Thursday, March 3, 2016

[Game Review] Pixel Robot Jump Saga - Android Apps on Google Play

Hi Lovelies,

Do you love to play game?

Let me introduce you: PIXEL ROBOT JUMP

Pixel Robot Jump Saga

Are you ready to begin your vertical jumping adventure games through the robot world? I am a person that go for easy but fun game.

Are you curious how your reflexes are? Ultimately, it tests your reflexes against time and movement. It is one of the addicting pixel games by jumping the robots.

The cute little pixel robot needs to jump out and in the circle to collect points. Playing is as easy as tapping the screen to jump. Don’t hit the circle; this is the play rule in this fun game. Play and gain the best score in global ranking. Share your highest scores with your friends and worldwide players. So the competition never ends. The thrilling action of pixel robot jump saga will keep you playing until the end :)

I am addicted to this :) HahaAre you ready to begin your race?

Cool Features
  • Pixels and retro backgrounds;
  • Exciting cute colourful robots;
  • Collect points;
  • New fun exciting levels;
  • Simple touch control;
  • Tablet optimized;
  • Stunning graphics, colourful visual cartoon and smooth animation;
  • Enchanting orchestra and relaxing retro vintage music; 
  • Social network sharing; 
  • Stay tuned for updates; and
  • Global leaderboard contests and gameplay.

Are you a Simple Robot or a Robot Champion?
Now it’s time for YOU to climb the global leaderboards and entrench your name in Robot Hall of Fame! Have fun!

I love the game as it is easy PLUS it is FREE at Google Play Store! Get ready for a fun race with retro and pixel backgrounds, try to make colourful robot collecting points without hitting the circle with different exciting entertaining levels :)


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