Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baby gentleman who made my day

Hmm, just a note to remember a kind young gentleman! After a hectic work day, I went to grocery, bought a pint of my favorite triple chocolate ice cream, Pandan Bread, Honey baked ham, some vege and fruits. Ended up I have to carry all of them HOME myself!

Luckilly, it wasn't several KM away from my block. So, I rushed back home using my remaining strength. Finally when I reached home, I scanned my apartment pass, and there was a young kiddo age around 7- His Name is Zi Ming from a catholic school ( printed on his school uniform). He said thank you and hold the door for me :) and even said thank you to me when I scanned the pass for him to enter the building. I was shocked because he is that small and i didnt know how to react at first.

Later, we waited for the elevator. He was peeking me all the times. Probably I was looking at him too, and i carried HELL lots of grocery with me *Headache* Anyways, it was a wonderful encounter because I always think the young generations dont know how to respect/treat the elderly. Of course I am not that old lah. But, it really made my day because of his gentleman act. Sweet to the max.

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