Thursday, August 18, 2016

[Movie Review} 危城 Call of Heroes

Hi Readers,

I went for the movie premiere for Call of Heroes few days ago and the movie action scenes are spectacular.


Set in 1914 following the collapse of the Qing dynasty, the film tells the story of a group of villagers standing up to a cruel young warlord and the story surrounds a village full of innocent people. And protected by a group of guardians who equipped with high martial arts skill.

The city is in danger when the warlords seeking revenge to the guardians and wants to destroy the whole village when playing game with them.

Parental guidance required. Lots of violence scenes and blood scenes. Action moves director is  Sammo Hung. Full of heart pumping scenes and fightings

楊克難 Brave guardian with justice in his heart, my favourite character in the movie.


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