Saturday, June 17, 2017

Create your Own Flower Moment with A Better Florist’s Flower JammingSession

Hi Dearies,

I love flowers and I believe every woman deserve their own flowers moments. Tired of bland and boring floral arrangements? 

Now here is your chance to learn some awesome flower hacks and basic floristry with A Better Florist. 

You can personalise bouquets for every occasion for your family and friends.

A Better Florist’s Flower Jamming Session offer you some basics techniques in floristry including modern floral arrangements and flower care.

A Better Florist is opening its doors every Saturday for its weekly Flower Jam Session. 

Whether you’re looking for fun date activities, quality time with the family or searching for a new hobby, it is ready for you. This week Flower Jamming session will focus on succulents and Australian wild flowers. The plump and hardy succulents are excellent alternatives to the usual filler flowers for their interesting texture and appearance. 

Flower bouquets and fresh cut flowers are no longer just luxury purchases or limited to special occasions. They are now slowly being incorporated into interior designs and apartment living and you can use it to add refreshing look to your current house theme. Fresh flowers and succulents help remind urbanites of the lush outdoors in an increasingly tech-saturated and artificial environment.Adding in some fresh flowers, you add some life and warmth to your dull and lacking excitement room.
By participating in our flower jam sessions, even cheap flowers can be transformed into classy décor and luxurious bouquets. 

Come and learn from A Better Florist talented team of florists on how to use flowers to create lovely bouquets at a special rate of S$40 per person (for the first 3 sign-ups).

Join in today and start your floral adventure with A Better Florist. 

Sign up here or call them +653163 1525 secure your slots :)

A Better Florist Address:
The Riverside Piazza 11 Keng Cheow Street #01-02, Singapore 059608

P/S: Their bouquet is super beautiful. I got The Julliane
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