Thursday, November 7, 2013

Count down-ing

Tomorrow is my birthday.. left 10 hours and 8 mins to go!


Yesterday i am not very super duper happy although I received many gifts from my gfs and ate my favourite steamboat buffet, enjoyed my first 30 days anniversary w J.

I was told by my friend I never have a thought for my future, life and etc. However, I do have. Just that I no need  to share with everyone right.

I feel everyone have their own goals in life and no one has the right to criticize/comment about it. .It's about ME. MY LIFE... 

J always stand by my side giving me words of encouragement so i wont be that upset. I know i shouldn't be that unmotivated.

Everytime when talking about my future, i dislike people making comment abt it. Like I will never comment/ say anything about other people life. This is totally unnecessary and weird isn't it. Such as what if i told you i think your bf not up to the standard or i dont think the job suits you????

Even though that comment/suggestion may be an advice for my own good. But i don't really appreciate it.

Alright. Jump topic. I won a pair of tickets to watch Thor: The Dark World.

Can't wait to see the indescribable body of Chris Hemsworth XD

But Singtel expects the winner to visit them during Office Hours. How ridiculous is that? they expect us to be student/ unemployed is it???

Hais, still need to be grateful at least it's free!





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