Monday, May 12, 2014

Looking for a job in a quicker and easier way? Jobstar!

Hi Readers,

I'm in Korea now and it's windy here :)

Now as a fresh university graduate since 2011, I knew it's hard for us to find a job that matches our expectations and interest because of various reasons. Thus, when it comes to job searching, the main thing is we need to have the first interview chance. If no, we don't need to think of the next steps.

But it's super difficult for us to approach the emplyer other than sending our CV or cover letter. It's not effective enough for us to present our best to them.

But now, Jobstar.Asia can help YOU! All you need to do is register yourselves and start record your video and send it to your employer!! It's super cool because by recording a video, you can show your talent, language skills, personality :) It makes you standout from others if you have a creative video :)

It's now available for employers and employees in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Philiphines :) Isn't that cool?

It's easy to use and fun!! Try it out today and see immediate result :)

Try find a new job here.

Like Jobstar Asia Facebook page today and try the revolutionary job searching portal today!

Employers can alsoo try out this innovative method to find new talents!

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