Monday, April 20, 2015

Pirate Casino: Baccarat

Dear reader,

Are you an Android user? Here is a good new! You could try out the Pirate Casino: Bacarrat

Easy gameplay, stunning graphics, smooth animations, and a ton of bonuses, Pirate Casino gives you a premium baccarat experience! Practice your Baccarat skills and challenge your friends and millions of players from all over the world! Download it from Playstore today :)

Cover art

Top Features ◀ 
- Stunning graphics, pirate themed 
- Daily and annual leaderboards with valuable rewards for winners 
- Invite friends via Facebook 
- Challenge your friends and thousands of players from all over the world 
- Various ways to get chips for free! 
- Consistent with the rules of the game in real casino
- Optimized for iOS and Android phones and tablets

It is easy and fun to play with friends :) 
There are so many great review about Pirate Casino: Bacarrat 

You can't miss the great fun :) try it out today~

【通知】親愛的玩家們,Android 1.2.3版本已經上線!
本次更新內容:每日首次登陸遊戲點擊時間寶箱可以和你的好友分享你的快樂,通過分享你在幸運大轉輪獲得的籌碼,還能得到額外20%的籌碼!好東西要一起分享才會開心!千萬不要錯過和好友一起High 的機會哦!僅移安卓動端才可以享受這個福利!趕快行動吧~!



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