Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life after School


Crepes(its not sweet*)
The nice Police Officer(*you should go catch the pickpocket)

To my dearest Peepz,

I am back to my home country-Malaysia safe and sound! Back to my home is definitely a new challenge for me. New bed, environment and even friends made me miss Columbus even more. I have to admit I regretted for not extending my stay in the States.

Apart from getting my degree, I embarked a trip to four fantastical European cities- Paris, Pisa Florence and Rome. Phew, I was lucky that I returned Malaysia safe and sound. In Paris, I felt the media beautified the entire city! It was not livable as it seems at all! According the the web, it is one of the most influential cities in the world and is renown for its cultural sectors. Well, from what i experienced (bad experience of course), its not my favourite city. Why? Violent crimes( From my opinions) are everywhere! Especially PICKPOCKETING!F* that! I was considered lucky enough because I just lost my IPOD TOUCH and my cash was safe with me. I lost it when I was taking the T( underground metro) in a popular tourist areas.Luckily I managed to report my lost to an English spoken police officer! Its not that easy for you to find someone who can speak English that easily. It's even harder for you to borrow a cellphone on the street. Okay, I guess there are more scams on the street! (What to do, Paris is so unsafe -.-)! LOL, I have to admit Americans are the best (Maybe I am too lucky! There're always nice people(GBU) who always return my cellphone/ID/Textbooks to me. Anyways, it is our responsible as a traveler to watch our belongings especially in crowded areas and protect ourselves.

I am going to tell more abt the trips tomorrow!

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