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Bangkok: Checked!

 Dear Readers,

Finally I visited Bangkok for my very first time. I totally love this city and it is my very first trip with J. I bought the tickets during Jetstar 7th birthday and bought a total of 35 checked in baggage for this trip.

I will always remember this trip because J and I made our promise for a lifetime :)

So I'm going to share my experience with you :)

Day 1: We arrived at around 8pm and we just had a supper nearby our hotel & get our sim card starts working.

This is my first time trying Jetstar. Overall the seat is so small and if you're unlucky, the person in front of you are not considerate enough, you won't be able to stretch your legs at all.

Empty bag
Happy Tourist SIM Card with 7 days unlimited data usage together with 100 Baht talking time.
My favorite coconut water

 Day 2: Shopping starts!

First stop: Platinum Shopping Mall

We need to do some walking. Because the traffic is always heavy, so we need to walk using the pedestrian bridge to cross the heavy traffic roads. And we 

Cute sheep outside Platinum Fashion Mall :) You could buy some milk to feed them <3 font="">

We stayed at The Berkerley Pratunam for our first 3 nights. I love their service. Very polite receptionist and they gave us some sweet surprise inside the room. The room is spacious :)

Sweet surprise :)

We got it from changi airport :)
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Breakfast. We tried the duck rice and the crispy pork rice :)

Okay. We did the whole day shopping. And I'm broke the second day :( Everything is so cheap. I got myself some T-shirts, supplements, skirts, shoes etc...  And we didn't finish surfing the entire Platinum Fashion Mall.

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But luckily I split my money in half so I still can survive the remaining days haha. Because everything is cheap. The tshirt starts from SGD 4-6 & the shoes is only 100 Baht= SGD 4!!!

My shopping hauls!!! 

Also we love snacks!!! One of the must-go places will be the BIG C!
It's just opposite the Centraworld! 
Central Chidlom
1027, Soi Somkid,, Thanon Phloen Chit, แขวง ลุมพินี เขต ปทุมวัน กรุงเทพมหานคร 10330, Thailand
+66 2 793 7777

So many different flavor for the lay!!! I got the hot squid one recommended by my gf!

Fries chips with hot thai chilli package inside!

Must try Thai Tea! Super "GAO"

Snake brand Body Powder!!!

Pocky!!! My favourite strawberry together with the new flavor- Banana and Tom Yum

Green tea 

Tomato Chips

Toast bread chips??!! I must try this!
There is many roadside stalls to satisfy your stomach with less than SGD 2!!

We had chosen the best hotel ever. Because across road, we visited the famous chicken rice :) with only 40 Bath= SGD 1.6 you could have a plate of white chicken rice. Sorry for the blurry images :D

 Kaiton Chicken Rice @ Pratunam, Bangkok
Petchburi Soi 30,
Bangkok, Thailand (Opposite berkerley Pratunam)
Tel: 02-252 6325

Business Hours: Opens daily from 5.30am - 3pm and 5pm - 3am

Garlic Sausage (20 Bant)

On our way to Big C 

Outside Centraworld. We also visited Phra Trimurti Shrine (The God of Love) @ Central World (Bangkok)

You could purchase some roses together with the candles. We prayed for our future marriage and relationship :) According to legend, Phra Trimurti descends on earth to listen to prayers’ wishes on Tuesday and Thursday after 9.00pm. The best day is Thursday. If you are seeking for true love, here is a golden opportunity. Just grab a bundle of red roses or dalah flowers or fruits like rambutan or dragon fruit and 9 red incense sticks together with a chanting note (in thai) in Thai from the stalls nearby. (source)

You could read more about Phra Trumurti Shrine here!

My snack Paradise :)

Day 3 Pratunam Morning Market &Chinatown &Asiatique

Okay the Day 3 is super packed! We decided to visit Asiatique and Chinatown on the same day because J had some plan for me for the remaining two night.

So I decided to visit the famous seafood place at Chinatown and take some pics at Asiatique. 

We took the BTS Train from Chit Lom to Huang Kwai.

Then we took the water boat. 150 baht per unlimited ride. However, I found that this one is the expensive one to con the tourist. But it is way faster then the cheaper one.


 tee deng, we arrived and waited for their shop to open. We were seated at 4pm.

 T&K Seafood with Jay Chous and Wu Zhun?

They were eating

 My favourite- river prawns!- 4 for 150 baht

 Tom Yam Khung

 The nice student who guide us to Asiatique. We took the non a/c bus with him- Per ride 8 Baht

Coconut Ice cream :) 50 baht- a bit pricey compared to outside. We had one at asoke.

Live band@ Asiatique
2 Person on Ferris Wheel for 500 Baht


So many food ready for you! there're having some night market for the visitors!

I will continue the rest of my trip on my next post. Stay tuned!!!

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