Friday, February 26, 2016

[Diary Log] Photoshop Experience

Hi Dearies,

My Lenovo Z4000 Touch certified dead on 24 February 2016 after 3 years of average service...

Nowadays the laptop quality is not as good as the older laptop.

The battery is built inside the laptop body so there is no way your could remove it at all.

My external hardisk with all my great pictures died around October 2015 too.

My only buddy who is still standing strong by my side will be my Ipad 2 (birth date 2012).

Alright. Now back to my story, I learnt how to photoshop from my intern colleague, Asri :)

I started with an idea to PS my favourite male artist into a naked girl body. LOL and it is so much fun. Thanks to Photoshop creator now i can do crazy stuffs over the people I hate. And its easy if you explore more and more

Here are some of my works:

And start exploring.

My latest updates is I am waiting for the PC show happening in March! So i could get a new iMac. Apple quality is good. I guess I will never ever trust lenovo again.

Remember to back up your laptop or PC to cloud. Try Baidu Yun that gives you 2TB of storage :)


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