Wednesday, November 25, 2015

[FREE SAMPLE IN SINGAPORE] Bepanthen Ointment - Protection from Nappy Rash

Dear readers,

Are you always worry about Nappy Rash for your babies?

Check out Bepanthen Ointment - Protection from Nappy Rash!!

You can now redeem Bepanthen Ointment-

How does it work:

  1. Bepanthen ointment works in two ways to care and protect the baby's skin from the causes nappy rash:
  2. Aids Natural Skin Recovery
  3. Bepanthen ointment contains Pro Vitamin B5 which gently aids natural recovery of sensitive skin while keeping it soft, smooth and moisturised. Bepanthen also works by helping to seal in the skin's natural moisture, providing optimal conditions to allow gentle skin recovery without drying out your baby's delicate skin.
  4. Protects
  5. Clinically proven, Bepanthen works by forming a long lasting, transparent layer, protecting even the most delicate skin from irritants and rubbing. The water-in-oil formulation keeps the skin healthy and hydrated, which is essential to maintain its natural protective barrier.

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How should I use it?
Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen to your baby's clean, dry bottom after every nappy change. Bepanthen offers additional comfort for your baby as it is non-sticky and is easy for mothers to clean.

How to get a sample?

Visit: & click "claim your free sample" and fill in your particulars.

Hola, everything is ready for you. Wait for your sample to arrive :)


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