Thursday, August 3, 2017

True Friend

Hi Dearies,

Wanna share with me your #bff story?

I will share with you mine.

I have a #bff, who is a American, her name is Emily.

We met via a random chat at the corridor where she asked me whether i had my dinner. And quite impromptu, I said No, let's go together! And i hopped to a random guy car and join them for a dinner. In the dinner, we realized we have so much interests in common and we become best friends on the second day. We stayed in the same dorm, we went to the same cell group association, we love spicy food, we are messy, we both Christian, we love to cook etc......... And I love her cooking, she can cook the best noodles in the world- trust me, she used the most simple ingredient, cabbage and noodles and she can eat super fast!

I really thankful I started that chat with her and she walked into my life. In life, I guess my character love new stuffs and I love excitement. So my character always drive me to make more friends, try out new things and do not stick with only one group.

However I realized relationship is not a one way effort. If your friend do not appreciate you and do not share much to you, there is nothing much you could do to be close to her.

Here is my checklist, who is worth your time?

Who is your BFF?

  1. You can talk to her your problem and do not need to worry she will judge you.
  2. You can talk to her about your intimate life event and she will share her with you~ nothing in this world you both cant talk including sex/bg issues
  3. Always remember your special day and surprise you
  4. She is always top in your contact list 
  5.  Always your no 1 supporter in supporting you or compliment you even you look like shit

Counting down to meeting my bff in 32 days and start our Asia Tour~!!!

Amazing right! Can't wait for our reunion from June 2010~

can you believe it, we did not meet one another for 7 years! And we are still missing one another and talking to one another non stop!

真正的友谊,不需要借助酒肉、夜店、饭局来维持。如果你有这样简单且温暖的朋友,请珍惜。 ​

True Friendship, we do not need good food, alcohol, night club and meal to maintain. If you have simple and sweet friend, please cherish them.


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