Monday, December 1, 2014

JJ Paradize- Nanoblock for your family and kids

Hi Readers,

Are you a toy collector or you simply love toy?
Let me introduce you JJparadize :)

JJparadize is the one who provides you perfect choices for your gift selection and idea toy for your kids!!! If your kids love Hello Kitty, JJparadize offers the Hello Kitty Collection each for only SGD 15.90!!
SO CUTE!!! Hello Kitty @SEA

ALL AT $15.90 ONLY!!

Hello Kitty Loz Nanoblock is suitable for age above 9+ years old.

HOT PRODUCT! While Stock Last!

If you love Super Hero, you could get the Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, Superman, Batman and even Wolverine for your kids!

Small hero each for SGD 4 ONLY!

The X'mas and New Year is around the corner. You could buy some gifts for your family and friends through JJ. All items will arrive at your doorsteps within 72 hours after successful transaction!

Nanoblock toy is suitable for family to create something amazing together :)It takes the creativity and value of construction toys and takes it to the next level. Construction toys have always been a great source of growth and learning for kids and foster better relationship in family.

When I was young, we seldom have chance really sit down and play with my parents. We always watch tv together or we go and play with the kids nearby our neighbourhood. I kinda hope at that time, I could play Nanoblock with my grandma or my parents. I guess it will be fun and start engaging in more conversation :) 

It also help cultivating kids interest in hand on game instead of iPad or computer game.

I love all the JJparadize toys!!! All the children will love the gifts.

Plus, now JJparadize is doing an opening promotion sale!!!

 Get one LOZ Nanoblock and get 1 small hero for FREE!


You may contact JJparadize for more information by calling them at +65 9173 6176 or email them @:[email protected]!


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