Sunday, June 26, 2016


Hi Dearies,

Are you tired of facing challenges with work and life and you don't have energy to get rid of them?

I came through Adrian Cahill website and he is one of the amazing coaches who help people to lead their life in better ways and be successful in their life.

Would you like to stop procrastination, perhaps forever?

Do you want to avoid poverty or double your net wealth?

Do you want to stop waking up tired and start waking up happy with energy?

Consider talking to a Professional Coach especially Adrian Cahill today!


Life Coach, Executive Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach



It can be work, relationships, family, stress, the purpose of life or pretty much anything bother our life and stop us from moving forward because as you know, one big problem in any area will probably flow into other area’s.

Through simple, regular, meaningful conversations,  Adrian can help you focus on the the most high valued problems your having and turn the problems into opportunities.


Click to Book an appointment!

If you want the changes in your life and turning your life into a better one, you can contact Adrian here:

Skype, mobile or face to face.

Skype / Wechat: Adriannqld

International Phone: +61 28011 3118



Tuesday, June 21, 2016

[APP REVIEW] Hip Traveller- cool & easy way to share your travels with friends

Hi Dearies,

Do you love taking pictures when you are travelling? or love viewing awesome photos using Instagram.

Now here is your chance to get a cool app: Hip Traveller Free via Apple App Store.

Hip Traveller is a premium photo service for world travellers, fashion trend setters and photographers. It's a cool & easy way to share your travels with friends.

Hip Traveller allows photographers & people who simply love travelling to create and share their adventures.

Explore the Hip Traveller app to find exciting places & people, off the beaten track, from all over our wonderful planet.

As a user of this app, you can share your travel awesome trips with friends. You can also look at other peoples' adventure.

Become a Hip Traveller
A cool & easy way to share your travels with friends. Hip Traveller allows photographers & people who simply love travelling to create and share their adventures.

Explore the world 
Hip Traveller is for people who go off the circuit to find new hip places in famous cities or hidden gems around the world. Search places your friends have gone or find interesting places to visit by simply choosing the country & city you're travelling to.

Share your journeys
Hip Traveller will show you places you can't find on a map or any travel guides.

Make your photos interesting and type something nice about the places you've visited.

You can even use Hip Traveller to show the country and city you visited. Keep all your photos here and you don't even have to worry losing the photos.

Read more here here:

How to Register:

It is simple.

1. Download the app via apple app store.

2. Sign up via Facebook or  create a username & password

You get to follow all HIP travellers and see their adventures. You may also make friends with travellers around the world.

And you can start to explore and search others adventure based on their city/ country :)

Start your awesome phototaking adventure wherever you go and share it with your fellow travellers via Hip-Traveller today!


Sunday, June 19, 2016

[FREE SAMPLE] EVERSOFT Bamboo Charcoal and Lime Shower Foam June Sampling

Hi Readers

Free sample!EVERSOFT Bamboo Charcoal and Lime Shower Foam

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EVERSOFT Bamboo Charcoal and Lime Shower Foam

  • & PURIFY
  • Anti-Bacterial Shower Foam

Effective anti-bacterial, deodorising and cleansing properties
Removes impurities, toxins and excess oil due to Bamboo Charcoal's porous structure and wide surface area
Contains natural fruit AHA and Vitamin C to reduce excessive sebum production


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Get paid for talking today!

Hi Readers,

Want to get paid via talking?

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