[FREE SAMPLE] Covermark Treatment Cleansing Milk or Treatment Cleansing Oil

by - 7.4.17

Hi Dearies,

Always struggle to clean your makeup hassle free?

Here is your chance to try out the Covermark Cleansing Milk or oil :)


  • Contains specially engineered “Aqua Cleansing Gel Structure” that lifts all makeup particles from skin
  • Contains 89% beauty essence MC Chitosan (twice as moisturizing as Hyaluronic Acid) to hydrate skin’s surface
  • Transforms into a cream-like texture that has smaller-sized par- ticles after coming in contact with water to absorb makeup off pores
  • Infused with 9 essential oil to comfort skin naturally


  • Has nano-sized particles to capture pore-clogging grime, oil, and irritants off skin
  • Contains a whopping 82% of natural moisturizing agents to hydrate skin from within
  • High density oil components that reduces pulling on tugging on skin
  • No stickiness after washing off!


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