Monday, September 21, 2015

Kotex LUXE Overnight pads-The pad that will help you realise that overnight period leakage is never your fault!

Hi Dearies,

Do you always face when you look for the thinnest and best coverage pad in your whole life?  I really had to see stain on my bedsheet :( but it's unavoidable ~

However now I tried out Kotex Lute Overnight Pad- The pad that will help you realise that overnight period leakage is never your fault! Is just you didn't have the right product in place.



KOTEX LUXE (Retail Price:  S$5.95 per pack)

  • Experience up to 3x Faster absorption
  • The all-new Kotex Luxe® Ultrathin pad - the new revolutionary pad where softness and dryness comes together. The best of both worlds, a pad so comfortable that you may forget you have your period. Now you can still feel fabulous and on top of your game even on your period days, no more compromises!

Kotex Description

Night time – 32 cm
  • New Honeycomb Liquid-Locker
Specially designed to rapidly absorb and lock away fluid to help prevent back-flow so that your skin feels dry and comfortable

  • New Ultra Comfort Cover
Specially designed to deliver both dryness and softness, helping provide the ultimate experience of a high performance pad. The honeycomb centre helps keep your skin dry, while the surrounding soft cottony surface helps provide intimate care for your skin.
  • New Surround Lock Protector
With surrounding embossed star-contours designed to help provide you withadditional security and leakage protection.

LENGTH (CM)24283238

Daytime – 24 cm
The all new KOTEX LUXE® Ultrathin pad 

My review for the Ultrathin Pad: I totally love it. It gave me super coverage, and the absorption is fast. I found it keep my skin dry :)And it gives me the comfort i never had before. Also it gave me good coverage even I did exercise LOL. I love Kpop dance and it is a headache to see my pad after i exercise. Also when I sleep at night, the U shape back guard design also save me from washing my bedsheet lol. Now you dont need to worry lots if you are a sleeper that will not maintaining one position whole night :)

The Ultrathin series will retail at $6.40 only at major supermarkets and leading convenience stores in whole Singapore!

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