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About Me



A 26 years old, money saving queen a.k.a budget queen who enjoy shopping and saving on the same time. I started my online business @The Fashion Nation to earn some extra cash!

It is simply a joyful things to share with my readers my experience, fashion hauls, beauty journey and the best part: My Food together with my Travel Adventures around the world!

You don't have to be extremely frugal to save :) just spend wisely!

Be a shopaholic and save money at the same time!
I love shopping, exploring food, travelling to new countries, learning new tips/tricks in beauty (I'm experiencing acne prone skin type) & languages..

Also, I got myself a new camera- SL1000 Fujifilm. Will be posting my latest photography pics real soon.

Live every second, everyday like there's no tomorrow.

Call your parents, your love one everyday and love yourself more.



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