Sunday, July 12, 2015

10 ways to lose your fat

1. Working with your abs

Do you know abs work out is the fastest way to lose your belly fat?

2. Working on your CORE

Do you know that core exercises help to train your muscles to stabilize the spine and pelvis so you can avoid back pain and improve posture ?

3. Working out with a CHAIR

Found these series of  exercises online. And i found that it is quite useful. you will sweat a lot repeating the following exercises each for a minutes :)

4. Eat more fish rather than red meats

Hmmm do you know that regular fish eaters will hace lower levels of the hormone leptin which led to low fat level? It helps to increase your metabolism rate too :) try to make consume 3-4 servings of a fatty fish in each week!

5.  Eat your Breakfast
 Studies show that breakfast is crucial in successful weight loss and it helps to boost your metabolism. Aim for a 300 calories breakfast. My favourite is yogurt pairs with high fiber cereal :) get skim milk and some fruits if you still feel hungry in the morning.

6. Chew your bites few more times
It is important that we chew our food at least 40 times per bite. Because it help us to eat less (our body generates less ghrelin, a hormone that will boost our appetite).

Plus, the more your chew, the more better for your digestive system to work better to absorb the nutrients for your body. Eat slower and slim down fast :)

7. Drink more green tea
Yes, it is that simple! Green tea help you to lose weight. It contains EGCG- which can reduce fat absorption for your body. Try replace your daily Gong Cha or KOI drink to 3-5 cups of regular greentea (no sugar).

8. Drink water
If you are feeling hungry after a meal, it means that your body is telling you that you are thirsty. quick, drink 16 ounces of water and wait for 15 minutes. Wahla, you won't feel hungry again :)

9. Standing instead of sitting
Brother and sister, you need to move everyday. If you work for a full time office/sitting job, you need more exercise than those people standing a lot. Stand up, use the stairs, walk around your office during your tea break. Extra movement did make a difference.

10. Sleep earlier and wake up earlier

Time is never enough for us, but always remember sleeping is crucial for our body to do work. If we do not rest properly, your body can't rest. Sleep deprived people also feel hungry all the time and eat more. When you are hungry and restless, you do make silly mistakes at work and eat like a monster.

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