Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wilber Pan ft. Lee Hyori - As Long As I Love You

It is thanksgiving again~ can you guys imagine, how crazy we were at the OUTLET, MALL?

I am grateful this yr, i got lots of BFFS, church mates around me this time.


Although lots of unfortunate events kept landed upon me, still, thanks GOD for loving me and strengthen me.

I went to shopping last night and it was crazy! I was so tired and slept in Macy Store @ 8am this morning. Oh man, i was totally EXHAUSTED!

It was very unlucky that my friend car's oil container lid was broken and we couldn't replenish the oil and we all are so lucky that God is with US!

Oh my gosh. We couldn't imagine what will happen to us if the car stopped in the middle of the highway@ 530am in the dawn.

All in all, we are lucky! Miracle happened and my BFF come and picked us up after one night of shopping madness. I spent around 190+ and it was totally worth it.

I spent some fortune on my mum's watch!! I hope she will like it.

Anyways, i hope at the end everything will be fine and praise lord in THANKSGIVING>

Happy Thanksgiving and have some turkey!!!


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