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Since young, I am a shy person and only make friends with people around me, such as people i need to meet, sit with or do project with.

And when i joined national service and entered university, I met more people and realized that meeting friends and buddies are not so difficult.

So i made friends from around the world and meet up dinner or movie frequently.

But when I back to my hometown after graduation and I realized distances does made me feel weird to talk to my buddies related to my life/work and family.

And if you don't go out to meet them, they will start to distance you.

Previously i always thought if I have the heart to contact someone, we will still be BESTIES but in real life no, it is not that easy. Only friends cherish you will do it.

I mean I am lucky that my BFF- Queen EM always stand by me Strong and not because of work/study distance me. I mean even steve Job or Bill Gates they made friends right? Busy or no time is totally not an excuse.

And then I started to have a full time job. My job is in IT industry so I don't get much girlfriends- which means I have to talk to guys.

And I found that friends you made when you are working are so different. I found they like to compare and full of negativity.

And to be honest, I don't even want to mix with them. And some are so negative who will demoralize you completely.

I am serious, maybe they do not know what they are talking about, who will criticize someone you care the most in front of you; who will dare to say your dreams/ ideas sucks; who will dare to comment about things that you proud of.

Anyways, I don't know why I miss my university with friends who is truthful and good to talk with. Maybe people around me are more realistic and shrewd.

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