Monday, April 4, 2016

Cloth diapering- Join The Great Cloth Diaper Change with

Hi Readers,

Do you know what is cloth diapering?

Nowadays most young parents will just go for disposable diapers because it is convenience.

But do you know cloth diaper is much more environmental friendly and allow better breath-ability and fit for your baby!

Pro for Cloth Diaper

  • Environmental Friendly
    • Disposable use resources like tree and plastic, ten collect in landfills, some are not biodegradeble.
No. of ChildrenModern Cloth DiaperDisposable Diaper
1st ChildRecommended 12sets (RM48set)(3pcs/day x 3years x RM0.60) = RM±2,000
2nd ChildReusable for 12sets(3pcs/day x 3years x RM0.60) = RM±2,000
  • Rash Concern
    • The organic materials used in making some Cloth Diapers like Grovia are made of materials such as organic cotton hence a parent would worry less about baby’s skin reacting against chemicals in plastic when urine is produced.
    • Diaper rash also increases with disposable diaper usage because of allegies to chemical, poor air flow and the dryness.
  • Better Design
    • Many designs out in the market for you to choose for your baby.

Planning to take a look at cloth diapers design, you can find all kinds of cute cloth diapers here:!member/c1qcg

Get the best for your kid from here and save our mother earth from Landfills plus your wallet :)

Roadshow 1:KL

Time: 23 April 2016
Location: The School By Jaya One

Location 2: Perak 
Time:23 April 2016
Location: Dewan Delima, Pusat Pembangunan Usahawan

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