  ratio
2. Gently apply mixture on your lips and massage in a circular motion
3. Focus on off corners of your lips and wipe off after 30 seconds.
4. Done beautiful lips :)

Himalaya Lip Balm

So what other conditions you can use for Himalaya Lip Balm:

  • Dry lips (preventing moisture loss) 
  • Deep nourishment (it is rich in natural oils) 
  • Sore lips (due to cold weather, wind, and central heating) 
  • Intense moisturizing (100% herbal actives) 
  • Painful cracked lips (stimulating cell renewal)

Himalaya Lip Balm Key Ingredients:

Coconut Oil Extract – containing essential fatty acids that prevent moisture loss, the coconut oil extract gently exfoliates lip skin, leaving your lips feel smoother and softer.
Castor Oil – this rich natural oil has invaluable anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antibacterial properties that make it your best weapon against skin inflammation and painful cracked lips.
Wheat Germ Oil – a main source of natural Vitamin E, this oil will deeply nourish and soften your lip skin, keeping its natural moisture.
Carrot Seed Oil – an excellent natural antioxidant, carrot seed oil fights the free radicals, leaving your lips look younger and rejuvenated. It also stimulates cell renewal, healing painful cracked lips.

Apply Lip Balm evenly on your lips, as often as needed.

Now my lip is more supple and healthier :) even without lipstick/lipcolor
Himalaya Lip Balm is priced at $2.75 only and it is available at: Guardian,Watsons, Mustafa, Giant & NTUC Hypermarket, National health group pharmacies and other bigger beauty retail chains.

I am bringing it with me whenever i travel to cold weather country to prevent cracked lip! And it is a good treatment to leave it overnight on your lip, so you have super sexy and moisturized lip the second day :)


Monday, December 4, 2017


Hi Dearies,

Do you always finding an easy way out to clean your house soft toys and carpet?

Guess what I discovered? Magiclean Fabric Freshener! Now cleaning carpet and curtain is easy peasy.

Formulated with Japan advanced R&D, Magiclean Fabric Freshener has strong penetrative power to kill 99.9% bacteria and odour from the inside out! It is designed with a special trigger technology that dispenses micro-mist spray for wider, more even coverage. It also contains natural deodorising extracts and is suitable for hard-to-wash fabric products such as mattress, comforter, fabric sofa and cushions) as well as clothing.

I really love the convenient it brought to me, with an easy spray to carpet and bedsheet, bad odour are gone and I love its refreshing smell. I always find it hard to clean my curtain once a week. With these, I no longer need to worry the odour from my cooking to my curtain and bedroom.

I love its nice designed bottle for easy grip when using and bring me the best convenience in house cleaning, and it is suitable for hard-to-wash fabric products such as bedding items, baby’s fabric toys and stroller seats, sofa, carpet, curtains, to eliminate musty, cigarette and cooking smell on
clothing, car seats as well as fabric shoes :) No longer need to send them for special cleaning.

Plus Magiclean Fabric Freshener are available in Fresh & Light scent, Refreshing Mint and Pure Blossom fragrances. So you can try it out and pick your favourite.

If you have pet and this will be handy for you to leave your house smell great all the times and bacteria free.

Magiclean Fabric Freshener is available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets at super affordable price.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

[Event Invitation] Singapore Post Office Philatelic Store @ General Post Office

Hi Dearies,

Today I'm going to share with you Singapore Post Office Philatelic Store @ General Post Office. Philatelic Store @GPO offers a comprehensive range of Singapore & Foreign Stamps, Thematic MyStamps, Souvenirs, and Philatelic Gifts that are available exclusively in-store. It is a fun experience as I learn about new festive collections. Every item in Philatelic Store marks a special moment in Singapore’s history and the commemorative value and exquisite designs of the collections made them perfect for all occasions- as business gifts, or as cherished inclusions in every philstelist's personal collection. The Philatelic shop operated and owned by Singapore Post.

I used to collect stamps when I was young and keep postcards whenever I travel. It is amazing to see stamps over the world. I learnt it from my dad because he used to collect lots of stamps but lost his album when he moved house.

Thanks to SampleStore I was invited to explore and learn more about the Stamps & collectibles with Singpost.

Do you know that Singapore previously used Indian stamps while under British Indian rule?
It became a Crown colony in April 1867 and thus took charge of its own postal affairs.

Postal Manual published in 1960

Colonial-era red pillar posting box

So cute the postcard set :)

Posting boxes of Singapore Collection: Pouch, tote bag, cushion cover & tea towel (from $5 onwards) Its such a good gift you can give to your buddies at affordable price.

collectables :)

I love this stamp set very much. You get to choose stamp set you like and bring home the whole set here :) at Philatelic Store @GPO #01-127 to 128 the heart of SingPost the general Post office :)

I am thinking to get a few set for my overseas friends as a special gift from Singapore :)

SingPost Postman and Postwoman Mini Figurines Collection $28.00 each $50.00 (set of 2)

Check this out, you can get the Hello Kitty stamp collection

Thematic MyStamp: Changi Mystical Garden with Sanrio Characters 
A Stamp folder with a lanyard $21.80

You may start your shopping via www.shop.singpost.com or visit Philatelic Store @GPO at #01-127 to 128.

Here I'm gonna share the stamps available:

Happy to spend some time with Birdie at the special Redpost :)

Had a happy dinner buffet from A chic vintage bakery cafe along Ragoon Road near Farrer Park MRT: Brunches Cafe!  They offered all day breakfast, coffee, pancakes,western main dishes and delicious desserts :)

I love the experience of learning stamps history, key features of Philatelic Store @GPO and thanks for SampleStore for organizing the event.