Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oh My, I can't see thing clearly

Yes, I have myopia and I regretted for not protecting my eyesight wisely when i was young. Now I'm a contact lenses followers (especially with the enlarging effect!)

.... and I realized that I can't see thing clearly with my contact lenses :(

It means I need to use different degree of glasses and it's super expensive to get one here :(

And I recently read some article on how to cure myopia and I found this!

Not sure is this gonna work for me, but it sounds fun to start with! LOL, at least it gave me some hope that without the help of lasik, I can get back to normal :)

Doing the following steps will help heal your eyesight.

1: At sun-rise, the sun's color is RED. Wait until it change completely to YELLOW color

2: Wear sandal to avoid earthing with Earth

3: Remove specs

4: Face towards Sun (Sun color is Yellow) and close your eyes normally (same as what you do while sleeping)

5: Stand in this position for atleast 10 min

6: Don't open eyes otherwise Sun's ray may damage it

7: After 10 min, rub your palm and cover your face (including eyes)

8: Fill your mouth with water.

9: Rinse your eyes

10: Gargle water before throwing it out.

11: Repeat Step 9 and 10 for at least 1 more time


1: Dont perform this exercise during noon and evening

2: Dont perform using artificial Yellow bulb as it radiates short wavelength of UVB rays while Sun radiates long wavelength of UVB rays

In the night, before going to sleep, do the following exercises:

1: Remove specs

2: Move eyes left-right 10 times, up-down 10 times, rotate both clock-wise and anti-clockwise for 10 times each

After every 2 months, eye sight will improve little.

Specs power will reduce by 0.25

I'm going to try it today and maintain some distance from my lappy. I guess every time I lying on bed watching running man on my ipad is the main cause of worsening my myopia :(

I gonna quit doing that

me with glasses! :(

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