Tuesday, June 8, 2010

[HD] MV - Cabi song (Caribbean Bay) 2PM & SNSD

I want to slim down and be SEXAYYYY!!!

yay.... this video made me energetic. LOL.

However someone ruined my mood by lying to me. I still do not know how should i face u >...

I can say that as my friend, you didn't even respect me. That's the most simple thing u can do. Anyway, I hate you from now.

Thanks for my BFFS for staying by my side and gave me advices. I appreciate it.

I webcamed with my bestie. I miss u bunch. Haha... Anyway. It really made my day when i can talk to u face to face. You didn't change at all. So do i.

Miss u bunch. Muaks

And also, to my great big senior Qi xin, she is going to visit me next year. And as i promised, i will be your tour guide. LOL> hope you enjoy ur life in Saudi Arabia.

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