Friday, December 27, 2013

Last Friday of the Year

Hello peeps!!! It's the last friday of the year.. Can't believe the time flies and i didn't manage to lose 5kg..sigh..But I'm glad I met some awesome people in this year!

Never realized that it's hard to make friends when coming to work in the society. I miss my uni life a lot!






I had an awesome celebration Wynne girlfriends! Although we also met once in a year we had a great feast at house of steamboat and gift exchanging party!!This year we did something special. We need to wrap one good product and one "bad" gift- which may be your unused/unnecessary stuffs that may be useful for others.

Because i'm the most punctual girl on the day, I can choose the gift first. And I am not lucky because I always chose the bad gifts. At the end, person with two bad gifts is allows to choose her gifts again from the luckiest person lol. Glad that I managed to exchange my "地狱” to a "天堂” which is a sleeping mask haha... I received all whitening products/skin care ;) And the "Bad gift" i thought is cotton pad, turned out to be a baby napkin haha.

Besides I also received a box of Forerro Rocher from J family ;) I love chocolate but I can't eat much;)

Did you receive any fun/ interesting gifts? Share your story with me.





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